Words containing mania

5 letter words containing mania

  • mania — an ancient Roman goddess of the dead.

6 letter words containing mania

  • -mania — indicating extreme desire or pleasure of a specified kind or an abnormal excitement aroused by something
  • maniac — Mathematical Analyzer, Numerical Integrator and Computer
  • manias — Plural form of mania.

7 letter words containing mania

  • -maniac — a person affected by a (specified) mania
  • maniack — Obsolete form of maniac.
  • maniacs — Plural form of maniac.
  • romania — Romanian name of Romania.
  • rumania — Romania.

8 letter words containing mania

  • apimania — an extreme enthusiasm for bees
  • carmania — a province of the ancient Persian empire, on the Gulf of Oman.
  • domanial — of or relating to a domain
  • egomania — Obsessive egotism or self-centeredness.
  • germania — an ancient region in central Europe, N of the Danube River.

9 letter words containing mania

  • agromania — an abnormal desire to live alone, especially in an isolated area.
  • asbomania — the perceived indiscriminate and excessive use by the authorities of anti-social behaviour orders in dealing with people causing a nuisance to their fellow citizens
  • dinomania — a strong interest in or enthusiasm for dinosaurs
  • egomaniac — A person obsessed with their own (supposed) importance.
  • ergomania — an excessive desire to work or exercise

10 letter words containing mania

  • anglomania — excessive respect for English customs, etc
  • anthomania — an intense fondness for flowers
  • cleggmania — the brief surge in popularity for the leader of the Liberal Democrat party, Nick Clegg, after a series of live televised debates preceding the 2010 British general election
  • clinomania — An excessive desire to remain in bed.
  • dipsomania — an irresistible, typically periodic craving for alcoholic drink.

11 letter words containing mania

  • acronymania — a great enthusiasm for creating acronyms
  • anthomaniac — someone with an extreme fondness for flowers
  • bibliomania — extreme fondness for books
  • cleptomania — kleptomania
  • demonomania — a type of psychosis in which the sufferer believes that he or she is possessed by demons

12 letter words containing mania

  • arithmomania — an obsessive desire to count objects, or a fixation with numbers and calculations
  • balletomania — passionate enthusiasm for ballet
  • bibliomaniac — excessive fondness for acquiring and possessing books.
  • cleptomaniac — kleptomania.
  • decalcomania — the art or process of transferring a design from prepared paper onto another surface, such as china, glass, or paper

13 letter words containing mania

14 letter words containing mania

15 letter words containing mania

16 letter words containing mania

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