Words containing lacto

6 letter words containing lacto

7 letter words containing lacto

  • clacton — a town and resort in SE England, in E Essex. Pop: 51 284 (2001)
  • lactone — any of a group of internal esters derived from hydroxy acids.
  • lactose — Biochemistry. a disaccharide, C 12 H 22 O 11 , present in milk, that upon hydrolysis yields glucose and galactose.

8 letter words containing lacto

  • galacto- — milk or milky
  • lactogen — (biochemistry) A polypeptide placental hormone, part of the somatotropin family, with structure and function similar to those of growth hormone. It modifies the metabolic state of the mother during pregnancy to facilitate the energy supply of the fetus.
  • lactones — Plural form of lactone.
  • lactonic — any of a group of internal esters derived from hydroxy acids.

9 letter words containing lacto

  • galactoid — resembling milk; milky.
  • galactose — a white, crystalline, water-soluble hexose sugar, C 6 H 12 O 6 , obtained in its dextrorotatory form from milk sugar by hydrolysis and in its levorotatory form from mucilages.

10 letter words containing lacto

  • clactonian — one of the Lower Palaeolithic cultures found in England, characterized by the use of chopper tools
  • galactosan — galactan.
  • galactosyl — the glycosyl radical of galactose
  • lactogenic — stimulating lactation.
  • lactometer — an instrument for determining the specific gravity of milk.

11 letter words containing lacto

  • galactocele — A cystic tumor containing milk or a milky substance, usually located in the mammary glands, and caused by a protein plug that blocks off the outlet.
  • galactoside — A glycoside yielding galactose on hydrolysis.
  • lactoferrin — a glycoprotein present in milk, especially human milk, and supplying iron to suckling infants.
  • lactoflavin — riboflavin.
  • lactometers — Plural form of lactometer.

12 letter words containing lacto

  • galactometer — a lactometer.
  • galactophore — a galactophorous duct.
  • galactorrhea — an abnormally abundant flow of milk in a lactating woman.
  • galactoscope — a lactoscope.
  • galactosemia — an inherited disorder characterized by the inability to metabolize galactose and requiring a galactose-free diet to avoid consequent mental retardation and eye, spleen, and liver abnormalities.

13 letter words containing lacto

  • anaphylactoid — Of, pertaining to, or resembling anaphylaxis.
  • galactomannan — (carbohydrate) Any of a class of polysaccharides, found in many gums, having a backbone composed of mannose with galactose sidechains.
  • galactorrhoea — (British spelling) alternative spelling of galactorrhea.
  • galactosaemia — Alternative spelling of galactosemia.
  • galactosaemic — of, relating to, or affected by galactosaemia

14 letter words containing lacto

15 letter words containing lacto

  • hypergalactosis — an abnormally large secretion of milk.
  • lactovegetarian — Also called lactarian. a vegetarian whose diet includes dairy products.

16 letter words containing lacto

17 letter words containing lacto

  • betagalactosidase — any of a family of enzymes capable of liberating galactose from carbohydrates.

20 letter words containing lacto

  • lacto-ovo-vegetarian — Also called lactovarian [lak-tuh-vair-ee-uh n] /ˌlæk təˈvɛər i ən/ (Show IPA), ovolactarian, ovo-lacto-vegetarian. a vegetarian whose diet includes dairy products and eggs.
  • ovo-lacto-vegetarian — lacto-ovo-vegetarian.

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