Words containing kun

3 letter words containing kun

  • kun — Béla [bey-lo] /ˈbeɪ lɒ/ (Show IPA), 1885–1937, Hungarian Communist leader.

4 letter words containing kun

  • kuna — the basic monetary unit of Croatia, equal to 100 lipa.
  • kungHans, born 1928, Swiss Roman Catholic theologian and writer: critic of papal authority.

5 letter words containing kun

  • kunai — A Japanese tool and weapon, possibly derived from the masonry trowel, used as a weapon by ninja (or samurai).
  • skunk — a small North American mammal, Mephitis mephitis, of the weasel family, having a black coat with a white, V -shaped stripe on the back, and ejecting a fetid odor when alarmed or attacked.

6 letter words containing kun

  • kunitzStanley, 1905–2006, U.S. poet and translator: U.S. poet laureate 2000–01.
  • kunkar — a type of coarse limestone found in India
  • kunlun — a mountain range in China, bordering on the N edge of the Tibetan plateau and extending W across central China: highest peak, 25,000 feet (7620 meters).
  • kunsan — a seaport in W South Korea.
  • skunky — of, relating to, or characteristic of a skunk: a skunky odor.

7 letter words containing kun

  • bakunin — Mikhail (mixaˈil). 1814–76, Russian anarchist and writer: a prominent member of the First International, expelled from it after conflicts with Marx
  • giukung — any member of the family of Gjuki.
  • gjukung — any member of the family of Gjuki.
  • kunderaMilan, born 1929, Czech-born novelist resident in France.
  • kunjoos — mean or stingy

8 letter words containing kun

  • kunekune — a feral pig
  • kuntsevo — a former city in the W Russian Federation in Europe, incorporated into Moscow 1962.

9 letter words containing kun

  • eduskunta — the Finnish parliament in Helsinki
  • kundalini — the vital force lying dormant within one until activated by the practice of yoga, which leads one toward spiritual power and eventual salvation.
  • kuniyoshi — Yasuo [yah-soo-aw] /yɑˈsu ɔ/ (Show IPA), 1893–1953, U.S. painter, born in Japan.
  • kunstlied — an art song, especially as distinguished from a folk song.
  • sakuntala — a Sanskrit drama written in the 6th century or earlier by Kalidasa.

10 letter words containing kun

  • makunouchi — a Japanese fast food dish consisting of fish, meat, eggs, and vegetables served with rice and an umeboshi
  • okuninushi — a son of Susanowo and, in some legends, creator of the world.
  • shakuntala — Sakuntala.

11 letter words containing kun

  • chikungunya — A viral disease resembling dengue, transmitted by mosquitoes and endemic in East Africa and parts of Asia.

12 letter words containing kun

  • badger-skunk — Also called badger skunk, rooter skunk. a large, naked-muzzled skunk, Conepatus mesoleucus, common in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, having a black coat with one broad white stripe down the back and tail.

15 letter words containing kun

  • gesamtkunstwerk — total art work; an artistic creation, as the music dramas of Richard Wagner, that synthesizes the elements of music, drama, spectacle, dance, etc.

21 letter words containing kun

  • humuhumunukunukuapuaa — either of two triggerfishes, especially Rhinecantus aculeatus, of Indo-Pacific coral reefs.

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