Words containing icon

4 letter words containing icon

  • icon — a picture, image, or other representation.

5 letter words containing icon

  • icon- — icono-
  • icons — a picture, image, or other representation.

6 letter words containing icon

  • bicone — an object shaped like two cones with their bases together.
  • iconic — of, relating to, or characteristic of an icon.
  • icono- — indicating an image or likeness
  • picong — any teasing or satirical banter, originally a verbal duel in song

7 letter words containing icon

  • diconal — a brand of dipanone, an opiate drug with potent analgesic properties: used to relieve severe pain
  • favicon — An icon associated with a URL that is variously displayed, as in a browser’s address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark list.
  • helicon — a mountain in S central Greece. 5738 feet (1749 meters): regarded by ancient Greeks as the abode of Apollo and the Muses.
  • iconify — to portray (someone) as an icon
  • iconism — The formation of a figure, representation, or semblance; a delineation or description.

8 letter words containing icon

  • amplicon — A piece of DNA or RNA formed as the products of natural or artificial amplification events, as in a polymerase chain reaction.
  • aniconic — (of images of deities, symbols, etc) not portrayed in a human or animal form
  • biconvex — (of a lens) having convex faces on both sides; convexo-convex
  • bursicon — a hormone, produced by the insect brain, that regulates processes associated with ecdysis, such as darkening of the cuticle
  • emoticon — A representation of a facial expression such as:-) (representing a smile), formed by various combinations of keyboard characters and used in electronic communications to convey the writer’s feelings or intended tone.

9 letter words containing icon

  • amplicons — Plural form of amplicon.
  • aniconism — the belief in not using or worshipping images of deities
  • aniconist — a believer or follower of aniconism
  • basilicon — any of a variety of healing ointments applied to wounds in early medicine, commonly using lard or oil, resin, and wax
  • biconcave — (of a lens) having concave faces on both sides; concavo-concave

10 letter words containing icon

  • balopticon — a type of stereopticon for projecting images of objects by reflected light.
  • catholicon — a remedy for all ills; panacea
  • cherubicon — the hymn sung during the Great Entrance by the choir, which represents the cherubim.
  • diaconicon — (in church architecture) a room where things used during the church service are stored, such as vestments; sacristy
  • eirenicons — Plural form of eirenicon.

11 letter words containing icon

  • apollonicon — a large chamber organ with keyboards and barrels
  • biconvexity — the characteristic of having two convex surfaces
  • dimethicone — Polydimethylsiloxane.
  • iconoclasts — Plural form of iconoclast.
  • iconography — symbolic representation, especially the conventional meanings attached to an image or images.

12 letter words containing icon

  • anticonsumer — opposed to consumerism
  • ferrosilicon — a ferroalloy containing up to 95 percent silicon.
  • iconoclastic — attacking or ignoring cherished beliefs and long-held traditions, etc., as being based on error, superstition, or lack of creativity: an iconoclastic architect whose buildings are like monumental sculptures.
  • iconographic — of or relating to iconography.
  • iconological — Of or pertaining to iconology.

13 letter words containing icon

  • biconditional — (of a proposition) asserting that the existence or occurrence of one thing or event depends on, and is dependent on, the existence or occurrence of another, as “A if and only if B.”.
  • bicontinental — of, on, or involving two continents: a bicontinental survey.
  • diacatholicon — an all-purpose remedy
  • epicondylitis — A painful inflammation of tendons surrounding an epicondyle.
  • iconographies — Plural form of iconography.

14 letter words containing icon

  • anticonformity — action in accord with prevailing social standards, attitudes, practices, etc.
  • anticonvulsant — any of a class of drugs used to prevent or abolish convulsions
  • anticonvulsive — preventing or alleviating convulsions
  • corticonuclear — Of or pertaining to the cerebral cortex and the motor nuclei in the brainstem.
  • epicontinental — Denoting those areas of sea or ocean overlying the continental shelf.

15 letter words containing icon

  • anticonvulsants — Plural form of anticonvulsant.
  • quasicontinuous — uninterrupted in time; without cessation: continuous coughing during the concert.

16 letter words containing icon

  • apple-touch-icon — (programming)   (apple-touch-icon.png) Apple's default icon (image) used to represent a website, e.g. when saved as a bookmark or on the home screen of an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad. Apple's scheme allows a site to offer images of different sizes so the client can choose the most appropriate one according to its screen size and resolution. Apple devices and applications completely ignore the favicon.ico de facto standard which, while somewhat quirky in its use of the ico format, has been pretty much universally adopted elsewhere. Conversely, apple-touch-icon.png will be ignored by non-Apple devices, possibly because its 16x16 resolution would look pretty shabby on most smart phones.
  • iconoclastically — In an iconoclastic way.
  • semiconservative — disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

28 letter words containing icon

  • apple-touch-icon-precomposed — (programming)   An alternative form of apple-touch-icon that is not subject to automatic modification (rounding, drop-shadow, reflective shine) as applied by iOS versions prior to iOS 7. A web page specifies a pre-composed icon by including an element in the like:

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