Words containing ici

3 letter words containing ici

  • ici — (language)   An extensible, interpretated language by Tim Long with syntax similar to C. ICI adds high-level garbage-collected associative data structures, exception handling, sets, regular expressions, and dynamic arrays. Libraries provide additional types and functions to support common needs such as I/O, simple databases, character based screen handling, direct access to system calls, safe pointers, and floating-point. ICI runs on Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, Unix, and Linux and in embedded environments. E-mail: Andy Newman <[email protected]>. Mailing list: [email protected]

5 letter words containing ici

  • amici — An impartial adviser, often voluntary, to a court of law in a particular case.
  • icily — in an icy manner: I received him icily because of the harsh way he had treated me.
  • icing — the solid form of water, produced by freezing; frozen water.
  • licit — legal; lawful; legitimate; permissible.
  • ricin — a white, poisonous, protein powder from the bean of the castor-oil plant.

6 letter words containing ici

  • alicia — a feminine name
  • dicier — unpredictable; risky; uncertain.
  • dicing — gambling or playing with dice.
  • elicit — Evoke or draw out (a response, answer, or fact) from someone in reaction to one's own actions or questions.
  • ficino — Marsilio (marˈsiːlio). 1433–99, Italian Neoplatonist philosopher: attempted to integrate Platonism with Christianity

7 letter words containing ici

  • allicin — a substance found in garlic that has anti-bacterial qualities and the distinct smell redolent of garlic
  • avicide — Any substance used to kill birds.
  • benicia — a town in W California.
  • cilicia — an ancient region and former kingdom of SE Asia Minor, between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean: corresponds to the region around present-day Adana
  • codicil — A codicil is an instruction that is added to a will after the main part of it has been written.

8 letter words containing ici

  • agaricin — an impure form of agaric acid: formerly used in medicine as an agent for stopping excessive perspiration.
  • algicide — any substance that kills algae
  • anticity — opposed to cities
  • apricity — (obsolete) The warmth of the Sun.
  • atticism — the idiom or character of the Attic dialect of Ancient Greek, esp in the Hellenistic period

9 letter words containing ici

  • acaricide — any drug or formulation for killing acarids
  • algicidal — killing or preventing the growth of algae
  • algicides — Plural form of algicide.
  • allicient — That attracts; attracting.
  • altricial — (of the young of some species of birds after hatching) naked, blind, and dependent on the parents for food

10 letter words containing ici

11 letter words containing ici

  • academician — An academician is a member of an academy, usually one which has been formed to improve or maintain standards in a particular field.
  • academicism — adherence to rules and traditions in art, literature, etc; conventionalism
  • academicize — academize.
  • acoustician — an expert in acoustics
  • afficionado — aficionado.

12 letter words containing ici

  • academicians — Plural form of academician.
  • aeromedicine — the medical treatment of disorders associated with air or space travel
  • aesthetician — a student of aesthetics
  • aestheticism — the doctrine that aesthetic principles are of supreme importance and that works of art should be judged accordingly
  • aestheticize — make aesthetic

13 letter words containing ici

14 letter words containing ici

  • aerodynamicist — an expert in aerodynamics.
  • aeroelasticity — the science that studies how inertial, elastic, and aerodynamic forces interact
  • agrotechnician — a specialist in the science and technology of agriculture, farm production, or the like.
  • anticipatingly — In an anticipating manner; looking forward; expectantly.
  • anticipatively — In an anticipative manner; expectantly.

15 letter words containing ici

  • academicianship — A membership in a national academy of arts or sciences.
  • aerodynamicists — Plural form of aerodynamicist.
  • ambisyllabicity — (poetry) The property of a consonant being analysed as acting simultaneously as the coda of one syllable and the onset of the following syllable.
  • anticipointment — (rare) The state of mind resulting from excitedly anticipating a strongly promoted product, event, film, etc, and then being disappointed when it fails to meet the expectations generated by this promotion.
  • artificialness' — made by human skill; produced by humans (opposed to natural): artificial flowers.

16 letter words containing ici

17 letter words containing ici

  • anglo-catholicism — the tradition or form of worship in the Anglican Church that emphasizes Catholicity, the apostolic succession, and the continuity of all churches within the communion with pre-Reformation Christianity as well as the importance of liturgy and ritual.
  • dehistoricization — The process or result of dehistoricizing.
  • ectoparasiticides — Plural form of ectoparasiticide.
  • magnetoelasticity — the phenomenon, consisting of a change in magnetic properties, exhibited by a ferromagnetic material to which stress is applied.
  • neo-scholasticism — a contemporary application of Scholasticism to modern problems and life.

18 letter words containing ici

  • anthropocentricity — the state or quality of being anthropocentric.
  • anti-scholasticism — (sometimes initial capital letter) the system of theological and philosophical teaching predominant in the Middle Ages, based chiefly upon the authority of the church fathers and of Aristotle and his commentators.
  • magnetoelectricity — electricity developed by the action of magnets.
  • pseudoappendicitis — inflammation of the vermiform appendix.

23 letter words containing ici

  • artificial-intelligence — the capacity of a computer to perform operations analogous to learning and decision making in humans, as by an expert system, a program for CAD or CAM, or a program for the perception and recognition of shapes in computer vision systems. Abbreviation: AI, A.I.

24 letter words containing ici

27 letter words containing ici

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