Words containing ichi

5 letter words containing ichi

  • lichi — Alternative spelling of lychee.

6 letter words containing ichi

  • bichir — an African freshwater fish with an elongated body
  • chichi — If you say that something is chichi, you mean that it is pretty or stylish, especially in a way that you consider affected.
  • richie — a male given name, form of Richard.

7 letter words containing ichi

  • adichie — Chimamanda Ngozi, born 1977, Nigerian novelist; her novels include Purple Hibiscus (2003) and Half of a Yellow Sun (2006), which won the 2007 Orange Prize for Fiction
  • kamichi — A South American bird with a long, slender, horn-like ornament on its head and two sharp spurs on each wing, the horned screamer, Anhima cornuta.
  • miching — to lurk out of sight.
  • niching — an ornamental recess in a wall or the like, usually semicircular in plan and arched, as for a statue or other decorative object.
  • richier — Germaine [zher-men] /ʒɛrˈmɛn/ (Show IPA), 1904–59, French sculptor.

8 letter words containing ichi

  • atrichia — congenital absence or loss of hair.
  • ichihara — a city in central Honshu, Japan, on Tokyo Bay.
  • ichikawa — a city on E Honshu, in Japan, NE of Tokyo.
  • kiamichi — a river in SE Oklahoma, flowing SW and SE to the Red River. 165 miles (266 km) long.
  • michigan — a state in the N central United States. 58,216 sq. mi. (150,780 sq. km). Capital: Lansing. Abbreviation: MI (for use with zip code), Mich.

9 letter words containing ichi

  • antichild — Opposing children.
  • enriching — Improve or enhance the quality or value of.
  • fetichism — belief in or use of fetishes.
  • fetichist — Archaic form of fetishist.
  • shibuichi — a Japanese alloy of copper and silver know for its silver-grey and muted blue and green colours, usually used in ornamentation

10 letter words containing ichi

  • ichinomiya — a city on central Honshu, in central Japan.
  • ostrichism — the act of refusing to accept reality or hiding one's head in the sand
  • pichiciago — any of several small armadillos of the genera Chalmyphorus and Burmeisteria, of southern South America.
  • pichiciego — any of several small armadillos of the genera Chalmyphorus and Burmeisteria, of southern South America.
  • stichidium — a podlike branch containing tetraspores, found in some rose algae

11 letter words containing ichi

  • amphichiral — (mathematics) superimposable on its mirror image; achiral.
  • baranovichi — a city in W central Belarus, SW of Minsk.
  • chichihaerh — Qiqihar
  • chichivache — (in early English literature) a mythical animal, usually depicted as a cow verging on starvation, that existed solely by devouring virtuous women.
  • domenichino — (Domenico Zampieri (Le Dominiquin)) 1581–1641, Italian painter.

12 letter words containing ichi

  • berlichingen — Götz von (ɡœts fɔn), called the Iron Hand. 1480–1562, German warrior knight, who robbed merchants and kidnapped nobles for ransom
  • chiquichiqui — a type of palm tree, Leopoldinia piassaba, that grows in Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia
  • ehrlichiosis — (medicine) A tick-borne disease caused by infection with bacteria of the genus Ehrlichia.
  • halotrichite — a mineral, iron alum, isomorphous with pickeringite, occurring in the form of yellowish fibers.
  • stoichiology — the branch of biology concerned with the study of the cellular components of animal tissues

13 letter words containing ichi

  • stoichiometry — the calculation of the quantities of chemical elements or compounds involved in chemical reactions.

14 letter words containing ichi

  • chalcotrichite — a fibrous variety of cuprite.
  • rafraichissoir — a table of the 18th century having a cooler for bottles and shelves for plates.
  • self-enriching — to supply with riches, wealth, abundant or valuable possessions, etc.: Commerce enriches a nation.
  • stoichiometric — of or relating to stoichiometry.

17 letter words containing ichi

  • nonstoichiometric — (of a solid compound) having a composition in which the ratio of the atoms present is not a simple integer

18 letter words containing ichi

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