Words containing headed

6 letter words containing headed

  • headed — first in rank or position; chief; leading; principal: a head official.

7 letter words containing headed

  • -headed — having a (specified kind of) head

8 letter words containing headed

  • headedly — (in combination) In the specified headed manner.
  • unheaded — having a heading or course.

9 letter words containing headed

  • airheaded — Slang. a scatterbrained, stupid, or simple-minded person; dolt.
  • bigheaded — Informal. an excessive estimate of one's importance; conceit.
  • eggheaded — of or befitting an egghead.
  • fatheaded — foolish; fatuous; witless.
  • hotheaded — hot or fiery in spirit or temper; impetuous; rash: Hotheaded people shouldn't drive cars.

10 letter words containing headed

  • baldheaded — having a bald head
  • bareheaded — Someone who is bareheaded is not wearing a hat or any other covering on their head.
  • big-headed — If you describe someone as big-headed, you disapprove of them because they think they are very clever and know everything.
  • boneheaded — a foolish or stupid person; blockhead.
  • bullheaded — blindly stubborn; headstrong

11 letter words containing headed

  • arrowheaded — Shaped like the head of an arrow; cuneiform; cuneatic.
  • bull-headed — blindly obstinate; stubborn, headstrong, or stupid
  • clearheaded — having or indicating a clear mind; lucid; unconfused
  • cool-headed — If you describe someone as cool-headed, you mean that they stay calm in difficult situations.
  • dead-headed — a person who attends a performance, sports event, etc., or travels on a train, airplane, etc., without having paid for a ticket, especially a person using a complimentary ticket or free pass.

12 letter words containing headed

  • beetleheaded — like a beetlehead; stupid
  • bumbleheaded — clumsy, plodding, or foolish: He stumbled through the talk in his bumbleheaded way.
  • clear-headed — If you describe someone as clear-headed, you mean that they are sensible and think clearly, especially in difficult situations.
  • dunderheaded — Stupid, foolish.
  • empty-headed — If you describe someone as empty-headed, you mean that they are not very intelligent and often do silly things.

13 letter words containing headed

14 letter words containing headed

15 letter words containing headed

16 letter words containing headed

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18 letter words containing headed

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