Words containing gst

3 letter words containing gst

  • gst — goods and services tax

5 letter words containing gst

  • angst — Angst is a feeling of anxiety and worry.

6 letter words containing gst

  • angsty — displaying or feeling angst, esp in a self-conscious manner
  • mongst — amongst.
  • pigsty — pigpen.

7 letter words containing gst

8 letter words containing gst

  • amoungst — Archaic form of amongst.
  • angstful — Full of angst; fearful; apprehensive.
  • angstrom — a unit of length equal to 10–10 metre, used principally to express the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiations. It is equivalent to 0.1 nanometre
  • bangster — a ruffian; thug
  • bigstick — of, or relating to, irresistible military strength

9 letter words containing gst

  • angstroms — Plural form of angstrom.
  • bergstrom — Sune (ˈsʊnə). 1916–2004, Swedish biochemist; shared the Nobel prize for medicine and physiology (1982) for work on prostaglandin
  • dragsters — Plural form of dragster.
  • dragstrip — a race course for drag racing
  • drugstore — the place of business of a druggist, usually also selling cosmetics, stationery, toothpaste, mouthwash, cigarettes, etc., and sometimes soft drinks and light meals.

10 letter words containing gst

  • blogstream — the publication on the internet of content from weblogs rather than from mainstream media sources
  • clingstone — a fruit, such as certain peaches, in which the flesh tends to adhere to the stone
  • drugstores — Plural form of drugstore.
  • flagstaffs — Plural form of flagstaff.
  • flagstaves — Plural form of flagstaff.

11 letter words containing gst

  • basingstoke — a town in S England, in N Hampshire. Pop: 90 171 (2001)
  • bungstarter — a mallet for loosening or removing the bung of a cask.
  • clingstones — Plural form of clingstone.
  • copingstone — a stone that tops or forms part of the top of a wall
  • gangsterdom — the world of gangsters; gangland

12 letter words containing gst

  • angst-ridden — characterized by a feeling of dread or anxiety
  • gangsterland — an area controlled by gangsters
  • longstanding — existing or occurring for a long time: a longstanding feud.
  • puddingstone — any conglomerate rock having dark-colored, rounded pebbles that are embedded in a light-colored, fine-grained matrix
  • walkingstick — a stick used for walking

13 letter words containing gst

  • ferrotungsten — a ferroalloy containing up to 80 percent tungsten.
  • floutingstock — a laughing-stock; the object of mockery or flouting
  • laughingstock — an object of ridicule; the butt of a joke or the like: His ineptness as a public official made him the laughingstock of the whole town.
  • metatungstate — (inorganic chemistry) Any tungstate that contains multiple atoms of tungsten e.g. W4O132-.
  • steppingstone — a stone, or one of a line of stones, in shallow water, a marshy place, or the like, that is stepped on in crossing.

14 letter words containing gst

  • cuprotungstite — (mineral) A tetragonal mineral containing copper, hydrogen, oxygen, and tungsten.
  • laughingstocks — Plural form of laughingstock.

18 letter words containing gst

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