Words containing genic

5 letter words containing genic

  • genic — of, pertaining to, resembling, or arising from a gene or genes.

6 letter words containing genic

  • -genic — relating to production or generation

7 letter words containing genic

  • eugenic — Of or relating to eugenics.
  • hygenic — Misspelling of hygienic.

8 letter words containing genic

  • biogenic — produced or originating from a living organism
  • congenic — (of inbred animal cells) genetically identical except for a single gene locus
  • diogenic — 412?–323 b.c, Greek Cynic philosopher.
  • dysgenic — pertaining to or causing degeneration in the type of offspring produced.
  • epigenic — of or pertaining to the theory of epigenesis

9 letter words containing genic

  • abiogenic — not resulting from the activity of living organisms.
  • acnegenic — causing or able to cause acne.
  • aerogenic — producing gas, as certain bacteria.
  • allogenic — Geology. (of a constituent of a rock) formed elsewhere than in the rock where it is found. Compare authigenic.
  • antigenic — Immunology. any substance that can stimulate the production of antibodies and combine specifically with them.

10 letter words containing genic

  • acidogenic — producing acid, as bacteria, or causing acidity, as of the urine.
  • allergenic — causing allergic sensitization.
  • amphogenic — producing both male and female offspring.
  • androgenic — any substance, as testosterone or androsterone, that promotes male characteristics.
  • angiogenic — promoting or relating to blood vessel growth

11 letter words containing genic

  • adaptogenic — acting to normalize and regulate the systems of the body
  • atherogenic — causing atheroma
  • cardiogenic — originating in the heart, or resulting from a disorder of the heart
  • chromogenic — producing colour
  • comedogenic — producing or causing blackheads or acne

12 letter words containing genic

13 letter words containing genic

  • abiogenically — in a way that does not involve living organisms
  • allergenicity — causing allergic sensitization.
  • anthropogenic — relating to anthropogenesis
  • antigenically — Immunology. any substance that can stimulate the production of antibodies and combine specifically with them.
  • antimutagenic — capable of reducing the frequency of mutation.

14 letter words containing genic

15 letter words containing genic

  • anti-allergenic — not aggravating an allergy; intended or prepared for those suffering from an allergy: antiallergenic cosmetics.
  • anti-pathogenic — Pathology. capable of producing disease: pathogenic bacteria.
  • carcinogenicity — any substance or agent that tends to produce a cancer.
  • epeirogenically — in the manner of epeirogeny
  • noncarcinogenic — Not carcinogenic.

16 letter words containing genic

17 letter words containing genic

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