Words containing gabo

4 letter words containing gabo

  • gaboNaum [noum] /naʊm/ (Show IPA), (Naum Pevsner) 1890–1977, U.S. sculptor, born in Russia (brother of Antoine Pevsner).

5 letter words containing gabo

  • gabon — Official name Gabonese Republic. a republic in W equatorial Africa: formerly a part of French Equatorial Africa; member of the French Community. 102,290 sq. mi. (264,931 sq. km). Capital: Libreville.
  • gaborDennis, 1900–79, British physicist, born in Hungary: inventor of holography; Nobel Prize 1971.

6 letter words containing gabo

  • gaboon — Also called gaboon mahogany. the soft, reddish-brown wood of an African tree, Aucoumea klaineana, used for making furniture.

7 letter words containing gabo

  • bugaboo — Something or someone that is your bugaboo worries or upsets you.
  • jigaboo — a contemptuous term used to refer to a black person.
  • zigaboo — (offensive, ethnic slur) Alternative form of jigaboo.

8 letter words containing gabo

  • gabonese — of or relating to Gabon or its inhabitants.
  • gaboriau — Émile [ey-meel] /eɪˈmil/ (Show IPA), 1835–73, French author of detective stories.
  • gaborone — a republic in S Africa: formerly a British protectorate; gained independence 1966; member of the Commonwealth of Nations. 275,000 sq. mi. (712,250 sq. km). Capital: Gaborone.
  • jigaboos — Plural form of jigaboo.
  • megabook — An extremely large book.

11 letter words containing gabo

  • vagabondage — the state or condition of being a vagabond; idle wandering.
  • vagabondize — to behave like a vagabond

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