Words containing flat

4 letter words containing flat

  • flat — horizontally level: a flat roof.

5 letter words containing flat

  • aflat — (obsolete) Level with the ground; flat.
  • flate — (intransitive, obsolete) To feel nausea.
  • flats — horizontally level: a flat roof.

6 letter words containing flat

  • d-flat — C#
  • flathe — Flan.
  • flatly — absolutely and without qualification: Our offer was flatly rejected.
  • flatty — a flat shoe, a shoe without heels
  • flatus — intestinal gas produced by bacterial action on waste matter in the intestines and composed primarily of hydrogen sulfide and varying amounts of methane.

7 letter words containing flat

  • deflate — If you deflate someone or something, you take away their confidence or make them seem less important.
  • flatbed — Also called flatbed trailer, flatbed truck. a truck or trailer having an open body in the form of a platform without sides or stakes. Compare stake truck.
  • flatcar — a railroad car consisting of a platform without sides or top.
  • flating — (obsolete) With the flat side, as of a sword; flatlong; in a prostrate position.
  • flatlet — a residential apartment with only one or two rooms.

8 letter words containing flat

  • -flation — inflation
  • afflated — resulting from influence of someone or something
  • afflatus — an impulse of creative power or inspiration, esp in poetry, considered to be of divine origin (esp in the phrase divine afflatus)
  • conflate — If you conflate two or more descriptions or ideas, or if they conflate, you combine them in order to produce a single one.
  • deflated — having lost confidence, hope, or optimism

9 letter words containing flat

  • afflation — the inspiration or influence of someone or something
  • aflatoxin — a toxin produced by the fungus Aspergillus flavus growing on peanuts, maize, etc, causing liver disease (esp cancer) in man
  • clam-flat — a level stretch of mud, exposed by the tide, where clams burrow.
  • conflated — Simple past tense and past participle of conflate.
  • conflates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of conflate.

10 letter words containing flat

  • aflatoxins — Plural form of aflatoxin.
  • conflating — Present participle of conflate.
  • conflation — a combining, as of two variant readings of a text into a composite reading
  • deflations — Plural form of deflation.
  • disinflate — (of an economy) to slow down the rate of inflation.

11 letter words containing flat

  • flat-footed — having flatfeet.
  • flat-packed — (of a piece of furniture, equipment, or other construction) supplied in pieces packed into a flat box for assembly by the buyer
  • flat-rolled — (of steel or other metal) rolled into flat sheets, strips, etc.
  • flatlanders — Plural form of flatlander.
  • flatterable — to try to please by complimentary remarks or attention.

12 letter words containing flat

  • deflationary — A deflationary economic policy or measure is one that is intended to or likely to cause deflation.
  • disinflation — a period or process of slowing the rate of inflation.
  • exsufflation — (obsolete) A blast from beneath.
  • flat-chested — If you describe a woman as flat-chested, you mean that she has small breasts.
  • flat-earther — a person who adheres to the idea that the earth is flat.

13 letter words containing flat

  • cape-flatteryCape, a cape in NW Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula, at the entrance to Juan de Fuca Strait.
  • flat-bottomed — (of boats) having a flat bottom.
  • hyperinflated — to subject to hyperinflation: hyperinflated prices.
  • inflatability — The quality of being inflatable.
  • non-inflation — Economics. a persistent, substantial rise in the general level of prices related to an increase in the volume of money and resulting in the loss of value of currency (opposed to deflation).

14 letter words containing flat

15 letter words containing flat

  • disinflationary — (economics) Exhibiting or causing reduced inflation.
  • inflation-proof — not affected by inflation
  • noninflationary — Not inflationary; not likely to cause economic inflation.
  • self-flattering — praise and exaggeration of one's own achievements coupled with a denial or glossing over of one's faults or failings; self-congratulation.
  • slumpflationary — of or relating to slumpflation

17 letter words containing flat

20 letter words containing flat

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