Words containing fet

3 letter words containing fet

  • fet — (obsolete) To fetch.

4 letter words containing fet

  • feta — a soft, white, brine-cured Greek cheese made from sheep's milk or goat's milk.
  • fete — a day of celebration; holiday: The Fourth of July is a great American fete.
  • fets — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fet.
  • jfet — Junction Field Effect Transistor

5 letter words containing fet

  • effet — Alternative form of eft (a newt).
  • fetal — of, relating to, or having the character of a fetus.
  • fetas — Plural form of feta.
  • fetch — to go and bring back; return with; get: to go up a hill to fetch a pail of water.
  • feted — a day of celebration; holiday: The Fourth of July is a great American fete.

6 letter words containing fet

  • buffet — A buffet is a meal of cold food that is displayed on a long table at a party or public occasion. Guests usually serve themselves from the table.
  • effete — lacking in wholesome vigor; degenerate; decadent: an effete, overrefined society.
  • fetcht — (archaic) Alternative form of fetched.
  • fether — Archaic form of feather.
  • fetial — concerned with declarations of war and treaties of peace: fetial law.

7 letter words containing fet

  • buffett — Warren (Edward). born 1930, US financier, investor, and philanthropist
  • fetched — damned: Jim beat up every fetched one of them.
  • fetcher — to go and bring back; return with; get: to go up a hill to fetch a pail of water.
  • fetches — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fetch.
  • feteing — a day of celebration; holiday: The Fourth of July is a great American fete.

8 letter words containing fet

  • asfetida — asafetida.
  • buffeted — a blow, as with the hand or fist.
  • confetti — Confetti is small pieces of coloured paper that people throw over the bride and bridegroom at a wedding.
  • confetto — a sweetmeat
  • dubuffetJean [zhahn] /ʒɑ̃/ (Show IPA), 1901–85, French painter.

9 letter words containing fet

  • asafetida — a bad-smelling gum resin obtained from various Asiatic plants (genus Ferula) of the umbel family: it was formerly used to treat some illnesses or, in folk medicine, to repel disease
  • biosafety — the precautions taken to control the cultivation and distribution of genetically modified crops and products
  • buffeting — response of an aircraft structure to buffet, esp an irregular oscillation of the tail
  • cafeteria — A cafeteria is a restaurant where you choose your food from a counter and take it to your table after paying for it. Cafeterias are usually found in public buildings such as hospitals and stores.
  • cafetiere — A cafetière is a type of coffee pot that has a disk with small holes in it attached to the lid. You push the lid down to separate the liquid from the ground coffee when it is ready to drink.

10 letter words containing fet

  • affettuoso — with feeling
  • assafetida — asafetida
  • cafeterias — Plural form of cafeteria.
  • cafetorium — a room, usually in a school or other educational institution, which serves both as a cafeteria and an auditorium
  • cowfeteria — a calf feeder with multiple teats

11 letter words containing fet

  • cafetoriums — Plural form of cafetorium.
  • cybersafety — Safety in using the Internet.
  • far-fetched — improbable; not naturally pertinent; being only remotely connected; forced; strained: He brought in a far-fetched example in an effort to prove his point.
  • fetishising — Present participle of fetishise.
  • fetishistic — belief in or use of fetishes.

12 letter words containing fet

13 letter words containing fet

  • fetishization — The act or process of fetishizing.
  • superfetation — the fertilization of an ovum in a female mammal already pregnant.

14 letter words containing fet

15 letter words containing fet

16 letter words containing fet

17 letter words containing fet

  • alpha-fetoprotein — a protein that forms in the liver of the human fetus. Excessive quantities in the amniotic fluid and maternal blood may indicate spina bifida in the fetus; low levels may point to Down's syndrome

19 letter words containing fet

  • safety-squeeze-play — Baseball. Also called suicide squeeze, suicide squeeze play. a play executed when there is a runner on third base and usually not more than one out, in which the runner starts for home as soon as the pitcher makes a motion to pitch, and the batter bunts. Also called safety squeeze, safety squeeze play. a similar play in which the runner on third base waits until the batter has successfully bunted before trying to score.

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