Words containing fal

4 letter words containing fal

  • falk — (UK, dialect) The razorbill.
  • fall — to come or drop down suddenly to a lower position, especially to leave a standing or erect position suddenly, whether voluntarily or not: to fall on one's knees.
  • falt — An old English measure of wheat in London containing 9 bushels.
  • falx — a structure shaped like a sickle, as a fold of dura mater separating the cerebral hemispheres.

5 letter words containing fal

  • afald — single; sole
  • befal — (obsolete) befall.
  • falaj — A qanat.
  • falas — a text or refrain in old songs.
  • falda — a white silk vestment extending from the waist to the ground, worn over the cassock by the pope on solemn occasions.

6 letter words containing fal

  • befall — If something bad or unlucky befalls you, it happens to you.
  • falcon — any of several birds of prey of the family Falconidae, especially of the genus Falco, usually distinguished by long, pointed wings, a hooked beak with a toothlike notch on each side of the upper bill, and swift, agile flight, typically diving to seize prey: some falcon species are close to extinction.
  • fallal — a bit of finery; a showy article of dress.
  • fallax — (obsolete) cavillation; petty criticism.
  • fallen — past participle of fall.

7 letter words containing fal

  • alfalfa — Alfalfa is a plant that is used for feeding farm animals. The shoots that develop from its seeds are sometimes eaten as a vegetable.
  • ashfall — the ash that falls as a deposit from the eruption of a volcano
  • beefalo — a cross between a domestic cow and a buffalo, technically one that is three-eighths buffalo and five-eighths cow, intended for beef production
  • befalls — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of befall.
  • buffalo — A buffalo is a wild animal like a large cow with horns that curve upwards. Buffalo are usually found in southern and eastern Africa.

8 letter words containing fal

  • backfall — a fall or throw onto the back
  • befallen — to happen or occur.
  • bergfall — an avalanche
  • deadfall — a type of trap, used esp for catching large animals, in which a heavy weight falls to crush the prey
  • downfall — descent to a lower position or standing; overthrow; ruin.

9 letter words containing fal

  • befalling — A happening; occurrence; chance; event.
  • buffaloed — any of several large wild oxen of the family Bovidae. Compare bison, Cape buffalo, water buffalo.
  • chainfall — a hand-powered hoist consisting of chains working on the pulley principle, used to lift and manoeuvre large heavy objects
  • crossfall — the camber of a road
  • deadfalls — Plural form of deadfall.

10 letter words containing fal

  • buffaloing — any of several large wild oxen of the family Bovidae. Compare bison, Cape buffalo, water buffalo.
  • catafalque — a temporary raised platform on which a body lies in state before or during a funeral
  • chapfallen — dejected; downhearted; crestfallen
  • chopfallen — chapfallen
  • defalcated — Simple past tense and past participle of defalcate.

11 letter words containing fal

  • atchafalaya — a river in S central Louisiana, flowing S to an inlet (Atchafalaya Bay) on the Gulf of Mexico; a heavily engineered distributary of the Mississippi. 225 miles (362 km).
  • buffalofish — any of several freshwater North American hump-backed cyprinoid fishes of the genus Ictiobus: family Catostomidae (suckers)
  • catafalques — Plural form of catafalque.
  • crestfallen — If you look crestfallen, you look sad and disappointed about something.
  • defalcating — Present participle of defalcate.

12 letter words containing fal

  • buffaloberry — any shrub of the genus Shepherdia native to North America
  • fallaciously — In a fallacious manner, erroneously, illogically.
  • false-acacia — Also called false acacia, yellow locust. a North American tree, Robinia pseudoacacia, of the legume family, having pinnate leaves and clusters of fragrant white flowers.
  • false-mildew — Also called false mildew. any fungus of the family Peronosporaceae, causing many plant diseases and producing a white, downy mass of conidiophores, usually on the under surface of the leaves of the host plant.
  • falsehearted — Alternative spelling of false-hearted.

13 letter words containing fal

  • falcon-gentle — the female peregrine falcon.
  • fallibilities — (of persons) liable to err, especially in being deceived or mistaken.
  • false-hearted — having a false or treacherous heart; deceitful; perfidious.
  • falsification — to make false or incorrect, especially so as to deceive: to falsify income-tax reports.
  • infallibilism — the principle of papal infallibility

14 letter words containing fal

  • fallaciousness — containing a fallacy; logically unsound: fallacious arguments.
  • false-negative — Medicine/Medical. a test result that is incorrect because the test failed to recognize an existing condition or finding. a person who receives this test result.
  • false-positive — Medicine/Medical. a test result that is incorrect because the test indicated a condition or finding that does not exist: a false-positive for syphilis. a person who receives this test result.
  • falseheartedly — In a falsehearted manner.
  • falsifiability — to make false or incorrect, especially so as to deceive: to falsify income-tax reports.

15 letter words containing fal

  • crestfallenness — the state of being crestfallen
  • latino-faliscan — a group of early Italic languages, including Latin and Faliscan.
  • non-falsifiable — to make false or incorrect, especially so as to deceive: to falsify income-tax reports.
  • rheinland-pfalz — German name of Rhineland-Palatinate.

16 letter words containing fal

  • falsificationism — (epistemology) A scientific philosophy based on the requirement that hypotheses must be falsifiable in order to be scientific; if a claim is not able to be refuted it is not a scientific claim.

19 letter words containing fal

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