Words containing ena

4 letter words containing ena

  • enal — (organic chemistry) Any aldehyde having a neighbouring double bond.
  • gena — the cheek or side region of the head.
  • jena — a city in central Germany: Napoleon decisively defeated the Prussians here in 1806.
  • lena — a river in the Russian Federation in Asia, flowing NE from Lake Baikal through the Yakutsk Republic into the Laptev Sea. 2800 miles (4500 km) long.
  • rena — a female given name, form of Marina.

5 letter words containing ena

  • agena — a U.S. upper stage, with a restartable liquid-propellant engine, used with various booster stages to launch satellites into orbit around the earth and send probes to the moon and planets: also used as a docking target in the Gemini program.
  • arena — An arena is a place where sports, entertainments, and other public events take place. It has seats around it where people sit and watch.
  • crena — a notch or indentation
  • denar — the standard monetary unit of Macedonia, divided into 100 deni
  • denay — a denial

6 letter words containing ena

  • alpena — a city in NE Michigan, on Lake Huron.
  • arenas — Plural form of arena.
  • athena — a virgin goddess of wisdom, practical skills, and prudent warfare. She was born, fully armed, from the head of Zeus
  • beenah — understanding; insight
  • bename — to name; call by name.

7 letter words containing ena

  • abenaki — a member of a group of E Algonquian peoples living mainly in Maine and S Quebec
  • adrenal — on or near the kidneys
  • agenais — an ancient region of SW France.
  • amenage — to tame or domesticate
  • arsenal — An arsenal is a large collection of weapons and military equipment held by a country, group, or person.

8 letter words containing ena

  • -enabled — functioning with the specified software
  • adenauer — Konrad (ˈkɔnraːt). 1876–1967, German statesman; chancellor of West Germany (1949–63)
  • adrenals — Plural form of adrenal.
  • alienage — the legal status of an alien
  • alienate — If you alienate someone, you make them become unfriendly or unsympathetic towards you.

9 letter words containing ena

  • adrenalin — Adrenalin is a substance which your body produces when you are angry, scared, or excited. It makes your heart beat faster and gives you more energy.
  • adrenally — in a manner relating to the adrenal glands
  • akhenaten — original name Amenhotep IV. died ?1358 bc, king of Egypt, of the 18th dynasty; he moved his capital from Thebes to Tell El Amarna and introduced the cult of Aten
  • alienable — (of property) transferable to another owner
  • alienated — indifferent, unfriendly, or hostile

10 letter words containing ena

  • abalienate — (civil law, transitive) To transfer the title of from one to another; to alienate.
  • abstenance — Misspelling of abstinence (by confusion with abstention).
  • adrenaline — a hormone that is secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress and increases heart rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure, and raises the blood levels of glucose and lipids. It is extracted from animals or synthesized for such medical uses as the treatment of asthma. Chemical name: aminohydroxyphenylpropionic acid; formula: C9H13NO3
  • adrenalise — (British spelling) To render frightening or thrilling, such as to stimulate the production of adrenalin.
  • adrenalize — to stir to action; excite: The promise of victory adrenalized the team.

11 letter words containing ena

  • adrenalised — Simple past tense and past participle of adrenalise.
  • adrenalitis — (pathology) Inflammation of one or both adrenal glands, leading to an insufficiency of cortisol and/or aldosterone.
  • adrenalized — tense or highly charged
  • alienatedly — In an alienated way.
  • amenability — ready or willing to answer, act, agree, or yield; open to influence, persuasion, or advice; agreeable; submissive; tractable: an amenable servant.

12 letter words containing ena

  • acenaphthene — (organic compound) A hydrocarbon, found in coal tar, derived from naphthalene by the addition of a short aliphatic bridge.
  • adrenalizing — to stir to action; excite: The promise of victory adrenalized the team.
  • alienability — (uncountable) The quality of being alienable.
  • amenableness — The state or quality of being amenable.
  • amiphenazole — A respiratory stimulant traditionally used as an antidote for barbiturate or opiate overdose, usually in combination with bemegride.

13 letter words containing ena

  • adrenalectomy — the surgical removal of one or both adrenal glands
  • appurtenances — accessories or equipment
  • catechumenate — Ecclesiastical. a person under instruction in the rudiments of Christianity, as in the early church; a neophyte.
  • concatenating — Present participle of concatenate.
  • concatenation — A concatenation of things or events is their occurrence one after another, because they are linked.

14 letter words containing ena

  • acoenaesthesia — loss of the physical awareness of one's body.
  • aminophenazone — a crystalline compound used to reduce pain and fever. Formula: C13H17N3O
  • centenarianism — the situation or condition of being a centenarian
  • concatenations — Plural form of concatenation.
  • cyclooxygenase — (enzyme) Any of several enzymes that catalyze the conversion of arachidonic acid into prostaglandins; their inhibition is the mode of action of aspirin and ibuprofen.

15 letter words containing ena

16 letter words containing ena

  • denaturalization — The act or process of denaturalizing, of changing or destroying the quality (nature) of a thing.
  • discountenancing — Present participle of discountenance.
  • enantioselective — (chemistry) (of a catalyst) that catalyzes the reaction of only one of a pair of enantiomers.
  • epiphenomenalism — (philosophy, psychology, uncountable) The doctrine that mental states and processes are simply incidental effects of physiological events in the brain or nervous system and cannot themselves cause any effects in the material world.
  • high-maintenance — needing frequent maintenance or repair: My bike is high-maintenance; this is its third front wheel this month.

17 letter words containing ena

  • acenaphthoquinone — (organic compound) A polycyclic aromatic quinone derived from acenaphthene, used as an intermediate for the manufacturing of dyes, pharmaceuticals and pesticides.
  • antimiscegenation — (US) against mixing or blending; especially, against the mixing or blending of races in marriage or breeding.
  • denationalisation — Alternative spelling of denationalization.
  • denationalization — to remove (an industry or the like) from government ownership or control.
  • quatercentenaries — Plural form of quatercentenary.

18 letter words containing ena

  • angiotensinogenase — (enzyme) renin.
  • anti-miscegenation — marriage or cohabitation between two people from different racial groups, especially, in the U.S., between a black person and a white person: In 1968 the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that state laws prohibiting miscegenation were unconstitutional.
  • enantioselectivity — (chemistry) The selectivity of a reaction towards one of a pair of enantiomers.
  • postmillenarianism — postmillennialism.

19 letter words containing ena

  • phenanthrenequinone — a yellowish-orange, crystalline, water-insoluble solid, C 1 4 H 8 O 2 , used chiefly in organic synthesis and the manufacture of dyes.

20 letter words containing ena

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