Words containing con

3 letter words containing con

  • con — Con is the written abbreviation for constable, when it is part of a policeman's title.

4 letter words containing con

  • con- — com-
  • cone — A cone is a shape with a circular base and smooth curved sides ending in a point at the top.
  • cong — Informal. Vietcong.
  • conk — to strike (someone) a blow, esp on the head or nose
  • conn — 2nd century ad, king of Leinster and high king of Ireland

5 letter words containing con

  • alcon — a noted archer who helped Hercules abduct the cattle of Geryon.
  • ancon — a projecting bracket or console supporting a cornice
  • ascon — a type of sponge having an oval shape and a thin body wall with pores leading directly into the spongocoel.
  • bacon — Bacon is salted or smoked meat which comes from the back or sides of a pig.
  • conad — Continental Air Defense Command.

6 letter words containing con

  • ancona — a port in central Italy, on the Adriatic, capital of the Marches: founded by Greeks from Syracuse in about 390 bc. Pop: 100 507 (2001)
  • ancone — an altarpiece, usually consisting of a painted panel or panels, reliefs, or statues set in an elaborate frame.
  • balcon — Sir Michael. 1896–1977, British film producer; his films made at Ealing Studios include the comedies Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) and The Lavender Hill Mob (1951)
  • beacon — A beacon is a light or a fire, usually on a hill or tower, which acts as a signal or a warning.
  • bicone — an object shaped like two cones with their bases together.

7 letter words containing con

  • abscond — If someone absconds from somewhere such as a prison, they escape from it or leave it without permission.
  • aconite — any of various N temperate plants of the ranunculaceous genus Aconitum, such as monkshood and wolfsbane, many of which are poisonous
  • aglucon — an aglycon, especially one combined with glucose to form a glycoside.
  • aglycon — a chemical compound formed from a glycoside when a hydrogen atom replaces a glycosyl group
  • air-con — Air-con is the same as air conditioning.

8 letter words containing con

  • aconitum — any plant belonging to the genus Aconitum, of the buttercup family, having irregular flowers usually in loose clusters, including species with poisonous and medicinal properties.
  • aglycone — a chemical compound
  • alcorcon — city in central Spain, near Madrid: pop. 140,000
  • anaconda — a very large nonvenomous arboreal and semiaquatic snake, Eunectes murinus, of tropical South America, which kills its prey by constriction: family Boidae (boas)
  • aniconic — (of images of deities, symbols, etc) not portrayed in a human or animal form

9 letter words containing con

  • abscondee — a person who absconds; absconder.
  • absconder — to depart in a sudden and secret manner, especially to avoid capture and legal prosecution: The cashier absconded with the money.
  • aconcagua — a mountain in W Argentina: the highest peak in the Andes and in the W Hemisphere. Height: 6960 m (22 835 ft)
  • aconitine — a poison extracted from aconite
  • aniconism — the belief in not using or worshipping images of deities

10 letter words containing con

  • absconding — running away, esp from an open prison or to avoid prosecution or punishment
  • archdeacon — An archdeacon is a high-ranking clergyman who works as an assistant to a bishop, especially in the Anglican church.
  • balconette — a lightly padded bra that is designed to lift and enhance the appearance of a woman's bust
  • balopticon — a type of stereopticon for projecting images of objects by reflected light.
  • berlusconi — Silvio (ˈsilvjo). born 1936, Italian politician and media tycoon: prime minister of Italy (1994–95, 2001–06, 2008–11); convicted of tax fraud and expelled from the Italian Senate in 2013

11 letter words containing con

  • abscondence — secret concealment or seclusion, or the action of absconding
  • androconium — a scale on the forewing of certain male butterflies from which an odor attractive to females is emitted.
  • baconburger — a hamburger topped with strips of cooked bacon.
  • benue-congo — a branch of the Niger-Congo family of African languages, consisting of the Bantu languages together with certain other languages of W Africa
  • breconshire — (until 1974) a county of SE Wales, now mainly in Powys: over half its area forms the Brecon Beacons National Park

12 letter words containing con

  • archdeaconry — the office, rank, or duties of an archdeacon
  • beaconsfield — a town in SE England, in Buckinghamshire. Pop: 12 292 (2001)
  • concatenator — to link together; unite in a series or chain.
  • concelebrant — each of the priests celebrating the Eucharist or Mass jointly
  • concelebrate — to celebrate (the Eucharist or Mass) jointly with one or more other priests

13 letter words containing con

  • agro-economic — of or relating to a nation's agricultural economy, the financial problems of farmers as a group, etc.: mounting pressures on the agro-economic system.
  • air-condition — to apply air conditioning to
  • archidiaconal — of or relating to an archdeacon or his office
  • biconditional — (of a proposition) asserting that the existence or occurrence of one thing or event depends on, and is dependent on, the existence or occurrence of another, as “A if and only if B.”.
  • bicontinental — of, on, or involving two continents: a bicontinental survey.

14 letter words containing con

  • anticonformity — action in accord with prevailing social standards, attitudes, practices, etc.
  • anticonvulsant — any of a class of drugs used to prevent or abolish convulsions
  • archidiaconate — the office, term of office, or area of jurisdiction of an archdeacon
  • biocontainment — the confinement, as by sealed-off chambers, of materials that are harmful or potentially harmful to life.
  • co-conspirator — a fellow conspirator; associate or collaborator in a conspiracy.

15 letter words containing con

  • anti-conformist — a person who conforms, especially unquestioningly, to the usual practices or standards of a group, society, etc.
  • class-conscious — Someone who is class-conscious is very aware of the differences between the various classes of people in society, and often has a strong feeling of belonging to a particular class.
  • concavo-concave — (esp of a lens) having both sides concave; biconcave
  • concealed-carry — the practice of carrying a concealed gun or other weapon in public.
  • concertmistress — the first violinist in an orchestra

16 letter words containing con

  • anti-consumerism — a modern movement for the protection of the consumer against useless, inferior, or dangerous products, misleading advertising, unfair pricing, etc.
  • archconservative — consistently holding extremely conservative views: publisher of the city's archconservative newspaper.
  • conciliatoriness — tending to conciliate: a conciliatory manner; conciliatory comments.
  • configurationism — Gestalt psychology
  • confrontationist — a person who confronts opposition, especially aggressively.

17 letter words containing con

  • anti-conservatism — the disposition to preserve or restore what is established and traditional and to limit change.
  • anti-conservative — disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.
  • anti-conventional — conforming or adhering to accepted standards, as of conduct or taste: conventional behavior.
  • archconfraternity — a confraternity having the right to associate itself with confraternities that are similar to it, and to impart to them its privileges and indulgences.
  • benjamin-constant — Henri Benjamin [ahn-ree ban-zha-man] /ɑ̃ˈri bɛ̃ ʒaˈmɛ̃/ (Show IPA), (Benjamin Constant) 1767–1830, French statesman and author, born in Switzerland.

18 letter words containing con

  • conditionalization — the derivation from an argument of a conditional statement with the conjunction of the premises as antecedent and the conclusion as consequent. If the argument is valid, conditionalization yields a truth
  • congregationalists — a form of Protestant church government in which each local religious society is independent and self-governing.

19 letter words containing con

20 letter words containing con

  • congressman-at-large — (in the US) a member of the House of Representatives who was elected by the voters of an entire state as opposed to the voters of a single Congressional district

21 letter words containing con

  • conjunction-reduction — a rule that reduces coordinate sentences, applied, for example, to convert John lives in Ireland and Brian lives in Ireland into John and Brian live in Ireland
  • consciousness-raising — Psychology. a group-therapy technique in which the aim is to enhance the participants' awareness of their particular needs and goals as individuals or as a group.

22 letter words containing con

  • centimeter-gram-second — designating or of a system of measurement in which the centimeter, gram, and second are the units of length, mass, and time, respectively

23 letter words containing con

26 letter words containing con

  • compassionate-conservatism — a political conservative who is motivated by concern for the needy but supports policies based on personal responsibility and limited government: George W. Bush ran for president as a compassionate conservative.

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