Words containing cm

2 letter words containing cm

  • cm — cm is the written abbreviation for centimetre or , centimetres.

3 letter words containing cm

  • acm — Air Chief Marshal
  • ccm — Cubic centimeter.
  • cm2 — square centimeter(s)
  • cm3 — cubic centimeter(s)
  • cma — certified medical assistant

4 letter words containing cm

  • acme — The acme of something is its highest point of achievement or excellence.
  • alcm — air-launched cruise missile: a type of cruise missile that can be launched from an aircraft
  • arcm — Associate of the Royal College of Music
  • bcme — a colorless liquid, CH2ClOCH2Cl, that forms spontaneously from hydrochloric acid and formaldehyde: a known carcinogen
  • cacm — Communications of the ACM

5 letter words containing cm

  • acmes — Plural form of acme.
  • acmic — the highest point; summit; peak: The empire was at the acme of its power.
  • adpcm — Adaptive Digital Pulse Code Modulation
  • cmiiw — correct me if I'm wrong
  • cms-2 — (language)   A general purpose language used for command and control applications in the US Navy. Variants: CMS-2M and CMS-2Y.

6 letter words containing cm

  • acmite — a silicate mineral with chemical formula NaFeSi2O6, consisting of pyramid-shaped crystals; aegirite
  • afscme — American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees
  • alcman — 7th century bc, Greek lyric poet
  • arcmin — 1⁄60 of a degree of an angle
  • bicmos — (hardware)   A manufacturing process for semiconductor devices that combines bipolar and CMOS to give the best balance between available output current and power consumption.

7 letter words containing cm

  • acmatic — relating to the highest point or pinnacle; ultimate
  • acmeism — a school of early 20th-century Russian poetry whose practitioners were strongly opposed to the vagueness of symbolism and strove for absolute clarity of expression through precise, concrete imagery.
  • alcmene — the mother of Hercules by Zeus who visited her in the guise of her husband, Amphitryon
  • chacmas — Plural form of chacma.
  • discman — a small portable CD player with light headphones

8 letter words containing cm

  • alcmaeon — a son of Amphiaraus and Eriphyle who commanded the second expedition against Thebes. He killed his mother for sending his father to certain death and was driven mad by the Furies.
  • docmaker — (text, tool, product)   An application for the Apple Macintosh which creates stand-alone, self-running document files. It features scrollable and re-sizable windows, graphics, varied text styles and fonts, full printing capability, and links to other software and information. Companies such as Federal Express, GTE, Hewlett-Packard, Iomega, Adobe Systems, Inc., Apple Computer and Aladdin use DOCMaker to distribute disk-based documentation with their products.
  • macmahon — Marie Edmé Patrice Maurice [ma-ree ed-mey pa-trees moh-rees] /maˈri ˈɛd meɪ paˈtris moʊˈris/ (Show IPA), Count de (Duke of Magenta) 1808–93, president of France 1873–79.
  • macmanus — Seumas [shey-muh s] /ˈʃeɪ məs/ (Show IPA), 1869–1960, Irish poet and short-story writer.
  • macminix — (operating system)   The Macintosh version of MINIX.

9 letter words containing cm

  • arcminute — unit of angular measurement, 1⁄60 of a degree
  • macmillan — Donald Baxter [bak-ster] /ˈbæk stər/ (Show IPA), 1874–1970, U.S. arctic explorer.
  • mcmansion — a large modern house considered to look mass-produced, lacking in distinguishing characteristics, and at variance with established local architecture
  • tacmahack — tacamahac.

10 letter words containing cm

  • blancmange — Blancmange is a cold dessert that is made from milk, sugar, cornflour or corn starch, and flavouring, and looks rather like jelly.
  • ecmascript — (language)   (ECMA standard 262, ISO standard 16262) The standardised version of the core JavaScript language.
  • macmonniesFrederick William, 1863–1937, U.S. sculptor.
  • specmark89 — (benchmark)   An old SPECmark benchmark result derived from a set of floating-point and integer benchmarks. It is the geometric mean of ten SPEC ratios of the outdated 1989 SPEC benchmark suite. The use of SPECmark89 is strongly discouraged, having been superseded by CINT92 and CFP92.

11 letter words containing cm

  • acmesthesia — awareness of sharp points through the sense of touch without experiencing pain.
  • mcminnville — a town in NW Oregon.
  • panicmonger — a person who spreads panic

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