Words containing cli

3 letter words containing cli

  • cli — 1.   (operating system)   Command Line Interface. 2.   (database, standard)   Call-Level Interface.

4 letter words containing cli

  • clio — the Muse of history
  • clip — A clip is a small device, usually made of metal or plastic, that is specially shaped for holding things together.
  • clit — clitoris.
  • clix — (language)   ["Overview of a Parallel Object-Oriented Language CLIX", J. Hur et al, in ECOOP '87, LNCS 276, Springer 1987, pp. 265-273].

5 letter words containing cli

  • clicc — (language)   A Common Lisp to C compiler by Heinz Knutzen <[email protected]>, Ulrich Hoffman <[email protected]> and Wolfgang Goerigk <[email protected]>. CLiCC is meant to be used as a supplement to existing CLISP systems for generating portable applications. Target C code must be linked with the CLiCC run-time library to produce an executable. Version 0.6.2 conforms to a subset of Common Lisp and CLOS called CL_0 or CommonLisp_0 and based on CLtL1. It runs with Lucid Lisp, AKCL or CLISP. Work on CLtL2 and ANSI-CL conformance is in progress.
  • click — If something clicks or if you click it, it makes a short, sharp sound.
  • cliff — A cliff is a high area of land with a very steep side, especially one next to the sea.
  • cliftMontgomery, 1920–66, U.S. actor.
  • climb — If you climb something such as a tree, mountain, or ladder, or climb up it, you move towards the top of it. If you climb down it, you move towards the bottom of it.

6 letter words containing cli

  • -cline — indicating a slope
  • cliche — A cliché is an idea or phrase which has been used so much that it is no longer interesting or effective or no longer has much meaning.
  • clichy — an industrial suburb of NW Paris: residence of the Merovingian kings (7th century). Pop: 58 646 (2007)
  • clicks — Plural form of click.
  • client — A client of a professional person or organization is a person or company that receives a service from them in return for payment.

7 letter words containing cli

  • aclinic — not leaning or inclining; unbending
  • acyclic — not cyclic; having an open chain structure
  • circlip — a flat spring ring split at one point so that it can be sprung open, passed over a shaft or spindle, and allowed to close into a closely fitting annular recess to form a collar on the shaft. A similar design can be closed to pass into a bore and allowed to spring out into an annular recess to form a shoulder in the bore
  • cliburnVan [van] /væn/ (Show IPA), (Harvey Lavan Cliburn, Jr) 1934–2013, U.S. pianist.
  • cliched — If you describe something as clichéd, you mean that it has been said, done, or used many times before, and is boring or untrue.

8 letter words containing cli

  • arclight — A lamp that produces light by generating an electric arc across an enclosed gas.
  • aycliffe — a town in Co Durham: founded as a new town in 1947. Pop (including Newton Aycliffe): 25 655 (2001)
  • bicyclic — of, forming, or formed by two circles, cycles, etc
  • circling — a closed plane curve consisting of all points at a given distance from a point within it called the center. Equation: x 2 + y 2 = r 2 .
  • clickers — Plural form of clicker.

9 letter words containing cli

  • acclimate — When you acclimate or are acclimated to a new situation, place, or climate, you become used to it.
  • acclivity — an upward slope, esp of the ground
  • acclivous — Sloping upward; rising like a hillside.
  • acyclical — (economics) Moving independent of the overall state of an economy.
  • alicyclic — (of an organic compound) having aliphatic properties, in spite of the presence of a ring of carbon atoms

10 letter words containing cli

  • acclimated — Become accustomed to a new climate or to new conditions.
  • acclimates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of acclimate.
  • anticlimax — You can describe something as an anticlimax if it disappoints you because it happens after something that was very exciting, or because it is not as exciting as you expected.
  • anticlinal — of, relating to, or resembling an anticline
  • anticlines — Plural form of anticline.

11 letter words containing cli

  • acclimating — Present participle of acclimate.
  • acclimation — The process of becoming, or the state of being, acclimated, or habituated to a new climate; acclimatization.
  • acclimatise — Standard spelling of from=Non-Oxford British spelling.
  • acclimatize — When you acclimatize or are acclimatized to a new situation, place, or climate, you become used to it.
  • acclivities — Plural form of acclivity.

12 letter words containing cli

  • acclimatised — Simple past tense and past participle of acclimatise.
  • acclimatized — adapted or accustomed to a new climate or environment
  • acclimatizer — An agent that acclimatizes itself or others.
  • acclimatizes — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of acclimatize.
  • acyclicality — The quality of being acyclical.

13 letter words containing cli

14 letter words containing cli

  • anti-climactic — of, like, pertaining to, or expressing anticlimax.
  • bioclimatology — the study of the effects of climatic conditions on living organisms
  • chlorcyclizine — an antihistamine, C18H21ClN2, used for treating allergies
  • clickety-clack — a rhythmic, swiftly paced succession of alternating clicks and clacks, as the sound produced by the wheels of a train moving over tracks.
  • climatological — the science that deals with the phenomena of climates or climatic conditions.

15 letter words containing cli

  • acclimatisation — Alternative spelling of acclimatization.
  • acclimatization — The act of acclimatizing; the process of inuring to a new climate, or the state of being so inured.
  • anticlimactical — anticlimactic
  • countercyclical — having the effect of checking or reversing fluctuations in the national economy or the finances of a business
  • oxytetracycline — a dull-yellow, crystalline antibiotic powder, C 2 2 H 2 4 N 2 O 9 , produced by Streptomyces rimosus, used chiefly in treating infections caused by streptococci, staphylococci, Gram-negative bacilli, rickettsiae, and certain protozoans and viruses.

16 letter words containing cli

17 letter words containing cli

  • anticlimactically — of, like, pertaining to, or expressing anticlimax.
  • baile-atha-cliath — Gaelic Baile Àtha Cliath. a seaport in and the capital of the Republic of Ireland, in the E part, on the Irish Sea.
  • chlortetracycline — an antibiotic used in treating many bacterial and rickettsial infections: obtained from the bacterium Streptomyces aureofaciens. Formula: C22H23ClN2O8
  • clicks-and-mortar — pertaining to or denoting a company that does business on the Internet and in traditional stores or offices.
  • clinicopathologic — of or relating to the combined study of disease symptoms and pathology.

18 letter words containing cli

19 letter words containing cli

  • clinicopathological — of or relating to the combined study of disease symptoms and pathology.

20 letter words containing cli

  • climbing-bittersweet — Also called woody nightshade. a climbing or trailing plant, Solanum dulcamara, of the nightshade family, having small, violet, star-shaped flowers with a protruding yellow center and scarlet berries.

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