Words containing city

4 letter words containing city

  • city — The City is the part of London where many important financial institutions have their main offices. People often refer to these financial institutions as the City.

6 letter words containing city

  • -acity — a (specified) characteristic, quality, or tendency
  • -icity — -icity replaces '-ic' at the end of adjectives to form nouns referring to the state, quality, or behaviour described by the adjective.
  • cecity — a rare word for blindness

7 letter words containing city

  • edacity — the state of being edacious; voraciousness; appetite.
  • emacity — Desire or fondness for buying.
  • laicity — The principles, status, or influence of the laity.
  • opacity — the state or quality of being opaque.
  • outcity — located outside a city's confines

8 letter words containing city

  • aduncity — the quality of being hooked or curved inward
  • anticity — opposed to cities
  • apricity — (obsolete) The warmth of the Sun.
  • astucity — Craftiness; astuteness.
  • atrocity — An atrocity is a very cruel, shocking action.

9 letter words containing city

10 letter words containing city

  • atrocity's — the quality or state of being atrocious.
  • caloricity — Ectothermy.
  • canonicity — the fact or quality of being canonical
  • causticity — capable of burning, corroding, or destroying living tissue.
  • centricity — pertaining to or situated at the center; central.

11 letter words containing city

  • analyticity — the property of being analytic
  • aromaticity — the property of certain planar cyclic conjugated molecules, esp benzene, of behaving like unsaturated molecules and undergoing substitution reactions rather than addition as a result of delocalization of electrons in the ring
  • catholicity — a wide range of interests, tastes, etc; liberality
  • contumacity — the quality of being contumacious
  • domesticity — the state of being domestic; domestic or home life.

12 letter words containing city

  • alcoholicity — the strength of an alcoholic liquor
  • anelasticity — the property of a substance which has a disproportionate relationship between stress and strain
  • antigenicity — the quality or extent of being antigenic
  • aperiodicity — not periodic; irregular.
  • apostolicity — the quality of being apostolic

13 letter words containing city

  • achromaticity — achromatism.
  • allergenicity — causing allergic sensitization.
  • anharmonicity — (mechanics) Of or pertaining to the deviation of a system from harmonicity (being a harmonic oscillator).
  • baroclinicity — a common state of fluid stratification in which surfaces of constant pressure and others of constant density are not parallel but intersect.
  • cariogenicity — conducive to the production or promotion of dental caries: the cariogenic factors in sweets.

14 letter words containing city

  • aeroelasticity — the science that studies how inertial, elastic, and aerodynamic forces interact
  • asynchronicity — (uncountable) The state of being asynchronous.
  • bioelectricity — electricity generated by a living organism
  • cardiotoxicity — The state or condition of being cardiotoxic.
  • excitotoxicity — The continuous stimulation of a nerve cell by a neurotransmitter, especially by glutamates.

15 letter words containing city

  • ambisyllabicity — (poetry) The property of a consonant being analysed as acting simultaneously as the coda of one syllable and the onset of the following syllable.
  • autorhythmicity — The quality of being autorhythmic, or generating its own rhythm, as for example the cells of the cardiac muscle do.
  • carcinogenicity — any substance or agent that tends to produce a cancer.
  • encyclopedicity — The quality or state of being encyclopedic.
  • ethnocentricity — Practising or the policies surrounding being ethnocentric.

16 letter words containing city

  • electrophilicity — (chemistry, uncountable) the condition of being electrophilic.
  • ferroelectricity — (physics) The electric polarization of a substance (spontaneous presence of a dipole moment) that is analagous to ferromagnetism.
  • hydroelectricity — pertaining to the generation and distribution of electricity derived from the energy of falling water or any other hydraulic source.
  • monochromaticity — of or having one color.
  • photoelectricity — electricity induced by electromagnetic radiation, as in certain processes, as the photoelectric and photovoltaic effects, photoconductivity, and photoionization.

17 letter words containing city

  • magnetoelasticity — the phenomenon, consisting of a change in magnetic properties, exhibited by a ferromagnetic material to which stress is applied.
  • publicity-seeking — eager to attract publicity
  • stereospecificity — (of a reaction) producing a simple stereoisomer.
  • thermoelectricity — electricity generated by heat or temperature difference, as in a thermocouple.
  • thermoperiodicity — the effect on an organism of rhythmic fluctuations in temperature.

18 letter words containing city

19 letter words containing city

  • tangential-velocity — the component of the linear motion of a star with respect to the sun, measured along a line perpendicular to its line of sight and expressed in miles or kilometers per second.

24 letter words containing city

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