Words containing chou

4 letter words containing chou

  • chou — a type of cabbage

5 letter words containing chou

  • chout — an amount obtained by blackmail equal to a quarter, originally applied to the amount obtained by the Mahrattas in India from their territories in exchange for protection from pillage
  • choux — a cabbage-shaped decoration, as a rosette or knot on a woman's dress, hat, etc.

6 letter words containing chou

  • cachou — a lozenge eaten to sweeten the breath
  • chough — a large black passerine bird, Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax, of parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa, with a long downward-curving red bill: family Corvidae (crows)
  • chouse — a person who deceives, defrauds, or tricks
  • choush — a Turkish envoy or attendant
  • luchou — a city in S Sichuan province, in central China, on the Chang Jiang.

7 letter words containing chou

  • cachous — Plural form of cachou.
  • choughs — Plural form of chough.
  • choused — Simple past tense and past participle of chouse.
  • chouser — a person who deceives, defrauds, or tricks
  • hsuchou — a city in N Jiangsu province, in E China.

8 letter words containing chou

  • chouette — a variation of a two-handed game, as backgammon, allowing the participation of three or more persons, in which one player accepts the bets of all the others on the outcome of a game between that player and one other active player, who is permitted to receive advice from the nonplayers.
  • choultry — Alternative form of choltry.
  • chousing — Present participle of chouse.
  • pachouli — a plant, Pogostemon cablin, of tropical Asia, that yields a fragrant oil (patchouli oil) used in the manufacture of perfumes.
  • pitchout — Baseball. a ball purposely thrown by a pitcher too far outside of the plate for the batter to hit, especially in anticipation of an attempted steal by a base runner.

9 letter words containing chou

  • -stichous — having a certain number of rows
  • astichous — having a structure or layout that is not in rows
  • changchou — Changzhou
  • chiaochou — a former German-leased territory (1898–1914) on the Shandong peninsula, in E China, around Jiaozhou Bay. 200 sq. mi. (518 sq. km). Chief city, Tsingtao.
  • kuangchou — Wade-Giles. Canton.

10 letter words containing chou

  • caoutchouc — rubber; esp. India rubber, or crude, natural rubber, obtained from latex
  • chiungchou — Qiongzhou.
  • choucroute — a dish, resembling sauerkraut, that consists of cabbage that has been preserved by soaking in pickle
  • distichous — Botany. arranged alternately in two vertical rows on opposite sides of an axis, as leaves.
  • isopachous — having the same thickness.

11 letter words containing chou

  • choukoutien — Wade-Giles. Zhoukoudian.
  • tristichous — arranged in three rows.
  • ulotrichous — belonging to a group of people having woolly or crisply curly hair.

12 letter words containing chou

  • cymotrichous — having wavy hair
  • leiotrichous — Having smooth hair.
  • monostichous — (of parts) forming one row
  • monotrichous — (of bacteria) having a single flagellum at one pole.
  • octastichous — relating to a particular coiled distribution of leaves on the stem that is characterized by having eight leaves per coil on the stem

13 letter words containing chou

  • amphitrichous — having a single flagellum at each end.
  • lissotrichous — having straight hair.
  • lophotrichous — (biology, of bacteria) Having multiple flagella located at the same point, so that they can act in concert to drive the bacterium in a single direction.
  • pentastichous — (of plant leaves) arranged in five vertical rows
  • tetrastichous — arranged in a spike of four vertical rows, as flowers.

14 letter words containing chou

  • peritrichously — in a peritrichous manner; in a fashion characteristic of a peritrichous organism

15 letter words containing chou

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