Words containing chines

7 letter words containing chines

  • chinese — Chinese means relating to or belonging to China, or its people, languages, or culture.

8 letter words containing chines

9 letter words containing chines

  • aeschines — ?389–?314 bc, Athenian orator; the main political opponent of Demosthenes
  • chinese's — the standard language of China, based on the speech of Beijing; Mandarin.
  • itchiness — having or causing an itching sensation.
  • mochiness — a fusty, dank, or humid condition

10 letter words containing chines

  • bitchiness — characteristic of a bitch; spiteful; malicious.
  • catchiness — The state or quality of being catchy.
  • douchiness — (slang, derogatory) The quality of being douchey or douchy; objectionableness.
  • patchiness — characterized by or made up of patches.
  • poachiness — the state of being poachy

11 letter words containing chines

  • crunchiness — The state of being crunchy.
  • grouchiness — The characteristic or quality of being grouchy.
  • indochinese — of or relating to Indochina or its inhabitants.
  • preachiness — the quality of being preachy; a preachy style, esp a tedious one
  • pro-chinese — the standard language of China, based on the speech of Beijing; Mandarin.

12 letter words containing chines

13 letter words containing chines

  • chinese-anise — Also called Chinese anise. a shrub or small tree, Illicium verum, of China, having white flowers that turn purple and bearing anise-scented, star-shaped clusters of carminative fruit.

16 letter words containing chines

  • chinese-hibiscus — Also called Bengal rose. a rose, Rosa chinensis, of China, having slightly fragrant crimson, pink, or white flowers.
  • chinese-pavilion — a shape resembling a segment of a ring tapering to points at the ends.

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