Words containing chin

4 letter words containing chin

  • chin — Your chin is the part of your face that is below your mouth and above your neck.

5 letter words containing chin

  • china — China is a hard white substance made from clay. It is used to make things such as cups, bowls, plates, and ornaments.
  • chine — the backbone
  • ching — of, relating to, or designating the Manchu dynasty (1644–1912) of China
  • chink — A chink in a surface is a very narrow crack or opening in it.
  • chino — a durable cotton twill cloth

6 letter words containing chin

  • aching — causing physical pain or distress: treatment for an aching back.
  • chinan — a city in and the capital of Shandong province, in E China.
  • chinar — The oriental plane tree, native from southeastern Europe to northern Iran.
  • chinas — Plural form of china.
  • chinch — bedbug

7 letter words containing chin

  • achinsk — a city in the S central Russian Federation in Asia.
  • archine — a Russian unit of length equal to about 71 cm
  • arching — forming an arch
  • caching — cache
  • chin-up — an exercise in which a person grips an elevated bar and pulls himself or herself up until the chin is level with the bar

8 letter words containing chin

  • achinese — Atjehnese.
  • achiness — a constant, dull pain
  • achingly — You can use achingly for emphasis when you are referring to things that create feelings of wanting something very much, but of not being able to have it.
  • batching — a quantity or number coming at one time or taken together: a batch of prisoners.
  • beaching — an expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore.

9 letter words containing chin

  • -watching — -watching combines with nouns to form other nouns which refer to the activity of looking at a group of animals or people and studying them because they interest you.
  • aeschines — ?389–?314 bc, Athenian orator; the main political opponent of Demosthenes
  • attaching — to fasten or affix; join; connect: to attach a photograph to an application with a staple.
  • avouching — Present participle of avouch.
  • baldachin — a richly ornamented silk and gold brocade

10 letter words containing chin

  • balanchine — George. 1904–83, US choreographer, born in Russia
  • baldacchin — A rich, embroidered brocade used for clothing in the Middle Ages, the web being gold and the woof silk.
  • baldachins — Plural form of baldachin.
  • beseeching — A beseeching expression, gesture, or tone of voice suggests that the person who has or makes it very much wants someone to do something.
  • bewitching — enchanting; charming; fascinating.

11 letter words containing chin

12 letter words containing chin

  • antilynching — opposed to lynching, acting against lynching
  • antipoaching — acting against or opposed to poaching
  • belly-aching — Informal. a pain in the abdomen or bowels.
  • berlichingen — Götz von (ɡœts fɔn), called the Iron Hand. 1480–1562, German warrior knight, who robbed merchants and kidnapped nobles for ransom
  • beseechingly — to implore urgently: They besought him to go at once.

13 letter words containing chin

  • backstitching — Present participle of backstitch.
  • bag-snatching — theft that involves snatching women's handbags
  • bird-watching — Bird-watching is the activity of watching and studying wild birds in their natural surroundings.
  • chinese-anise — Also called Chinese anise. a shrub or small tree, Illicium verum, of China, having white flowers that turn purple and bearing anise-scented, star-shaped clusters of carminative fruit.
  • chinkerinchee — a flowering plant, Ornithogalum thyrsoides, that produces clusters of white and yellow flowers

14 letter words containing chin

  • backscratching — a long-handled device for scratching one's own back.
  • beseechingness — the quality or state of being beseeching
  • chincherinchee — a bulbous South African liliaceous plant, Ornithogalum thyrsoides, having long spikes of white or yellow long-lasting flowers
  • clock-watching — the act of checking the time in anticipation of a break or the end of the working day
  • code-switching — Linguistics. the alternating or mixed use of two or more languages, especially within the same discourse: My grandma’s code-switching when we cook together reminds me of my family's origins. Bilingual students are discouraged from code-switching during class.

15 letter words containing chin

  • back-scratching — a reciprocal exchange of favors, aid, or compliments
  • bathing-machine — a small bathhouse on wheels formerly used as a dressing room and in which bathers could also be transported from the beach to the water.
  • complex-machine — Older Use. an automobile or airplane. a typewriter.
  • countermarching — Present participle of countermarch.
  • counterpunching — Present participle of counterpunch.

16 letter words containing chin

  • chinese-hibiscus — Also called Bengal rose. a rose, Rosa chinensis, of China, having slightly fragrant crimson, pink, or white flowers.
  • chinese-pavilion — a shape resembling a segment of a ring tapering to points at the ends.
  • double-clutching — (of a bird) to produce a second clutch of eggs after the first has been removed, usually for hatching in an incubator.
  • epigallocatechin — Gallocatechol.
  • machine-readable — of or relating to data encoded on an appropriate medium and in a form suitable for processing by computer.

17 letter words containing chin

  • buttock-clenching — making one tighten the buttocks through extreme fear or embarrassment
  • republic-of-china — People's Republic of, a country in E Asia. 3,691,502 sq. mi. (9,560,990 sq. km). Capital: Beijing.
  • travancore-cochin — a former Indian state that was a merger of Travancore and Cochin, two former princely states of India, and which became part of Kerala state in 1956

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