Words containing centri

7 letter words containing centri

8 letter words containing centri

  • -centric — having a centre as specified
  • acentric — without a centre
  • centries — Plural form of centry.
  • centring — a temporary structure, esp one made of timber, used to support an arch during construction
  • centrism — (especially in continental Europe) a member of a political party of the Center; moderate.

9 letter words containing centri

  • -centrism — the state or condition of having (a specified thing) as the center or focus of attention, efforts, etc.
  • -centrist — a person having (a specified thing) as the center or focus of attention, efforts, etc.
  • bicentric — having two centres
  • centrical — pertaining to or situated at the center; central.
  • centriole — either of two rodlike bodies in most animal cells that form the poles of the spindle during mitosis

10 letter words containing centri

  • biocentric — centered in life; having life as its principal fact.
  • centricity — pertaining to or situated at the center; central.
  • centrifuge — A centrifuge is a machine that spins mixtures of different substances around very quickly so that they separate by centrifugal force.
  • centrioles — Plural form of centriole.
  • concentric — Concentric circles or rings have the same centre.

11 letter words containing centri

  • acrocentric — (of a chromosome) having the centromere at one end
  • afrocentric — centered on, emphasizing, or showing the influence of African or, sometimes, African-American history and culture
  • allocentric — Concerned with the interests of others more than one's own; community-minded.
  • areocentric — relating to a reference system which has Mars as its centre
  • barycentric — Of or relating to the center of gravity.

12 letter words containing centri

  • afrocentrism — centered on Africa or on African-derived cultures, as those of Brazil, Cuba, and Haiti: Afrocentric art.
  • androcentric — having or regarding man or the male sex as central or primary
  • centrifugate — the denser of the centrifuged materials.
  • centrifuging — an apparatus that rotates at high speed and by centrifugal force separates substances of different densities, as milk and cream.
  • concentrical — concentric

13 letter words containing centri

  • androcentrism — centered on, emphasizing, or dominated by males or masculine interests: an androcentric society; an androcentric religion.
  • centricalness — the situation or quality of being centrical
  • centrifugally — Away from a centre or axis.
  • centrifugence — the property of being centrifugal
  • centripetally — Towards a centre or axis.

14 letter words containing centri

  • centrifugalize — to subject (something) to centrifugal motion
  • centrifugation — a being subjected to centrifugal action, esp. in a centrifuge
  • centripetalism — the movement of things towards a centre
  • christocentric — having as the theological focal point the teachings and practices of Jesus Christ.
  • concentrically — having a common center, as circles or spheres.

15 letter words containing centri

16 letter words containing centri

18 letter words containing centri

19 letter words containing centri

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