Words containing bw

2 letter words containing bw

  • bw — Botswana

3 letter words containing bw

  • bwd — backward
  • bwg — Birmingham Wire Gauge: a notation for the diameters of metal rods, ranging from 0 (0.340 inch) to 36 (0.004 inch)
  • bwi — British West Indies
  • bwq — [IBM] Buzz Word Quotient. The percentage of buzzwords in a speech or documents. Usually roughly proportional to bogosity. See TLA.
  • bwr — boiling-water reactor

4 letter words containing bw

  • nwbw — northwest by west
  • swbw — southwest by west
  • vlbw — Very Low Birth Weight
  • wfbw — World Figure Battle Wrestling
  • wkbw — Well Known Bible Witness

5 letter words containing bw

  • bwana — (in E Africa) a master, often used as a respectful form of address corresponding to sir
  • kabwe — a city in central Zambia: oldest mining town; cave site where the fossil skull of Rhodesian man was found.

6 letter words containing bw

  • abwatt — the cgs unit of power in the electromagnetic system, equal to the power dissipated when a current of 1 abampere flows across a potential difference of 1 abvolt: equivalent to 10–7 watt
  • abwehr — the German high-command service for espionage, counterintelligence, and sabotage during World War II.
  • bobwig — a type of wig with the hair styled in a bob
  • cobweb — A cobweb is the net which a spider makes for catching insects.
  • ojibwa — a member of a large tribe of North American Indians found in Canada and the U.S., principally in the region around Lakes Huron and Superior but extending as far west as Saskatchewan and North Dakota.

7 letter words containing bw

  • abwatts — Plural form of abwatt.
  • bwbasic — Bywater BASIC interpreter. A BASIC interpreter by Ted A. Campbell <[email protected]> which implements a large superset of the ANSI Standard for Minimal BASIC (X3.60-1978) in ANSI C, and offers a simple interactive environment including some shell program facilities as an extension of BASIC. The interpreter source has been compiled successfully on a range of ANSI C compilers on varying platforms including MS-DOS, Unix, and Acorn RISC OS. Version 2.10 was posted to news:comp.sources.misc, volume 40.
  • cobwebs — mustiness, confusion, or obscurity
  • lobworm — the lugworm.
  • ojibway — Ojibwa.

8 letter words containing bw

  • barbwire — barbed wire
  • bobwhite — a brown North American quail, Colinus virginianus, the male of which has white markings on the head: a popular game bird
  • cobwebby — bearing an accumulation of cobwebs.
  • combwise — in the manner of a comb
  • crabwise — (of motion) sideways; like a crab

9 letter words containing bw

  • clubwoman — a woman who is an enthusiastic member of a club or clubs
  • clubwomen — Plural form of clubwoman.
  • cobwebbed — A cobwebbed surface is covered with cobwebs.
  • subwarden — an assistant to a warden, a deputy or subordinate warden
  • subwoofer — a loudspeaker component designed to reproduce only extremely low bass frequencies, generally below 125 Hz.

10 letter words containing bw

  • cobwebbery — the texture of cobwebs
  • cobweblike — Resembling or characteristic of a cobweb.
  • cobwebsite — (jargon, web)   A website that hasn't been updated for a long time. A dead web page.
  • dumbwaiter — a small elevator, manually or electrically operated, consisting typically of a box with shelves, used in apartment houses, restaurants, and large private dwellings for moving dishes, food, garbage, etc., between floors.
  • scrubwoman — a woman hired to clean a place; charwoman.

11 letter words containing bw

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