Words containing burg

4 letter words containing burg

  • burg — a fortified town

5 letter words containing burg

  • -burg — burg or borough
  • burga — a loose garment covering the entire body and having a veiled opening for the eyes, worn by Muslim women.
  • burgh — (in Scotland) a town, esp one incorporated by charter, that enjoyed a degree of self-government until the local-government reorganization of 1975
  • iburg — A program by Christopher W. Fraser <[email protected]>, David R. Hanson <[email protected]> and Todd A. Proebsting <[email protected]> that generates a fast tree parser. Iburg is compatible with Burg. Both programs accept a cost-augmented tree grammar and emit a C program that discovers an optimal parse of trees in the language described by the grammar. They have been used to construct fast optimal instruction selectors for use in code generation. Burg uses BURS. Iburg's matchers do dynamic programming at compile time.

6 letter words containing burg

  • -burgh — -burg
  • burgas — a port in SE Bulgaria on an inlet of the Black Sea. Pop: 177 000 (2005 est)
  • burgee — a triangular or swallow-tailed flag flown from the mast of a merchant ship for identification and from the mast of a yacht to indicate its owner's membership of a particular yacht club
  • burger — A burger is a flat round mass of minced meat or vegetables, which is fried and often eaten in a bread roll.
  • burgle — If a building is burgled, a thief enters it by force and steals things.

7 letter words containing burg

  • -burger — sandwich of a patty of ground meat, fish, etc.
  • burgage — (in England) tenure of land or tenement in a town or city, which originally involved a fixed money rent
  • burgeon — If something burgeons, it grows or develops rapidly.
  • burgess — a citizen or freeman of a borough
  • burghal — (in Scotland) an incorporated town having its own charter and some degree of political independence from the surrounding area.

8 letter words containing burg

  • augsburg — a city in S Germany, in Bavaria: founded by the Romans in 14 bc; site of the diet that produced the Peace of Augsburg (1555), which ended the struggles between Lutherans and Catholics in the Holy Roman Empire and established the principle that each ruler should determine the form of worship in his lands. Pop: 259 217 (2003 est)
  • boksburg — city in central Gauteng province, South Africa: pop. 120,000
  • burghley — William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley. 1520–98, English statesman: chief adviser to Elizabeth I; secretary of state (1558–72) and Lord High Treasurer (1572–98)
  • burglary — If someone commits a burglary, they enter a building by force and steal things. Burglary is the act of doing this.
  • burgonet — a light 16th-century helmet, usually made of steel, with hinged cheekpieces

9 letter words containing burg

  • aldeburgh — a small resort in SE England, in Suffolk: site of an annual music festival established in 1948 by Benjamin Britten. Pop: 2654 (2001)
  • burgeoned — to grow or develop quickly; flourish: The town burgeoned into a city. He burgeoned into a fine actor.
  • burgessesAnthony, 1917–93, English novelist and critic.
  • dyersburg — a city in W Tennessee.
  • edinburgh — a division of the United Kingdom in the N part of Great Britain. 30,412 sq. mi. (78,772 sq. km). Capital: Edinburgh.

10 letter words containing burg

  • battenburg — an oblong sponge cake divided longitudinally into four square sections, two coloured pink and two yellow, with an outer coating of marzipan
  • beefburger — A beefburger is the same as a hamburger.
  • blacksburg — a town in SW Virginia.
  • bloomsburg — a city in E central Pennsylvania.
  • burgenland — a state of E Austria. Capital: Eisenstadt. Pop: 276 419 (2003 est). Area: 3965 sq km (1531 sq miles)

11 letter words containing burg

  • antiburglar — intended to prevent burglary
  • baconburger — a hamburger topped with strips of cooked bacon.
  • beefburgers — Plural form of beefburger.
  • brandenburg — a state in NE Germany, part of East Germany until 1990. A former electorate, it expanded under the Hohenzollerns to become the kingdom of Prussia (1701). The district east of the Oder River became Polish in 1945. Capital: Potsdam. Pop: 2 575 000 (2003 est). Area: 29 481 sq km (11 219 sq miles)
  • burglarious — of, constituting, or inclined to burglary

12 letter words containing burg

  • antiburglary — intended to prevent burglary
  • burglarproof — safeguarded or secure against burglary.
  • chambersburg — a city in central Pennsylvania.
  • cheeseburger — A cheeseburger is a flat round piece of cooked meat called a burger with a slice of cheese on top, served in a bread roll.
  • chiliburgers — Plural form of chiliburger.

13 letter words containing burg

  • anti-burglary — the felony of breaking into and entering the house of another at night with intent to steal, extended by statute to cover the breaking into and entering of any of various buildings, by night or day.
  • aschaffenburg — a city in Germany, on the River Main in Bavaria: seat of the Imperial Diet (1447); ceded to Bavaria in 1814. Pop: 68 607 (2003 est)
  • burglar-proof — designed to be secure and to frustrate any attempted burglary
  • burglariously — in the manner of a burglar or buglary
  • cheeseburgers — Plural form of cheeseburger.

14 letter words containing burg

  • charlottenburg — a district of Berlin (of West Berlin until 1990), formerly an independent city. Pop: 315 473 (2005 est)
  • christiansburg — a town in SW Virginia.
  • fredericksburg — a city in NE Virginia, on the Rappahannock River: scene of a Confederate victory 1862.
  • neubrandenburg — a city in Mecklenburg–West Pomerania, in NE Germany.
  • saxe-altenburg — a former duchy in Thuringia in central Germany.

16 letter words containing burg

  • pietermaritzburg — a province in the E part of the Republic of South Africa. 35,284 sq. mi. (91,886 sq. km). Capital: Pietermaritzburg.
  • schaumburg-lippe — a former state in NW Germany.

17 letter words containing burg

  • saxe-coburg-gotha — a member of the present British royal family, from the establishment of the house in 1901 until 1917 when the family name was changed to Windsor.

20 letter words containing burg

  • mecklenburg-schwerin — a former state in NE Germany, formed in 1934 from two states (Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz)
  • mecklenburg-strelitz — a former state in NE Germany, formed in 1934 from two states (Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz)

21 letter words containing burg

22 letter words containing burg

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