Words containing au

2 letter words containing au

  • au — Australia

3 letter words containing au

  • auc — (indicating years numbered from the founding of Rome, taken as 753 bc) ab urbe condita or anno urbis conditae
  • aue — an exclamation of pain, distress, or astonishment
  • aug — August
  • auk — An auk is a seabird with a heavy body and short tail.
  • aum — Om.

4 letter words containing au

  • aube — a department of N central France, in Champagne-Ardenne region. Capital: Troyes. Pop: 293 925 (2003 est). Area: 6026 sq km (2350 sq miles)
  • aude — a department of S France on the Gulf of Lions, in Languedoc-Roussillon region. Capital: Carcassonne. Pop: 321 734 (2003 est). Area: 6342 sq km (2473 sq miles)
  • auer — Karl (karl), Baron von Welsbach. 1858–1929, Austrian chemist who discovered the alloy of cerium and iron used for flints in cigarette lighters and invented the incandescent gas mantle
  • auew — Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers
  • aug. — Aug. is a written abbreviation for August.

5 letter words containing au

  • aarau — a town in N Switzerland, capital of Aargau canton: capital of the Helvetic Republic from 1798 to 1803. Pop: 15 470 (2000)
  • amaut — a hood on an Inuit woman's parka for carrying a child
  • arrau — Claudio. 1903–91, Chilean pianist
  • auber — Daniel François Esprit (danjɛl frɑ̃swa ɛspri). 1782–1871, French composer, who was prominent in development of opéra comique. His works include 48 operas
  • auden — W(ystan) H(ugh). 1907–73, US poet, dramatist, critic, and librettist, born in Britain; noted for his lyric and satirical poems and for plays written in collaboration with Christopher Isherwood

6 letter words containing au

  • aargau — a canton in N Switzerland. Capital: Aarau. Pop: 556 200 (2002 est). Area: 1404 sq km (542 sq miles)
  • ablaut — vowel gradation, esp in Indo-European languages
  • anlaut — initial position in a word, especially as a conditioning environment in sound change.
  • arnaud — Yvonne. 1892–1958, French actress, who was well-known on the London stage and in British films. A theatre in Guildford is named after her
  • artaud — Antonin (ɑ̃tɔnɛ̃). 1896–1948, French stage director and dramatist, whose concept of the theatre of cruelty is expounded in Manifeste du théâtre de la cruauté (1932) and Le Théâtre et son double (1938)

7 letter words containing au

  • acaudal — having no tail
  • acausal — having no cause.
  • agelaus — the herdsman of Priam who raised Paris.
  • ala-tau — several mountain ranges of the Tien Shan system in E Kyrgyzstan and SE Kazakhstan. Highest peak, 18,000 feet (5490 meters).
  • applaud — When a group of people applaud, they clap their hands in order to show approval, for example when they have enjoyed a play or concert.

8 letter words containing au

  • aboideau — a dyke with a sluicegate that allows flood water to drain but keeps the sea water out
  • acauline — having no stem
  • ach-laut — the voiceless velar fricative sound that is written as ch in Scottish loch or in German ach, often allophonic with the ich-laut
  • adenauer — Konrad (ˈkɔnraːt). 1876–1967, German statesman; chancellor of West Germany (1949–63)
  • aeronaut — a person who flies in a lighter-than-air craft, esp the pilot or navigator

9 letter words containing au

  • aeropause — the region of the upper atmosphere above which aircraft cannot fly
  • amaurosis — blindness, esp when occurring without observable damage to the eye
  • amaurotic — partial or total loss of sight, especially in the absence of a gross lesion or injury.
  • antiauxin — a substance acting against auxin
  • antifraud — acting against fraud

10 letter words containing au

  • acausality — having no cause.
  • aeronautic — relating to air companies
  • akiapolaau — a rare yellow Hawaiian honeycreeper, Hemignathus munroi, having a long slender down-curved upper bill and a short straight lower bill.
  • allosaurus — any of a genus (Allosaurus) of huge, carnivorous saurischian dinosaurs of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods
  • amphiaraus — a hero who joined the Seven against Thebes, although he knew that his death was fated: deified after death.

11 letter words containing au

  • acaulescent — having no visible stem or a very short one
  • aeronautics — Aeronautics is the science of designing and building aeroplanes.
  • amplexicaul — (of some sessile leaves, stipules, etc) having an enlarged base that encircles the stem
  • apatosaurus — brontosaurus
  • applaudable — worthy of being applauded

12 letter words containing au

  • aeronautical — Aeronautical means involving or relating to the design and construction of aeroplanes.
  • ankylosaurus — a plant-eating dinosaur of the Cretaceous period that had a tail resembling a club and a body covering of thick scales
  • astronautics — the science and technology of space flight
  • audio-visual — Audio-visual equipment and materials involve both recorded sound and pictures.
  • auditorially — Anatomy, Physiology. pertaining to hearing, to the sense of hearing, or to the organs of hearing.

13 letter words containing au

  • astronautical — of or relating to astronautics or astronauts.
  • aubervilliers — an industrial suburb of Paris, on the Seine. Pop: 63 136 (1999)
  • audio-lingual — pertaining to listening comprehension and speaking, especially in learning a foreign language.
  • audiocassette — a cassette containing audiotape
  • austenitizing — to form austenite in (a ferrous alloy) by heating.

14 letter words containing au

  • auger-electron — a nonradiative process in which an atom in an excited state undergoes a transition to a lower state by the emission of a bound electron (Auger electron) rather than by the emission of an x-ray.
  • austro-asiatic — a hypothetical phylum or superfamily of languages consisting of Mon-Khmer and certain other languages of India and South-East Asia. Links with Malayo-Polynesian have also been suggested
  • authenticating — to establish as genuine.
  • authentication — to establish as genuine.
  • autobiographer — a person who writes the story of his or her own life

15 letter words containing au

  • austria-hungary — the Dual Monarchy established in 1867, consisting of what are now Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and parts of Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and Italy. The empire was broken up after World War I
  • authenticatable — to establish as genuine.
  • authoritatively — having due authority; having the sanction or weight of authority: an authoritative opinion.
  • autocollimation — the process used in an autocollimator.
  • autocorrelation — the condition occurring when successive items in a series are correlated so that their covariance is not zero and they are not independent

16 letter words containing au

  • anglo-australian — belonging, relating to, or involving England and Australia, or the people of the two countries.
  • aulnay-sous-bois — a town in N central France, a suburb NE of Paris.
  • australopithecus — an extinct genus of small-brained,large-toothed bipedal hominids that lived in Africa between one and four million years ago.
  • austro-hungarian — of or relating to the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary (1867–1918)
  • authoritarianism — Authoritarianism is the state of being authoritarian or the belief that people with power, especially the State, have the right to control other people's actions.

17 letter words containing au

  • anti-bureaucratic — of, relating to, or characteristic of a bureaucrat or a bureaucracy; arbitrary and routine.
  • australopithecine — any of various extinct apelike primates of the genus Australopithecus and related genera, remains of which have been discovered in southern and E Africa. Some species are estimated to be over 4.5 million years old
  • authoritativeness — having due authority; having the sanction or weight of authority: an authoritative opinion.
  • autosensitization — autoimmunization.
  • boileau-despreaux — Nicolas [nee-kaw-lah] /ni kɔˈlɑ/ (Show IPA), 1636–1711, French critic and poet.

18 letter words containing au

  • anti-authoritarian — favoring complete obedience or subjection to authority as opposed to individual freedom: authoritarian principles; authoritarian attitudes.
  • auxiliary-equation — Mathematics. the characteristic polynomial of a given matrix, equated to zero. Also called auxiliary equation. an equation with one variable and equated to zero, which is derived from a given linear differential equation and in which the coefficient and power of the variable in each term correspond to the coefficient and order of a derivative in the original equation.

19 letter words containing au

22 letter words containing au

23 letter words containing au

  • alpes-de-haute-provence — a department of SE France in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region. Capital: Digne. Pop: 144 508 (2003 est). Area: 6988 sq km (2725 sq miles)

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