Words containing alda

4 letter words containing alda

  • aldaFrances, 1885–1952, U.S. operatic singer.

5 letter words containing alda

  • aldan — a river in E Russia in the SE Sakha Republic, rising in the Aldan Mountains and flowing north and west to the Lena River. Length: about 2700 km (1700 miles)
  • aldat — (language)   A database language, based on extended algebra.
  • falda — a white silk vestment extending from the waist to the ground, worn over the cassock by the pope on solemn occasions.

6 letter words containing alda

7 letter words containing alda

  • aldabra — an island group in the Indian Ocean: part of the British Indian Ocean Territory (1965–76); now administratively part of the Seychelles
  • aldaric — Of or pertaining to an aldaric acid or its derivative.
  • faldage — the right of a lord of the manor to the manure of his tenant's sheep
  • haldane — John Burdon Sanderson [bur-dn san-der-suh n] /ˈbɜr dn ˈsæn dər sən/ (Show IPA), 1892–1964, English biochemist, geneticist, and writer.

8 letter words containing alda

  • caldaria — Plural form of caldarium.
  • chaldaic — an inhabitant of ancient Chaldea; a Chaldean

9 letter words containing alda

  • baldachin — a richly ornamented silk and gold brocade
  • baldaquin — Also, baudekin. Textiles. a silk brocade interwoven with gold or silver threads, used chiefly for ceremonial purposes.
  • caldarium — (in ancient Rome) a room for taking hot baths
  • ressaldar — a middle-ranking officer in a cavalry regiment of the Indian army

10 letter words containing alda

  • baldacchin — A rich, embroidered brocade used for clothing in the Middle Ages, the web being gold and the woof silk.
  • baldachins — Plural form of baldachin.

11 letter words containing alda

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