Words containing ahe

4 letter words containing ahe

  • ahem — In writing, ahem is used to show that someone is being ironic. Ahem is also used to show that someone wants to get another person's attention.
  • mahe — an island in the Indian Ocean, the chief island of the Seychelles. Capital: Victoria. Pop: 71 900 (2002 est). Area: 147 sq km (57 sq miles)

5 letter words containing ahe

  • aahed — Simple past tense and past participle of aah.
  • ahead — Something that is ahead is in front of you. If you look ahead, you look directly in front of you.
  • aheap — in a heap
  • ahent — behind
  • ahern — Bertie. born 1951, Irish politician; leader of the Fianna Fáil party (1994–2008); prime minister of the Republic of Ireland (1997–2008)

6 letter words containing ahe

  • mahewu — (in South Africa) fermented liquid mealie-meal porridge, used as a stimulant, esp by Black Africans
  • peahen — the female peafowl.
  • takahe — notornis.

7 letter words containing ahe

  • aheight — at a significant height
  • anaheim — a city in SW California: site of Disneyland. Pop: 332 361 (2003 est)
  • shaheed — (in Islam) a deceased person who has lived a life in accordance with the will of Allah
  • zahedan — a city in E Iran.

8 letter words containing ahe

  • ahemeral — not constituting a full 24-hour day
  • alcahest — the universal solvent sought by the alchemists.
  • alkahest — the hypothetical universal solvent sought by alchemists
  • combahee — a river in S South Carolina, flowing SE to the Atlantic Ocean. 40 miles (64 km) long.
  • exahertz — A unit of measurement based on one quintillion hertz.

9 letter words containing ahe

  • attrahens — (of muscle) drawing or pulling towards
  • attrahent — attracting or drawing in
  • decahedra — plural form of singular decahedron: solid figure with ten plane faces
  • fellaheen — a native peasant or laborer in Egypt, Syria, etc.
  • gigahertz — one billion hertz. Abbreviation: GHz.

10 letter words containing ahe

  • alkahestic — of or relating to the alkahest
  • contrahent — entering into an agreement or contract
  • decahedron — a solid figure having ten plane faces
  • hexahedral — Having six plane surfaces.
  • hexahedron — a solid figure having six faces, as a cube.

11 letter words containing ahe

12 letter words containing ahe

13 letter words containing ahe

  • dodecahedrane — (organic compound) One of the Platonic hydrocarbons, C20H20, having the carbon atoms at the vertices of a regular dodecahedron.
  • dodecahedrons — Plural form of dodecahedron.
  • hendecahedron — a solid figure having 11 faces.
  • megaherbivore — a large herbivore, such as an elephant, weighing more than 1000kg
  • metaheuristic — An experimental heuristic method for solving a general class of computational problems by combining user procedures in the hope of obtaining a more efficient or robust procedure.

14 letter words containing ahe

  • diaheliotropic — exhibiting diaheliotropism
  • straight-ahead — not deviating from what is usual or expected; conventional or traditional; standard: a straight-ahead novel with a happy ending.
  • trisoctahedron — a solid bounded by 24 identical faces in groups of three, each group corresponding to one face of an octahedron.

15 letter words containing ahe

  • diaheliotropism — the tendency among plants to respond to the light of the sun by orienting their leaves perpendicular to the sun's rays, such that the upper surface of the leaves receives maximum light
  • docosahexaenoic — Of or pertaining to docosahexaenoic acid or its derivatives.
  • paraheliotropic — (of leaves) turning away from light; sun-avoiding

16 letter words containing ahe

17 letter words containing ahe

  • icosidodecahedron — A semiregular polyhedron with twelve faces that are regular pentagons and twenty that are equilateral triangles.
  • icositetrahedrons — Plural form of icositetrahedron.

18 letter words containing ahe

  • dodecadodecahedral — Having the form of a dodecadodecahedron.
  • dodecadodecahedron — (geometry) A nonconvex polyhedron with twenty-four faces, thirty vertices, and sixty edges.

23 letter words containing ahe

  • icosidodecadodecahedron — A polyhedron having 44 faces, 60 vertices, 120 edges, 12 self intersected faces and 12 nonconvex faces.

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