Words containing acro

4 letter words containing acro

  • acro — Of or pertaining to something that combines acrobatic elements with that of something else.

5 letter words containing acro

  • acro- — denoting something at a height, summit, top, tip, beginning, or end
  • acron — the unsegmented, preoral portion of the body of an arthropod.
  • macro — very large in scale, scope, or capability.
  • nacro — (in England and Wales) an organization that aims to reduce crime by supporting people in finding alternatives to crime, for example, by resettling ex-offenders and providing education and advice in communities

6 letter words containing acro

  • across — If someone or something goes across a place or a boundary, they go from one side of it to the other.
  • acrost — Eye dialect of across.
  • dacron — a synthetic polyester fiber or a washable, wrinkle-resistant fabric made from it
  • macro- — Prefix large. Opposite of micro-. In the mainstream and among other technical cultures (for example, medical people) this competes with the prefix mega-, but hackers tend to restrict the latter to quantification.
  • macron — a horizontal line used as a diacritic over a vowel to indicate that it has a long sound or other specified pronunciation, as (ā) in fate (fāt).

7 letter words containing acro

  • acrobat — a person noted for his frequent and rapid changes of position or allegiances
  • acrogen — any flowerless plant, such as a fern or moss, in which growth occurs from the tip of the main stem
  • acronic — acronical
  • acronym — An acronym is a word composed of the first letters of the words in a phrase, especially when this is used as a name. An example of an acronym is NATO which is made up of the first letters of the 'North Atlantic Treaty Organization'.
  • acroter — a plinth bearing a statue, etc, at either end or at the apex of a pediment

8 letter words containing acro

  • acrobats — Plural form of acrobat.
  • acrodont — (of the teeth of some reptiles) having no roots and being fused at the base to the margin of the jawbones
  • acrolect — the most standard form of language
  • acrolein — a colourless or yellowish flammable poisonous pungent liquid used in the manufacture of resins and pharmaceuticals. Formula: CH2:CHCHO
  • acrolith — (esp in ancient Greek sculpture) a wooden, often draped figure with only the head, hands, and feet in stone

9 letter words containing acro

  • acrobatic — An acrobatic movement or display involves difficult physical acts such as jumping and balancing, especially in a circus.
  • acrodonts — Plural form of acrodont.
  • acrodrome — (of the veins of a leaf) running parallel to the edges of the leaf and fusing at the tip
  • acrodynia — (pathology) An epidemic disease of the skin characterized by increased sensibility of the soles and palms, with pricking sensations in them and rheumatoid pains in the hands and feet.
  • acrolects — Plural form of acrolect.

10 letter words containing acro

  • acroamatic — relating to oral communication
  • acrobatics — Acrobatics are acrobatic movements.
  • acrobatism — the art, or feats, of the acrobat
  • acrogenous — (botany) Increasing by growth from the extremity.
  • acrogynous — having the female reproductive organ arising from the apical cell of the stem, thereby terminating its growth, as certain liverworts.

11 letter words containing acro

  • acroamatics — Esoteric lectures.
  • acrocarpous — (of mosses) having clustered upright stems and the reproductive parts borne at the tip of a stem
  • acrocentric — (of a chromosome) having the centromere at one end
  • acrocephaly — oxycephaly
  • acrochordon — (medicine) A soft, pedunculated or pensile wart, consisting of myomatous or edematous fibrous tissue, often found on the neck or eyelids of elderly persons.

12 letter words containing acro

  • acrocyanosis — cyanosis of the hands and feet due to poor circulation of the blood
  • acrophonetic — relating to the use of symbols to represent sounds
  • acrostically — In the manner of an acrostic.
  • anacrogynous — having the female sex organs arising from any cell below the apex of the stem, thereby not terminating its growth, as certain liverworts.
  • macro-cosmic — the great world or universe; the universe considered as a whole (opposed to microcosm).

13 letter words containing acro

  • acrobatically — In an acrobatic manner.
  • acronymically — in an acronymic manner
  • macro-mineral — any mineral required in the diet in relatively large amounts, especially calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.
  • macro-segment — a stretch of speech preceded and followed but not interrupted by a pause.
  • macrocephalic — Cephalometry. being or having a head with a large cranial capacity.

14 letter words containing acro

  • macro-mutation — a mutation that has a profound effect on the resulting organism, as a change in a regulatory gene that controls the expression of many structural genes.
  • macro-organism — an organism that can be seen with the naked eye.
  • macroaggregate — A relatively large aggregated particle.
  • macrobiologist — One who studies macrobiology.
  • macrocephalous — Having a large head.

15 letter words containing acro

  • acroanaesthesia — (pathology) Loss of sensation in the extremities.
  • macro-sociology — the sociological study of large-scale social systems and long-term patterns and processes.
  • macro-structure — the gross structure of a metal, as made visible to the naked eye by deep etching.
  • macroaggregated — in the form of a macroaggregate
  • macrophotograph — a photograph taken at very close range

16 letter words containing acro

  • acroparaesthesia — a persistent sensation of numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
  • across-the-board — applying to all employees, members, groups, or categories; general: The across-the-board pay increase means a raise for all employees.
  • macro-linguistic — a field of study concerned with language in its broadest sense and including cultural and behavioral features associated with language.
  • macroclimatology — the study of the climatic conditions of a large area.
  • macroenvironment — (biology) The large-scale and long-term environment and conditions that affect an organism.

17 letter words containing acro

  • acromioclavicular — (anatomy) Pertaining to both the acromion and the clavicle.
  • macro-linguistics — a field of study concerned with language in its broadest sense and including cultural and behavioral features associated with language.
  • macroevolutionary — Pertaining to, or as a result of macroevolution.
  • macroinstructions — Plural form of macroinstruction.
  • macroinvertebrate — (zoology) An invertebrate that is large enough to be seen without the use of a microscope.

18 letter words containing acro

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