Words containing acido

8 letter words containing acido

  • acidosis — a condition characterized by an abnormal increase in the acidity of the blood and extracellular fluids
  • acidotic — a blood condition in which the bicarbonate concentration is below normal.

9 letter words containing acido

  • acidophil — (of cells or cell contents) easily stained by acid dyes

10 letter words containing acido

  • acidogenic — producing acid, as bacteria, or causing acidity, as of the urine.
  • acidolysis — decomposition resulting from the interaction of a compound and an acid.
  • acidometer — a type of hydrometer for measuring the relative density of an acid solution, esp the acid in a battery
  • acidophile — Biology, Ecology. acidophilic.
  • acidophils — Plural form of acidophil.

11 letter words containing acido

  • acidophilic — easily stained with acid dyes
  • acidophilus — a lactic-acid-producing bacterium primarily found in live yoghurt, useful in restoring bacterial balance in the intestine

12 letter words containing acido

  • acidophilous — thriving in an acidic environment
  • ketoacidosis — (pathology) A severe form of ketosis, most commonly seen in diabetics, in which so much ketone is produced that acidosis occurs.

16 letter words containing acido

  • thermoacidophile — any organism, especially a type of archaebacterium, that thrives in strongly acidic environments at high temperatures.

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