Words containing abom

5 letter words containing abom

  • aboma — a large South American snake, Boa aboma

6 letter words containing abom

  • abomey — a city in SW Benin.

7 letter words containing abom

  • abomasa — Plural form of abomasum.
  • cabomba — any of several aquatic plants of the genus Cabomba of the family Cabombaceae, having both submerged and floating leaves

8 letter words containing abom

  • abomasal — of or relating to the abomasum
  • abomasum — the fourth and last compartment of the stomach of ruminants, which receives and digests food from the psalterium and passes it on to the small intestine
  • abomasus — abomasum.

9 letter words containing abom

  • abominate — to dislike intensely; loathe; detest

10 letter words containing abom

  • abominable — Something that is abominable is very unpleasant or bad.
  • abominably — repugnantly hateful; detestable; loathsome: an abominable crime.
  • abominated — Simple past tense and past participle of abominate.
  • abominator — One who abominates. (First attested in the late 17th century.).

11 letter words containing abom

  • abominating — Present participle of abominate.
  • abomination — If you say that something is an abomination, you think that it is completely unacceptable.

12 letter words containing abom

14 letter words containing abom

  • abominableness — the state or quality of being abominable; loathsomeness

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