Words containing abe

3 letter words containing abe

  • abeAbraham ("Abe") 1860–1951, U.S. novelist and journalist, born in Russia.

4 letter words containing abe

  • abed — in bed; on a bed
  • abel — the second son of Adam and Eve, a shepherd, murdered by his brother Cain (Genesis 4:1–8)
  • aber — (in Wales) an estuary, or the mouth of a river
  • abet — If one person abets another, they help or encourage them to do something criminal or wrong. Abet is often used in the legal expression 'aid and abet'.
  • babe — Some people use babe as an affectionate way of addressing someone they love.

5 letter words containing abe

  • abeam — at right angles to the length and directly opposite the centre of a vessel or aircraft
  • abear — to endure or to behave
  • abele — white poplar (sense 1)
  • abend — (computing) An abnormal termination of a program.
  • abets — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of abet.

6 letter words containing abe

  • abegge — (obsolete) Variant of aby.
  • abeigh — aloof
  • abeles — Plural form of abele.
  • abelia — an ornamental garden shrub with pink or white flowers
  • abends — Plural form of abend.

7 letter words containing abe

  • abelard — Peter. French name Pierre Abélard. 1079–1142, French scholastic philosopher and theologian whose works include Historia Calamitatum and Sic et Non (1121). His love for Héloïse is recorded in their correspondence
  • abelian — of or relating to an Abelian group
  • abelias — Plural form of abelia.
  • abelson — Philip. 1913–2004, US physical chemist. He created (with Edwin McMillan) the first transuranic element, neptunium (1940)
  • abenaki — a member of a group of E Algonquian peoples living mainly in Maine and S Quebec

8 letter words containing abe

  • abednego — one of Daniel's three companions who, together with Shadrach and Meshach, was miraculously saved from destruction in Nebuchadnezzar's fiery furnace (Daniel 3:12–30)
  • abegging — in the act of begging
  • abelmosk — a tropical bushy malvaceous plant, Hibiscus abelmoschus, cultivated for its yellow-and-crimson flowers and for its musk-scented seeds, which yield an oil used in perfumery
  • abelungu — (South Africa, now chiefly pejorative) White people collectively.
  • abeokuta — a town in W Nigeria, capital of Ogun state. Pop: 487 000 (2005 est)

9 letter words containing abe

  • abecedary — abecedarian.
  • abelmosks — Plural form of abelmosk.
  • abernathy — Ralph David1926-90; U.S. clergyman & civil rights leader
  • abernethy — a crisp unleavened biscuit
  • aberrance — departing from the right, normal, or usual course.

10 letter words containing abe

  • aberdevine — a former name for the siskin, when kept as a cagebird
  • aberdonian — a native or inhabitant of Aberdeen
  • aberrantly — in an aberrant manner
  • aberration — An aberration is an incident or way of behaving that is not typical.
  • aberrative — Descriptive of an object or measurement that has deviated or been knocked, momentarily and sharply, from the more dominant, normal or expected course or trajectory to which it either has or is expected to return in the longer term.

11 letter words containing abe

  • abecedarian — a person who is learning the alphabet or the rudiments of a subject
  • abecedarium — a primer, especially for teaching the alphabet.
  • abercrombie — Sir (Leslie) Patrick. 1879–1957, British town planner and architect, best known for The County of London Plan (1943) and The Greater London Plan (1944)
  • aberrancies — departing from the right, normal, or usual course.
  • aberrations — Plural form of aberration.

12 letter words containing abe

  • abecedarians — Plural form of abecedarian.
  • abel-meholah — a city in ancient Palestine, east of the Jordan River: the home of Elisha. Judges 7:22; I Kings 4:12; 19:16.
  • aberrational — characterized by aberration
  • alphabetical — Alphabetical means arranged according to the normal order of the letters in the alphabet.
  • alphabetised — (British) Arranged in alphabetical order.

13 letter words containing abe

  • aberdeenshire — a council area and historical county of N Scotland, on the North Sea: became part of Grampian Region in 1975 but reinstated as an independent unitary authority (with adjusted borders) in 1996: rises to the Grampian and Cairngorm Mountains in the SW: chiefly agricultural (esp sheep and stock raising). Administrative centre: Aberdeen. Pop: 229 330 (2003 est). Area 6319 sq km (2439 sq miles)
  • alphabetarian — a person learning, or studying, the alphabet
  • alphabetiform — having similarities to letters of the alphabet
  • alphabetizing — Present participle of alphabetize.
  • analphabetism — the inability to read and write, illiteracy

14 letter words containing abe

  • alphabetically — (manner) In an alphabetical manner.
  • haberdasheries — Plural form of haberdashery.
  • saber-rattling — a show or threat of military power, especially as used by a nation to impose its policies on other countries.
  • sabermetrician — (used with a singular verb) the computerized measurement of baseball statistics.

15 letter words containing abe

  • alphabetisation — The act or process of arranging in alphabetical order.
  • alphabetization — Alternative form of alphabetisation.
  • barrancabermeja — a city in N Colombia.
  • pre-elizabethan — (of English culture, history, traditions, etc.) before the reign of Queen Elizabeth I; before the second half of the 16th century.

16 letter words containing abe

  • babe-in-a-cradle — a tall orchid, Epiblema grandiflorum, of SW Australia with lilac to mauve flowers
  • non-alphabetical — in the order of the letters of the alphabet: alphabetical arrangement.
  • post-elizabethan — of or relating to the reign of Elizabeth I, queen of England, or to her times: Elizabethan diplomacy; Elizabethan music.

20 letter words containing abe

  • abetalipoproteinemia — a rare inherited disorder of fat metabolism due to an inability to synthesize certain apolipoproteins necessary for the transport of triglycerides, leading to diarrhea, steatorrhea, and failure to thrive.

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