Words containing abba

4 letter words containing abba

  • abba — father (used of God)

5 letter words containing abba

  • abbai — the part of the Blue Nile above Lake Tana.
  • abbas — Ferhat. 1899–1985, Algerian nationalist leader: joined the National Liberation Front (1956); president of the provisional government of the Algerian republic (1958–61)
  • abbat — Archaic spelling of abbot.
  • dabba — (in Indian cookery) a round metal box used to transport hot food, either from home or from a restaurant, to a person's place of work
  • gabba — (music) alternative spelling of gabber.

6 letter words containing abba

  • abbacy — the office, term of office, or jurisdiction of an abbot or abbess
  • abbado — Claudio. 1933–2014, Italian conductor; principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra (1979–88); director of the Vienna State Opera (1986–91), and the Berlin Philharmonic (1989–2001)
  • abbasi — (historical) A silver coin of Persia, introduced by Safavid Shah Abbas in 16th century, worth about twenty cents.
  • gabbai — a minor official of a synagogue, having limited ceremonial or administrative functions.
  • rabbah — the ancient Biblical capital of the Ammonite kingdom east of the Jordan River.

7 letter words containing abba

  • abbasid — any caliph of the dynasty that ruled the Muslim empire from Baghdad (750–1258) and claimed descent from Abbas, uncle of Mohammed
  • babbage — Charles 1792–1871, English mathematician and inventor, who built a calculating machine that anticipated the modern electronic computer
  • cabbage — A cabbage is a round vegetable with white, green or purple leaves that is usually eaten cooked.
  • cabbagy — having the characteristics of the cabbage as in odor, taste, or color; cabbagelike.
  • cabbala — cabala

8 letter words containing abba

  • abbacies — Plural form of abbacy.
  • abbassid — a member of the dynasty of caliphs that ruled Baghdad ( a.d. 750-1258) and claimed descent from Mohammed's uncle, Abbas
  • abbatial — of or relating to an abbot, abbess, or abbey
  • barabbas — a condemned robber who was released at the Passover instead of Jesus (Matthew 27:16)
  • cabbaged — Chiefly British. cloth scraps that remain after a garment has been cut from a fabric and that by custom the tailor may claim. Also called cab. such scraps used for reprocessing.

9 letter words containing abba

  • abbatical — (obsolete) alternate form of abbatial (Attested from the mid 17th century until the mid 19th century.).
  • cabbalism — cabala.
  • cabbalist — cabala.
  • grabbable — to seize suddenly or quickly; snatch; clutch: He grabbed me by the collar.
  • kabbalism — The study of the Kabbalah.

10 letter words containing abba

  • abba-dabba — a person or thing of little importance.
  • sabbatical — of or pertaining or appropriate to the Sabbath.
  • unscabbard — to remove (a sword, etc) from its sheath

11 letter words containing abba

  • cabbagehead — cabbage1 (def 2).
  • cabbagetown — a former slum area of Toronto, now known for its Victorian architecture and thriving arts community
  • cabbageworm — any caterpillar that feeds on cabbages, esp that of the cabbage white
  • cabbalistic — cabala.
  • kabbalistic — cabalistic.

12 letter words containing abba

  • abdul-jabbar — Kareem [kuh-reem] /kəˈrim/ (Show IPA), (Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr) born 1947, U.S. basketball player.
  • contrabbasso — a double bass
  • scabbardfish — any of several marine fishes having a long, compressed, silvery body, especially a cutlassfish, Trichiurus lepturus, of the western Atlantic.
  • scabbardless — lacking a scabbard or a sheath for a sword or dagger

13 letter words containing abba

15 letter words containing abba

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