Words containing abash

5 letter words containing abash

  • abash — to cause to feel ill at ease, embarrassed, or confused; make ashamed

6 letter words containing abash

  • wabash — a river flowing from W Ohio through Indiana, along part of the boundary between Indiana and Illinois, into the Ohio River. 475 miles (765 km) long.

7 letter words containing abash

  • abashed — If you are abashed, you feel embarrassed and ashamed.
  • abashes — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of abash.
  • shabash — an expression meaning well done; bravo

8 letter words containing abash

  • abashing — Present participle of abash.
  • calabash — a tropical American evergreen tree, Crescentia cujete, that produces large round gourds: family Bignoniaceae
  • squabash — to crush or demolish (an attack, argument, opponent, etc.)

9 letter words containing abash

  • abashedly — ashamed or embarrassed; disconcerted: My clumsiness left me abashed.
  • abashless — unabashed
  • abashment — to destroy the self-confidence, poise, or self-possession of; disconcert; make ashamed or embarrassed: to abash someone by sneering.
  • babashoffShirley, born 1957, U.S. swimmer.
  • funabashi — a city in E central Honshu, Japan, on Tokyo Bay.

10 letter words containing abash

  • calabashes — Plural form of calabash.
  • squabasher — a person who squabashes someone or something

11 letter words containing abash

  • abashedness — (rare) The state of being abashed; abashment. (Mid 16th century.).
  • unabashedly — not ashamed, disconcerted, or apologetic; boldly certain of one's position.

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