Words containing 68

3 letter words containing 68

  • 686 — (processor)   Pentium Pro or possibly Cyrix 6x86.
  • c68 — c386

4 letter words containing 68

  • 6800 — Motorola 6800
  • 6809 — Motorola 6809
  • f68k — A portable Forth system for Motorola 680x0 computers by Joerg Plewe <[email protected]>. Ported to Atari ST, Atari TT, Amiga, Sinclair QL and OS9. Easily ported to Motorola 68000 based systems.

5 letter words containing 68

  • 68000 — Motorola 68000
  • 68020 — Motorola 68020
  • 68030 — Motorola 68030
  • 68040 — Motorola 68040
  • 68050 — Motorola 68050

6 letter words containing 68

7 letter words containing 68

11 letter words containing 68

  • — (networking)   The default IP address used to connect to many brands of router to set them up. It can be used from a web browser in the URL This URL, and the necessary default login details, are often printed on the router. The same address may also be accessible via a telnet command line interface. This is a private address that is only visible when connected directly to the router, i.e. it will not be routed by other network hardware.
  • multipop-68 — (operating system)   An early time-sharing operating system developed in Edinburgh by Robin Popplestone and others. It was inspired by MIT' Project MAC, via a "MiniMac" project which was aborted when it became obvious that Elliot Brothers Ltd. could not supply the necessary disk storage. Multipop was highly efficient in its use of machine resources to support symbolic programming, and effective - e.g. in supporting the development of the Boyer-Moore theorem prover and of Burstall and Darlington's transformation work. It was not good at supporting the user programs which were then the standard fare of computing, e.g. matrix inversion. This arose from the fact that while the POP-2 compiler generated good code for function call (which is a lot of what layered systems like operating systems do) it did not generate efficient code for arithmetic or store access, because there was no way to police the generation of illegal objects statically. (Hindley-Milner type checking did not exist). Indeed, since many OS features like file-access were performed by function-call (of a closure) rather than an OS call requiring a context switch, POP-2 actually gained performance. Multipop68 was efficient primarily because the one language, POP-2 served all purposes: it was the command language for the operating system as well as being the only available programming language. Thus there was no need to swap in compilers etc. All store management was accomplished uniformly by the garbage collector, as opposed to having store management for the OS and store management for each application. There was a substantial amount of assembly language in Multipop68. This was primarily for interrupt handling, and it is difficult to handle this without a real-time garbage-collector.

12 letter words containing 68

  • dod-std-2168 — (standard)   A DoD standard for software quality assurance procedures.

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