Words containing 5

2 letter words containing 5

  • a5 — a standard paper size (half A4), 148 × 210 mm
  • c5 — Channel 5
  • e5 — (communications)   A European framing specification for the transmission of 256 multiplexed E1 data streams, resulting in a transmission rate of 565.148 Mbps (= 565,148 kb/s).
  • g5 — Group of Five
  • k5 — An early system on the Larc computer.

3 letter words containing 5

  • 586 — (processor)   What Intel's Pentium was not called.
  • 5nf — database normalisation
  • 754 — IEEE Floating Point Standard
  • a56 — (language)   An assembler for the Motorola DSP56000 and DSP56001 digital signal processors by Quinn Jensen <[email protected]>. Version 1.1 is available from an alt.sources archive or ftp://wuarchive.wustl.edu/.
  • md5 — Message Digest 5

4 letter words containing 5

  • 1541 — Commodore 1541
  • 1581 — Commodore 1581
  • 4510 — (processor)   A 65CE02 with two 6526 IO controllers. Used in the Commodore 65.
  • 5ess — Number 5 Electronic Switching System
  • 6501 — (hardware)   An eight-bit microprocessor, the first sold by MOS Technology. The 6501 pin-compatible with the Motorola 6800 and was the first member of the 650x series. It had an on-chip clock oscillator. See also 6502.

5 letter words containing 5

  • 16450 — (hardware)   A UART with a one-byte FIFO buffer. The 16450 is a higher speed, fixed version of the 8250. It was superseded by the 16550. The 16450 was used for the IBM PC AT and PS/2 but will not work in a IBM PC XT.
  • 16550 — (hardware)   A version of the 16450 UART with a 16-byte FIFO. Superseded by the 16550A. This chip might not operate correctly with all software. The 16C550 is a CMOS version.
  • 16650 — (hardware)   A version of the 16550A UART with a 32-byte FIFO. Superseded by the 16750C.
  • 65816 — (processor)   An expanded version of the 6502, with which it is compatible. It has 16-bit index registers and stack pointer, a 16-bit direct page register and a 24-bit address bus. Used in later models of the Apple II.
  • 68050 — Motorola 68050

6 letter words containing 5

  • 16550a — (hardware)   A version of the 16550 UART. Superseded by the 16650.
  • 16750c — (hardware)   A UART with a 64-byte FIFO. The 16C750 is a CMOS version.
  • 16c550 — 16550
  • 16c750 — 16750C
  • 16c850 — (hardware)   A version of the 16450 UART in CMOS with 128-byte FIFO.

7 letter words containing 5

  • 10base5 — (networking)   An Ethernet network cabling specification operating at ten Mbps, "baseband" (as opposed to radio frequency), and with a maximum single cable length of 500 metres. This is normally carried on RG8 cable. Compare 10base2, 10baseT.
  • 2,4,5-t — a light-tan, water-insoluble solid, C 8 H 5 Cl 3 O 3 , used chiefly for killing weeds.
  • 51forth — (language)   A subroutine-threaded Forth for the 8051 by Scott Gehmlich. It comes with source and documentation.
  • arm7500 — (processor)   An ARM7 core with I/O and VIDC20 all on one integrated circuit.
  • eia-485 — (communications, standard)   (Formerly "RS-485") An EIA serial line standard which specifies 2-wire, half-duplex, differential line, multi-point communications. Maximum cable length is 1200m. Maximum data rates are 10Mbps at 1.2m or 100Kbps at 1200m. EIA-485 can implement a truly multi-point communications network, and specifies up to 32 drivers and 32 receivers on a single (2-wire) bus.

8 letter words containing 5

  • dsp56000 — A digital signal processing chip from Motorola. An assembler called a56 and a port of gcc called dsp56k-gcc are available.
  • dsp56001 — A digital signal processing chip from Motorola. An assembler called a56 is available.

9 letter words containing 5

  • cparaops5 — (language)   A parallel version of OPS5 written at CMU, in C and compiling to C. CParaOps5 is available for Unix, Mach, Encore Multimaxen, and Sequent.

10 letter words containing 5

  • dsp56k-gcc — Motorola's port of gcc version 1.37.1 to the Motorola DSP56000.

11 letter words containing 5

  • uranium-235 — a uranium radioisotope that is used in nuclear fission

12 letter words containing 5

  • dsp56165-gcc — A port of gcc version 1.40 to the Motorola DSP56156 and DSP56000 by Andrew Sterian <[email protected]>.

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