Words containing 3

2 letter words containing 3

  • a3 — a standard paper size, 297 × 420 mm
  • c3 — in poor health or having a poor physique
  • e3 — (communications)   A European framing specification for the transmission of 16 multiplexed E1 data streams, resulting in a transmission rate of 34.368 Mb/s (= 34,368 kb/s).
  • g3 — 1.   (protocol, compression)   Group 3 fax. 2.   (hardware, processor)   PowerPC G3.
  • j3 — A dialect of JOVIAL.

3 letter words containing 3

  • 386 — Intel 80386
  • 3do — (company, games, standard)   A set of specifications created and owned by the 3DO company, which is a partnership of seven different companies. These specs are the blueprint for making a 3DO Interactive Multiplayer and are licensed to hardware and software producers. A 3DO system has an ARM60 32-bit RISC CPU and a graphics engine based around two custom designed graphics and animation processors. It has 2 Megabytes of DRAM, 1 Megabyte of VRAM, and a double speed CD-ROM drive for main storage. The Panasonic 3DO system can run 3DO Interactive software, play audio CDs (including support for CD+G), view Photo-CDs, and will eventually be able to play Video CDs with a special add-on MPEG1 full-motion video cartridge. Up to 8 controllers can be daisy-chained on the system at once. A keyboard, mouse, light gun, and other peripherals may also some day be hooked into the system, although they are not currently available (December 1993). The 3DO can display full-motion video, fully texture mapped 3d landscapes, all in 24-bit colour. Sanyo and AT&T will also release 3DO systems. Sanyo's in mid 1994 and AT&T in late 1994. There will be a 3DO add-on cartridge based on the PowerPC to enable the 3DO to compete with Sony's Playstation console and Sega's Saturn console, both of which have a higher specification than the original 3DO. The add-on is commonly known as the M2 or Bulldog. It should hit the shops by Christmas 1995 and will (allegedly) do a million flat shaded polygons per second.
  • 3gl — third generation language
  • 3nf — database normalisation
  • 8.3 — (file system, filename extension)   A common shorthand for the limits on filename length imposed by the file system used by MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows - at most eight characters, followed by a ".", followed by a filename extension of at most three characters.

4 letter words containing 3

  • 1394 — High Performance Serial Bus
  • 3270 — IBM 3270
  • 3780 — Binary Synchronous Transmission
  • 431a — (hardware)   The type of plug which fits a standard "type 600" British Telecom telephone socket.
  • 6309 — Hitachi 6309

5 letter words containing 3

  • 1-2-3 — Lotus 1-2-3
  • 32000 — National Semiconductor 32000
  • 386sx — Intel 80386SX
  • 802.3 — IEEE 802.3
  • 68030 — Motorola 68030

6 letter words containing 3

  • 3-tier — three-tier
  • 386bsd — (operating system)   (Or "jolix /joh'liks/) A free software port originally derived from the generally available parts of the "Berkeley Net Release/2" to the Intel i386 architecture by William Jolitz and friends. The name Jolix is used to differentiate it from BSDI's port based on the same source tape, which is called BSD/386. Many new and innovative features were added to 386BSD following its original release in June 1992. An unofficial patchkit, available from many anonymous FTP archives, solves many of the problems associated with 386BSD Version 0.1. In addition, many common Unix packages have been ported. 386BSD has been superseded by FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.
  • 3dnow! — (architecture)   A floating point SIMD extention from AMD.
  • 4.3bsd — Berkeley Software Distribution
  • bsd386 — 386BSD

7 letter words containing 3

  • 82430hx — Triton II
  • 82430mx — Mobile Triton
  • 82430vx — Triton VX
  • eia-232 — (communications, standard)   (Formerly "RS-232") The most common asynchronous serial line standard. EIA-232 is the EIA equivalent of ITU-T V.24, and V.28. EIA-232 specifies the gender and pin use of connectors, but not their physical type. RS-423 specifies the electrical signals. 25-way D-type connectors are common but often only three wires are connected - one ground (pin 7) and one for data in each direction. The other pins are primarily related to hardware handshaking between sender and receiver and to carrier detection on modems, inoperative circuits, busy conditions etc. The standard classifies equipment as either Data Communications Equipment (DCE) or Data Terminal Equipment (DTE). DTE receives data on pin 3 and transmits on pin 2 (TD). A DCE EIA-232 interface has a female connector. DCE receives data from DTE on pin 2 (TD) and sends that data out the analog line. Data received from the analog line is sent by the DCE on pin 3(RD). Originally DCE was a modem and DTE was a computer or terminal. The terminal or computer was connected (via EIA-232) to two modems, which were connected via a telephone line. The above arrangement allows a computer or terminal to be connected to a modem with a straight-through (2-2, 3-3) cable. It is common, however, to find equipment with the wrong sex connector or with pins two and three reversed, requiring the insertion of a cable or adaptor wired as a gender mender or null modem. Such an adaptor is also required when connecting a computer directly to a terminal or to another computer without the use of modems.
  • eia-423 — (communications, standard)   (Formerly "RS-423") An EIA serial line standard which specifies single ended communication. The mechanical connections for this interface are specified by EIA-449. Although it was originally intented as a successor of EIA-232 it is not widely used. The EIA-232 standard has its limits at 20kbps and 1.5m. EIA-423 can have a cable lenght of 1200m, and achieve a data rate of 100Kbps. When no data is being transmitted, the serial line is at a logical zero (+3 to +15 Volts). A logical one is represented as a signal level of -15 to -3 Volts. In practise, one often finds signals which switch between nominally +4.5 and +0.5 Volts. Such signals are large by modern standards, and because the impedance of the circuits is relatively high, the allowable bit rate is modest. The data is preceded by a start bit which is always a logical one. There may be seven or eight bits of data, possibly followed by an even or odd parity bit and one or two stop bits. A "break" condition is a continuous logical one on the line which is what would be observed if nothing was connected.

8 letter words containing 3

  • 3station — (computer, networking)   The archetypal diskless workstation, developed by Bob Metcalfe at 3Com and first available in 1986/1987. The 3Station/2E had a 10 MHz 80286 processor, 1 MB of RAM (expandable to 5 MB), VGA compatible graphics with 256 KB of video RAM, and integrated AUI/BNC network transceivers for LAN access. The product used a single printed-circuit board with four custom ASICs. It had no floppy disk drive or hard disk, it was booted from a server and stored all end-user files there. 3Com advertised "significant cost savings" due to the 3Station's ease of installation and low maintenance (this would now be referred to under the banner of "TCO"). The 3Station cost somewhere between an IBM PC clone and an IBM PC of the day. It was not commercially successful.
  • bliss-32 — (language)   A version of BLISS from DEC for VAX/VMS.
  • bliss-36 — (language)   DEC's equivalent of BLISS-10.
  • eia-232c — (communications, standard)   The EIA equivalent of ITU-T standard V.24. The EIA EIA-232C electrical signal is unbalanced +/- 5 to +/- 12V, polar non return to zero and handles data speeds up to 19.2 kilobits per second.
  • eros-433 — an asteroid with an orbital period around the sun of 1.76 years. The NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft made the first asteroid landing on Eros on 12 Feb 2001

9 letter words containing 3

  • modula-3* — Incorporation of Modula-2* ideas into Modula-3.

10 letter words containing 3

  • iodine-131 — a radioactive isotope of iodine having a mass number 131 and a half-life of 8.6 days, used in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the thyroid gland.
  • modula-3pi — Machine-independent intermediate language for compilation of Modula-3*. "Modula-3pi Language Definition", E.A. Heinz, TR, U Karlsruhe 1993.
  • planner-73 — The original name for PLASMA.

11 letter words containing 3

12 letter words containing 3

  • 386spart.par — (operating system)   (Or "WIN386.SWP") 386SPART.PAR was a hidden file created by Windows 3.1 for use as virtual memory swap file. It was generally found in the root directory, however it could appear elsewhere. Its size depended on how much virtual memory you set up.

13 letter words containing 3

  • interleukin-3 — a lymphokine protein, secreted by T cells, that participates in the regulation of blood-cell production. Abbreviation: IL-3.
  • phosphorus-32 — a radioactive isotope of phosphorus, used as a chemotherapeutic agent.

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