Words containing w, a, u, l

4 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • waul — Give a loud plaintive cry like that of a cat.

5 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • awful — If you say that someone or something is awful, you dislike that person or thing or you think that they are not very good.
  • unlaw — to fine (someone) a sum of money
  • waulk — (transitive, obsolete, Northern England, Scotland) to make cloth (especially tweed in Scotland) denser and more felt-like by soaking and beating.
  • wauls — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of waul.
  • wulac — Watsonia United Little Athletics Club

6 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • aweful — Misspelling of awful.
  • awfull — Archaic form of awful.
  • lawful — allowed or permitted by law; not contrary to law: a lawful enterprise.
  • luwian — an extinct ancient Anatolian language written in cuneiform.
  • mu-law — The North America standard for nonuniform quantising logarithmic compression.

7 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • awfully — in an unpleasant, bad, or reprehensible manner
  • bulwark — A bulwark against something protects you against it. A bulwark of something protects it.
  • gunwale — the upper edge of the side or bulwark of a vessel.
  • kwazulu — (formerly) a Bantu homeland in South Africa, in Natal: abolished in 1993 and became part of the new province of KwaZulu-Natal in 1994. Capital: Ulundi
  • lauwine — (poetic, dated) avalanche.

8 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • autoflow — (transitive, computing) To flow (text) automatically.
  • awfulest — Superlative form of awful.
  • awfulize — (psychotherapy) To react dramatically or catastrophically to distressing events.
  • bulawayo — a city in SW Zimbabwe founded (1893) on the site of the kraal of Lobengula, the last Matabele king; the country's main industrial centre. Pop: 693 000 (2005 est)
  • bundwall — a concrete or earth wall surrounding a storage tank containing crude oil or its refined product, designed to hold the contents of the tank in the event of a rupture or leak

9 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • awfulness — The quality of striking with awe, or with reverence; dreadfulness; solemnity; as, the awfulness of this sacred place.
  • bangweulu — shallow lake in N Zambia: including swamps, 3,800 sq mi (9,842 sq km)
  • barrowful — The amount that can fit in a barrow.
  • bullwaddy — a N Australian tree, Macropteranthes kekwickii, growing in dense thickets
  • bullwhack — to flog with a short whip

10 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • awfulizing — Present participle of awfulize.
  • bahawalpur — an industrial city in Pakistan: cotton, soap. Pop: 563 000 (2005 est)
  • blue-water — designed to operate on and range over the open sea; oceangoing: a bluewater navy that can be dispatched throughout the world, far from its home base.
  • bowlingual — a device that allegedly translates a dog’s barks and grunts into a human language
  • buchenwald — a village in E central Germany, near Weimar; site of a Nazi concentration camp (1937–45)

11 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • bullwhacker — (especially in the early 19th century) the driver of a team of oxen.
  • bushelwoman — a woman who alters clothes
  • bushwalking — an expedition on foot in the bush
  • casual-wear — clothing designed for wear on informal occasions.
  • caterwauled — Simple past tense and past participle of caterwaul.

12 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • all-powerful — An all-powerful person or organization has the power to do anything they want.
  • caterwauling — the shrieking and yowling made by a cat, for example when it is on heat or fighting
  • cauliflowers — Plural form of cauliflower.
  • councilwoman — A councilwoman is a woman who is a member of a local council.
  • cutwork-lace — Also called cutwork. a process for producing lace in which predetermined threads in the ground material are cut and removed in order to provide open areas for the insertion of ornamental patterns.

13 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • caulifloweret — an individual floret from a cauliflower
  • downregulates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of downregulate.
  • fare-you-well — a state of perfection: The meal was done to a fare-thee-well.
  • hubli-dharwad — a city in Karnataka, SW India: the union of two cities, Hubli and Dharwar.
  • hubli-dharwar — city in SW India: pop. 648,000

14 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • albury-wodonga — a town in SE Australia, in S central New South Wales, on the Murray River: commercial centre of an agricultural region. Pop: 69 880 (2001)
  • ambulancewoman — a woman who works as part of an ambulance crew
  • downregulating — Present participle of downregulate.
  • downregulation — (genetics) The process, in the regulation of gene expression, in which the number, or activity of receptors decreases in order to decrease sensitivity.
  • long-drawn-out — lasting a very long time; protracted: a long-drawn-out story.

15 letter words containing w, a, u, l

16 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • asalam-wa-leikum — a salutation used in India
  • counselor-at-law — a lawyer, esp one who conducts cases in court; attorney
  • völkerwanderung — the migration of peoples, esp of Germanic and Slavic peoples into S and W Europe from 2nd to 11th centuries
  • well-articulated — made clear or distinct: articulated sounds.
  • well-illustrated — containing pictures, drawings, and other illustrations: an illustrated book.

17 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • flower-of-an-hour — a malvaceous Old World herbaceous plant, Hibiscus trionum, having pale yellow flowers with a bladder-like calyx
  • narrow-shouldered — having shoulders which do not extend very far from the neck; not broad-shouldered
  • wrangell-mountainMount, an active volcano in SE Alaska, in the Wrangell Mountains. 14,006 feet (4269 meters).

19 letter words containing w, a, u, l

20 letter words containing w, a, u, l

21 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • lotus-of-the-true-law — a Mahayana sutra, forming with its references to Amida and the Bodhisattvas the basis for the doctrine that there is something of Buddha in everyone, so that salvation is universally available: a central text of Mahayana Buddhism.

30 letter words containing w, a, u, l

  • call-with-current-continuation — (programming)   (call/cc) A Lisp control function that implements the continuation passing style of programming. In continuation passing style (CPS), every function f takes an extra final argument k called the "continuation". The continuation is itself a function and represents the rest of the program. Instead of just returning a value in the normal way, f passes it as an argument to k and returns the result of that. call/cc takes a function f as its argument and calls f, passing it the current continuation k. It thus allows a CPS function to be called in a non-CPS (direct) context. For example, if the final result is to print the value returned by call/cc then anything passed to k will also be printed. E.g, in Scheme: (define (f k) (k 1) (k 2) 3) (display (call-with-current-continuation f)) Will display 1.

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