Words containing s, i, n, g, l

6 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • algins — any hydrophilic, colloidal substance found in or obtained from various kelps, as alginic acid or one of its soluble salts.
  • gilson — Étienne Henry [ey-tyen ahn-ree] /eɪˈtyɛn ɑ̃ˈri/ (Show IPA), 1884–1978, French historian.
  • isling — a small island.
  • lasing — the generation of coherent light by a laser.
  • ligans — lagan.

7 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • anglist — Anglicist.
  • closing — The closing part of an activity or period of time is the final part of it.
  • filings — Plural form of filing.
  • glisten — to reflect a sparkling light or a faint intermittent glow; shine lustrously.
  • goblins — a grotesque sprite or elf that is mischievous or malicious toward people.

8 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • aglisten — refulgent; glistening.
  • aliasing — the error in a vision or sound signal arising from limitations in the system that generates or processes the signal
  • anglaise — an old English country-dance.
  • billings — Josh (dʒɑʃ ) ; jäsh) (pseud. of Henry Wheeler Shaw) 1818-85; U.S. humorist
  • blasting — a distortion of sound caused by overloading certain components of a radio system

9 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • agileness — the quality of being agile
  • alongside — If one thing is alongside another thing, the first thing is next to the second.
  • amusingly — pleasantly entertaining or diverting: an amusing speaker.
  • analgesia — inability to feel pain
  • analgesic — An analgesic drug reduces the effect of pain.

10 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • accusingly — to charge with the fault, offense, or crime (usually followed by of): He accused him of murder.
  • albigenses — members of a Manichean sect that flourished in S France from the 11th to the 13th century
  • almsgiving — the making of charitable donations, giving alms
  • angioblast — one of several mesenchymal cells capable of developing into the endothelium of the blood vessels.
  • anglerfish — a bony fish with a growth on its head which can be wiggled to attract prey

11 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • albategnius — Latin name of Battani.
  • alcaligenes — any of several rod-shaped aerobic or facultatively anaerobic bacteria of the genus Alcaligenes, found in the intestinal tract of humans and other vertebrates and in dairy products.
  • allegiances — the loyalty of a citizen to his or her government or of a subject to his or her sovereign.
  • analogistic — a person who employs or argues from analogy.
  • angioplasty — a surgical technique for restoring normal blood flow through an artery narrowed or blocked by atherosclerosis, either by inserting a balloon into the narrowed section and inflating it or by using a laser beam

12 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • agnostically — a person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience. Synonyms: disbeliever, nonbeliever, unbeliever; doubter, skeptic, secularist, empiricist; heathen, heretic, infidel, pagan.
  • amelogenesis — the production of enamel by ameloblasts
  • antialiasing — a technique for smoothing out jagged lines in graphical computer output.
  • appraisingly — to estimate the monetary value of; determine the worth of; assess: We had an expert appraise the house before we bought it.
  • assimilating — to take in and incorporate as one's own; absorb: He assimilated many new experiences on his European trip.

13 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • acne-vulgaris — an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands, characterized by comedones and pimples, especially on the face, back, and chest, and, in severe cases, by cysts and nodules resulting in scarring.
  • aganglionosis — (medicine) A medical condition involving absence of ganglia.
  • ankyloglossia — tongue-tie.
  • anti-aliasing — a technique for smoothing out jagged lines in graphical computer output.
  • antireligious — opposed to religious ideas, beliefs, and organizations

14 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

15 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • agranulocytosis — a serious and sometimes fatal illness characterized by a marked reduction of leucocytes, usually caused by hypersensitivity to certain drugs
  • agro-industrial — the large-scale production, processing, and packaging of food using modern equipment and methods.
  • americanologist — a foreign expert or specialist in American cultural or political matters: a leading Americanologist in the Kremlin.
  • anaesthesiology — the science of administering anesthetics.
  • bloodguiltiness — guilty of murder or bloodshed.

16 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • all-encompassing — all-embracing.
  • anesthesiologist — An anesthesiologist is a doctor who specializes in giving anaesthetics to patients.
  • anglo-australian — belonging, relating to, or involving England and Australia, or the people of the two countries.
  • antagonistically — acting in opposition; opposing, especially mutually.
  • anticyclogenesis — the intensification or development of an anticyclone.

17 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • american-flagfish — flagfish (def 1).
  • anaesthesiologist — anesthesiology.
  • anglo-catholicism — the tradition or form of worship in the Anglican Church that emphasizes Catholicity, the apostolic succession, and the continuity of all churches within the communion with pre-Reformation Christianity as well as the importance of liturgy and ritual.
  • bioelectrogenesis — the production of electricity by organisms.
  • board-and-shingle — a small dwelling with wooden walls and a shingle roof

18 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • agro-industrialize — to industrialize the agriculture of: to agro-industrialize a developing nation.
  • congregationalists — a form of Protestant church government in which each local religious society is independent and self-governing.
  • distinguishability — to mark off as different (often followed by from or by): He was distinguished from the other boys by his height.
  • farewell-to-spring — a slender, showy plant, Clarkia amoena, of the evening primrose family, native to western North America, having satiny, cup-shaped, lilac-crimson or reddish-pink flowers and roundish fruit.
  • fibrocartilaginous — a type of cartilage having a large number of fibers.

19 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • aldridge-brownhills — a town in central England, in Walsall unitary authority, West Midlands: formed by the amalgamation of neighbouring towns in 1966. Pop: 35 525 (2001)
  • gastroenterocolitis — (medicine) inflammation of the stomach, small intestines, and colon.
  • gentleman-pensioner — (formerly) a gentleman-at-arms.
  • industrial-strength — unusually strong, potent, or the like: heavy-duty: an industrial-strength soap.
  • ladies-of-the-night — plural of lady-of-the-night.

20 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • belgorod-dnestrovski — a port in SW Ukraine, on the Dniester estuary: belonged to Romania from 1918 until 1940; under Soviet rule (1944–91). Pop: 48 100 (2004 est)
  • climbing-bittersweet — Also called woody nightshade. a climbing or trailing plant, Solanum dulcamara, of the nightshade family, having small, violet, star-shaped flowers with a protruding yellow center and scarlet berries.
  • languedoc-roussillon — a region of S France, on the Gulf of Lions: consists of the departments of Lozère, Gard, Hérault, Aude, and Pyrénées-Orientales; mainly mountainous with a coastal plain
  • lymphogranulomatosis — widespread infectious granuloma of the lymphatic system.
  • mecklenburg-schwerin — a former state in NE Germany, formed in 1934 from two states (Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz)

21 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • devil's-walking-stick — Hercules-club (def 2).
  • ecological-succession — the coming of one person or thing after another in order, sequence, or in the course of events: many troubles in succession.
  • hysterosalpingography — (medicine) X-ray examination of the uterus and oviducts following injection of a radiopaque substance.
  • magnetoplasmadynamics — magnetohydrodynamics.
  • meter-kilogram-second — of or relating to the system of units in which the meter, kilogram, and second are the principal units of length, mass, and time. Abbreviation: mks, MKS.

22 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

23 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

24 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • black-english-vernacular — Also called African American Vernacular English, African American English, Afro-American English, Black English Vernacular, Black Vernacular English.a dialect of American English characterized by pronunciations, syntactic structures, and vocabulary associated with and used by some North American black people and exhibiting a wide variety and range of forms varying in the extent to which they differ from standard English.
  • laryngotracheobronchitis — A respiratory disease, a form of croup.

26 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • philosophical-anthropology — the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind.

28 letter words containing s, i, n, g, l

  • meter-kilogram-second-ampere — of or relating to the system of units in which the meter, kilogram, second, and ampere are the principal units of length, mass, time, and electric current. Abbreviation: mksa, MKSA.

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