Words containing p, h, o, b

6 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • -phobe — -phobe or -ophobe occurs in words which refer to someone who has a very strong, irrational fear or hatred of people or things of a particular kind.
  • barhop — to visit several bars in succession
  • bedhop — Alternative spelling of bed-hop.
  • bhopal — a city in central India, the capital of Madhya Pradesh state and of the former state of Bhopal: site of a poisonous gas leak from a US-owned factory, which killed over 7000 people in 1984 and was implicated in a further 15 000 deaths afterwards. Pop: 1 433 875 (2001)
  • bishop — A bishop is a clergyman of high rank in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox churches.

7 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • -phobia — -phobia occurs in words which refer to a very strong, irrational fear or hatred of people or things of a particular kind.
  • -phobic — -phobic occurs in words which describe something relating to a strong, irrational fear or hatred of people or things of a particular kind.
  • aphobia — Fearlessness, a lack of fear.
  • bar-hop — If a person bar-hops, they go from one bar to another having drinks in each one.
  • bellhop — A bellhop is a man or boy who works in a hotel, carrying bags or bringing things to the guests' rooms.

8 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • bakeshop — Also called bakeshop [beyk-shop] /ˈbeɪkˌʃɒp/ (Show IPA). a baker's shop.
  • basophil — (of cells or cell contents) easily stained by basic dyes
  • benchtop — a flat surface area
  • biograph — a biographical summary
  • biomorph — a set of two-dimensional branching biomorphic images that can be used to illustrate evolutionary concepts

9 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • acrophobe — a person who is abnormally afraid of heights
  • aerophobe — a person who suffers from aerophobia
  • amphibole — any of a large group of minerals consisting of the silicates of calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, and aluminium, usually in the form of long slender dark-coloured crystals. Members of the group, including hornblende, actinolite, and tremolite, are common constituents of igneous rocks
  • amphiboly — ambiguity of speech, especially from uncertainty of the grammatical construction rather than of the meaning of the words, as in The Duke yet lives that Henry shall depose.
  • apiphobia — An inordinate fear of bees.

10 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • abiotrophy — the progressive degeneration of tissues, cells, etc
  • about-ship — to manoeuvre a vessel onto a new tack
  • acrophobia — abnormal fear or dread of being at a great height
  • acrophobic — a pathological fear of heights.
  • aerophobia — a pathological fear of draughts of air

11 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • acarophobia — a pathological belief that the skin is infested with mites or insects, often leading to self-mutilation in order to eliminate the infestation.
  • aelurophobe — ailurophobe.
  • agoraphobia — an abnormal fear of being in open or public places
  • agoraphobic — Someone who is agoraphobic suffers from agoraphobia.
  • aibohphobia — (humorous) An irrational fear of palindromes.

12 letter words containing p, h, o, b

13 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • abibliophobia — (humorous) Fear of running out of things to read.
  • alpha-blocker — any of a class of drugs that prevent the stimulation of alpha adrenoceptors, a type of receptor in the sympathetic nervous system, by adrenaline and noradrenaline and that therefore cause widening of blood vessels: used in the treatment of high blood pressure and prostatic hyperplasia
  • alphabetiform — having similarities to letters of the alphabet
  • amphibologies — Plural form of amphibology.
  • anthropophobe — One who dislikes human beings.

14 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • accomplishable — to bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish: to accomplish one's mission.
  • alektorophobia — The fear of chickens.
  • ambassadorship — a diplomatic official of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign or state to another as its resident representative (ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary)
  • amphibiousness — The state or quality of being amphibious.
  • amphibological — (rare) of doubtful meaning, ambiguous, quibbling.

15 letter words containing p, h, o, b

16 letter words containing p, h, o, b

17 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • bacteriorhodopsin — a purple protein containing retinal and found in the plasma membrane of certain bacteria (genus Halobacterium): it directly supplies electrochemical energy from sunlight
  • biopharmaceutical — of or relating to drugs produced using biotechnology
  • comprehensibility — capable of being comprehended or understood; intelligible.
  • cytotrophoblastic — Relating to, or containing, cytotrophoblasts.
  • haemoglobinopathy — (medicine) Any of a group of inherited disorders in which haemoglobin does not function properly.

18 letter words containing p, h, o, b

19 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • anti-prohibitionist — a person who favors or advocates prohibition.
  • bacteriochlorophyll — a pale blue-gray form of chlorophyll that is unique to the photosynthetic but anaerobic purple bacteria.
  • ballistocardiograph — an instrument that records the slight recoil of the body, while on a special bed, caused by the contractions of the heart: used to measure cardiac pumping power and the elasticity of the aorta
  • harbinger-of-spring — a North American umbelliferous herb, Erigenia bulbosa, having white flowers that bloom early in the spring.
  • heptachlorobiphenyl — (organic compound) Either of twenty-four isomers of the polychlorinated biphenyl containing seven chlorine atoms.

20 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • back-of-the-envelope — (of a plan, calculation, etc) composed or performed quickly and without detailed analysis or research
  • bacteriochlorophylls — Plural form of bacteriochlorophyll.
  • barothermohygrograph — an automatic instrument for recording pressure, temperature, and humidity.
  • incomprehensibleness — The state of being incomprehensible.
  • para-dichlorobenzene — a white, crystalline, volatile, water-insoluble solid, C 6 H 4 Cl 2 , of the benzene series, having a penetrating odor: used chiefly as a moth repellent.

21 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • hypogammaglobulinemia — A type of immune disorder characterised by a reduction in all types of gamma globulins.

23 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • hypobetalipoproteinemia — (pathology) A low level of betalipoprotein (low-density lipoprotein) in the bloodstream.
  • pentachloronitrobenzene — a crystalline compound, C 6 Cl 5 NO 2 , used as an herbicide and insecticide. Abbreviation: PCNB.

24 letter words containing p, h, o, b

32 letter words containing p, h, o, b

  • democratic-republic-of-the-congo — People's Republic of the, a republic in central Africa, W of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: formerly an overseas territory in French Equatorial Africa; now an independent member of the French Community. 132,046 sq. mi. (341,999 sq. km). Capital: Brazzaville. Formerly French Congo, Middle Congo.

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