Words containing o, p, s, i

5 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • dipso — a dipsomaniac; habitual drunk.

6 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • biopsy — A biopsy is the removal and examination of fluids or tissue from a patient's body in order to discover why they are ill.
  • bishop — A bishop is a clergyman of high rank in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox churches.

7 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • adipose — of, resembling, or containing fat; fatty
  • aesopic — of, relating to, or characteristic of Aesop or his fables: a story that points an Aesopian moral.
  • apophis — a demon serpent of darkness whom Ra, as sun god, destroys every morning at dawn.
  • apostil — a marginal note
  • boppish — in the style of bop music.

8 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • adiposis — obesity or excessive fatness
  • aesopian — of Aesop or characteristic of his fables
  • alphosis — absence of skin pigmentation, as in albinism
  • anapolis — a city in central Brazil.
  • apaporis — a river in S central Colombia, in the Amazon system, flowing SE to the Japurá River. 500 miles (805 km) long.

9 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • acropolis — the citadel of an ancient Greek city
  • acrospire — the first shoot developing from the plumule of a germinating grain seed
  • adaptions — the act of adapting.
  • adiposity — the state of being fat; obesity
  • aepyornis — any of the large extinct flightless birds of the genus Aepyornis, remains of which have been found in Madagascar

10 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • abaptiston — Surgery. a cone-shaped trephine designed to avoid penetration of the brain when incising the skull.
  • about-ship — to manoeuvre a vessel onto a new tack
  • absorption — The absorption of a liquid, gas, or other substance is the process of it being soaked up or taken in.
  • absorptive — able or tending to absorb; absorbent.
  • accomplish — If you accomplish something, you succeed in doing it.

11 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • accompanies — to go along or in company with; join in action: to accompany a friend on a walk.
  • accompanist — An accompanist is a musician, especially a pianist, who plays one part of a piece of music while someone else sings or plays the main tune.
  • acidophilus — a lactic-acid-producing bacterium primarily found in live yoghurt, useful in restoring bacterial balance in the intestine
  • adiaphorism — a Christian Protestant theological theory that certain rites and actions are matters of indifference in religion since not forbidden by the Scriptures
  • adiaphorous — having no effect for good or ill, as a drug or placebo

12 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • absorptivity — a measure of the ability of a material to absorb radiation, equal to the internal absorptance of a homogeneous layer of the material under conditions in which the path of the radiation has unit length and the boundaries of the layer have no influence
  • accompanyist — accompanist.
  • accomplished — If someone is accomplished at something, they are very good at it.
  • accomplisher — to bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish: to accomplish one's mission.
  • adiaphoresis — absence or reduction of perspiration.

13 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • abyssopelagic — referring to or occurring in the region of deep water above the floor of the ocean
  • achromatopsia — a visual disorder defined by deficient or absent function in the retinal cones, resulting in colour blindness and in decreased vision in bright lights
  • acoustooptics — the branch of physics dealing with the relationships between acoustics and light
  • adenopathies' — enlargement or disease of the glands, especially the lymphatic glands: a patient with prominent adenopathy. See also lymphadenopathy.
  • alymphoplasia — (medicine) aplasia of the lymphoid tissue.

14 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • abdominoplasty — the surgical removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen
  • absorptiometer — an instrument that measures absorption of light, esp by a solution
  • absorptiometry — (chemistry) Analysis using an absorptiometer.
  • accompaniments — something incidental or added for ornament, symmetry, etc.
  • accomplishable — to bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish: to accomplish one's mission.

15 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • acousticophobia — Fear of noise.
  • adenohypophysis — the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland
  • aegyptopithecus — a genus of extinct anthropoid ape of the Oligocene Period known from remains found in Egypt.
  • air-superiority — designating a fighter aircraft built for long patrol capability at high altitudes and supersonic speeds, with air-to-air combat as its principal mission.
  • alexandroupolis — a port in NE Greece, in W Thrace. Pop: 52 720 (2001 est)

16 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • acroparaesthesia — a persistent sensation of numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
  • aerotherapeutics — the treatment of disease by the use of air, esp. by exposing patients to changes in atmospheric pressure
  • all-encompassing — all-embracing.
  • anopisthographic — a manuscript, parchment, or book having writing on only one side of the leaves.
  • anthropocentrism — an anthropocentric theory or view.

17 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • administratorship — a person who manages or has a talent for managing.
  • air-transportable — that can be transported by aircraft: air-transportable equipment.
  • anthropomorphosis — transformation into human form
  • anti-monopolistic — a person who has a monopoly.
  • australopithecine — any of various extinct apelike primates of the genus Australopithecus and related genera, remains of which have been discovered in southern and E Africa. Some species are estimated to be over 4.5 million years old

18 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • anthropomorphising — Present participle of anthropomorphise.
  • counter-hypothesis — a proposition, or set of propositions, set forth as an explanation for the occurrence of some specified group of phenomena, either asserted merely as a provisional conjecture to guide investigation (working hypothesis) or accepted as highly probable in the light of established facts.
  • counterproposition — a proposition made in place of or in opposition to a preceding one.
  • cross-disciplinary — linking two or more fields of study
  • deanthropomorphism — the ridding of philosophy or religion of anthropomorphic beliefs and doctrines.

19 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • anti-prohibitionist — a person who favors or advocates prohibition.
  • autotransplantation — autograft.
  • ballistocardiograph — an instrument that records the slight recoil of the body, while on a special bed, caused by the contractions of the heart: used to measure cardiac pumping power and the elasticity of the aorta
  • cape-disappointmentCape, a cape in SW Washington state, projecting into the Pacific Ocean on the N of the mouth of the Columbia River.
  • cosmopolitanization — to make cosmopolitan.

20 letter words containing o, p, s, i

21 letter words containing o, p, s, i

22 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • chemical-sympathectomy — sympathectomy (def 2).
  • dehydroepiandrosterone — the most abundant steroid in the human body, that is involved in the manufacture of testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone, and corticosterone

23 letter words containing o, p, s, i

24 letter words containing o, p, s, i

26 letter words containing o, p, s, i

  • compassionate-conservatism — a political conservative who is motivated by concern for the needy but supports policies based on personal responsibility and limited government: George W. Bush ran for president as a compassionate conservative.

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