17-letter words containing l, a, d

  • a philip randolph — A(sa) Philip, 1889–1979, U.S. labor leader: president of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters 1925–68.
  • abariringa island — a coral atoll in the S Pacific Ocean, part of Kiribati: largest of the Phoenix Islands. 3.5 sq. mi. (9 sq. km).
  • absentee landlord — a landlord who does not live in or near a property from which he draws an income
  • absolute altitude — the altitude of an aircraft over the surface of the land or water below
  • absolute humidity — the humidity of the atmosphere, usually expressed as the number of grams of water contained in 1 cubic metre of air
  • absolute judgment — any judgment about a single stimulus, e.g. about the value of one of its properties or about whether it is present or absent
  • accelerator board — a printed circuit board added to a computer that enhances the CPU with a faster microprocessor.
  • accelerator pedal — a pedal pressed with the foot to make a vehicle go faster
  • accidental damage — damage to a person's home or its contents that occurs unintentionally during the course of everyday life
  • accidental injury — bodily injury that has an accidental cause, rather than being caused by a disease process or a longstanding medical condition
  • according to plan — If something happens according to plan, it happens in exactly the way that it was intended to happen.
  • accrued liability — the amount of liability accumulated at a given time but not yet paid.
  • acetylene welding — a type of welding that uses an acetylene torch
  • acetylformic acid — pyruvic acid.
  • acidity regulator — a substance, such as citric acid, added to food to change or maintain its pH value
  • activated alumina — a granular highly porous and adsorptive form of aluminium oxide, used for drying gases and as an oil-filtering material and catalyst
  • adaptive learning — (algorithm)   (Or "Hebbian learning") Learning where a system programs itself by adjusting weights or strengths until it produces the desired output.
  • adenylate cyclase — an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of ATP to cyclic AMP.
  • admiralty islands — a group of about 40 volcanic and coral islands in the SW Pacific, part of Papua New Guinea, in the Bismarck Archipelago: main island: Manus. Pop (whole province): 43 589 (2000). Area: about 2000 sq km (800 sq miles)
  • adventure holiday — a holiday that involves some physically challenging activity such as canoeing, rock climbing, etc
  • adverse selection — Adverse selection is a term used to describe the tendency of those in dangerous jobs or with high-risk lifestyles to want to take out life insurance.
  • advocatus diaboli — devil's advocate
  • affiliation order — (formerly) an order made by a magistrates' court that a man adjudged to be the father of an illegitimate child shall contribute a specified periodic sum towards the child's maintenance
  • affiliative drive — the urge to form friendships and attachments, typically prompting a person to attend social gatherings and join organizations as a way of preventing loneliness and gaining emotional security.
  • ahnfelt's seaweed — a red alga, Ahnfeltia plicata, common along the coasts of North America and Europe, having brownish, bushlike branches.
  • alcala de henares — city in central Spain, near Madrid: pop. 159,000
  • alexander severus — a.d. 208?-235; Rom. emperor ( a.d. 222-235)
  • alexandrian senna — a tropical leguminous plant, Cassia acutifolia, having yellow flowers and long pods
  • algol 60 modified — (language)   An erratum in [Computer J 21(3):282 (Aug 1978)] applies to both.
  • algorithmic model — (programming)   A method of estimating software cost using mathematical algorithms based on the parameters which are considered to be the major cost drivers. These estimate of effort or cost are based primarily on the size of the software or Delivered Source Instructions (DSI)s, and other productivity factors known as Cost Driver Attributes. See also Parametric Model.
  • alive and kicking — If you say that someone or something is alive and kicking, you are emphasizing not only that they continue to survive, but also that they are very active.
  • all well and good — If you say that something is all well and good, you are suggesting that it has faults or disadvantages, although it may appear to be correct or reasonable.
  • all-expenses-paid — (of a holiday, trip, etc) free, with everything paid for
  • allende meteorite — a carbonaceous chondrite meteorite that fell over northern Mexico in 1969: one of the largest recorded falls of a stony meteorite.
  • almanach de gotha — a publication giving statistical information on European royalty.
  • altitude sickness — a condition affecting some persons at high altitudes, caused by insufficient oxygen in the blood and characterized by dizziness, nausea, and shortness of breath.
  • altitude training — training performed at high altitude to prepare an athlete's body to cope with a reduced supply of oxygen
  • aluminum chloride — a yellow-white, crystalline, water-soluble solid that in its white hydrated form, AlCl 3 ⋅6H 2 O, is used chiefly as a wood preservative and in its yellow-white anhydrous form, AlCl 3 , chiefly as a catalyst.
  • ambrette-seed oil — a yellow oil expressed from ambrette seeds, used as a fixative in the manufacture of perfume.
  • american dialects — regional or social varieties of spoken American English identified by differences in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation: principal dialect areas are now generally distinguished as Northern, Midland, and Southern
  • american highland — a region in Antarctica, W of Enderby Land and E of Wilkes Land: discovered 1939.
  • aminoglutethimide — a hormone antagonist, C 13 H 16 N 2 O 2 , used in the treatment of Cushing's syndrome and breast cancer.
  • ammonium chloride — a white soluble crystalline solid used chiefly as an electrolyte in dry batteries and as a mordant and soldering flux. Formula: NH4Cl
  • anabolic steroids — a synthetic derivative of testosterone, sometimes used by athletes to help increase weight and strength.
  • andreanof islands — a group of islands in the central Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Area: 3710 sq km (1432 sq miles)
  • andrew fluegelman — (person)   A successful attorney, editor of PC World Magazine, and author of the MS-DOS communications program PC-TALK III, written in 1982. He once owned the trademark "freeware" but it wasn't enforced after his disappearance. In 1985, Fluegelman was diagnosed with cancer. He was last seen a week later, on 1985-07-06, when he left his Marin County home to go to his office in Tiburon. He called his wife later that day and has not been heard from since. His car was found at Vista Point on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • angry fruit salad — (abuse)   A bad visual-interface design that uses too many colours. (This term derives, of course, from the bizarre day-glo colours found in canned fruit salad). Too often one sees similar effects from interface designers using colour window systems such as X; there is a tendency to create displays that are flashy and attention-getting but uncomfortable for long-term use.
  • antidazzle mirror — a rear-view mirror for road vehicles that only partially reflects headlights behind
  • antifederal party — the party that, before 1789, opposed the adoption of the proposed Constitution and after that favored its strict construction.
  • antiprostaglandin — A prostaglandin inhibitor.

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