7-letter words containing g, e, n, i

  • accinge — to make (oneself) ready, brace (oneself)
  • agenais — an ancient region of SW France.
  • agenize — to whiten (flour) using agene
  • agentic — Social cognition theory perspective in which people are producers as well as products of social systems.
  • aginner — someone who is against something
  • agonies — extreme and generally prolonged pain; intense physical or mental suffering.
  • agonise — to suffer extreme pain or anguish; be in agony.
  • agonize — If you agonize over something, you feel very anxious about it and spend a long time thinking about it.
  • aligned — to arrange in a straight line; adjust according to a line.
  • aligner — an official who ensures boats are aligned correctly before the start of a race
  • anergia — a lack of energy
  • anergic — Pathology. deficiency of energy.
  • angelic — You can describe someone as angelic if they are, or seem to be, very good, kind, and gentle.
  • angevin — a native or inhabitant of Anjou
  • anglice — in English
  • angrier — feeling or showing anger or strong resentment (usually followed by at, with, or about): to be angry at the dean; to be angry about the snub.
  • anguier — François [frahn-swa] /frɑ̃ˈswa/ (Show IPA), 1604–69, and his brother Michel [mee-shel] /miˈʃɛl/ (Show IPA) 1614–86, French sculptors.
  • anguine — of, relating to, or similar to a snake
  • anteing — Present participle of ante.
  • antigen — An antigen is a substance that helps the production of antibodies.
  • atingle — quivering with delight or elation
  • beading — Beading is a narrow strip of wood that is used for decorating or edging furniture and doors.
  • beaking — Present participle of beak.
  • beaming — sending out beams; shining
  • beaning — the edible nutritious seed of various plants of the legume family, especially of the genus Phaseolus.
  • bearing — Someone's bearing is the way in which they move or stand.
  • beating — If someone is given a beating, they are hit hard many times, especially with something such as a stick.
  • becking — a gesture used to signal, summon, or direct someone.
  • bedding — Bedding is sheets, blankets, and covers that are used on beds.
  • beefing — the flesh of a cow, steer, or bull raised and killed for its meat.
  • beeping — a short, relatively high-pitched tone produced by a horn, electronic device, or the like as a signal, summons, or warning.
  • begging — asking for money, food, etc
  • begonia — A begonia is a garden plant which has large brightly coloured leaves.
  • beguine — a dance of South American origin in bolero rhythm
  • behring — Emil (Adolf) von (ˈeːmiːl fɔn). 1854–1917, German bacteriologist, who discovered diphtheria and tetanus antitoxins: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1901
  • beignet — a square deep-fried pastry served hot and sprinkled with icing sugar
  • beijing — the capital of the People's Republic of China, in the northeast in Beijing municipality (traditionally in Hebei province); the country's second largest city: dates back to the 12th century bc; consists of two central walled cities, the Outer City (containing the commercial quarter) and the Inner City, which contains the Imperial City, within which is the Purple or Forbidden City; many universities. Pop: 10 849 000 (2005 est)
  • belgian — Belgian means belonging or relating to Belgium or to its people.
  • belling — the cry of a rutting stag or hunting dog.
  • belting — the material used to make a belt or belts
  • belying — to show to be false; contradict: His trembling hands belied his calm voice.
  • bendigo — a city in SE Australia, in central Victoria: founded in 1851 after the discovery of gold. Pop: 68 715 (2001)
  • bending — to force (an object, especially a long or thin one) from a straight form into a curved or angular one, or from a curved or angular form into some different form: to bend an iron rod into a hoop.
  • bengali — Bengali means belonging or relating to Bengal, or to its people or language.
  • benight — to shroud in physical, moral, or intellectual darkness
  • besting — of the highest quality, excellence, or standing: the best work; the best students.
  • betting — the laying of wagers
  • big ben — the bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, London
  • big end — the larger end of a connecting rod in an internal-combustion engine
  • big one — a thousand dollars

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