Words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

7 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • facture — the act, process, or manner of making anything; construction.
  • faulter — (obsolete) One who commits a fault.
  • feature — a prominent or conspicuous part or characteristic: Tall buildings were a new feature on the skyline.
  • furcate — forked; branching.
  • refutal — an act of refuting a statement, charge, etc.; disproof.

8 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • aflutter — in or into a nervous or excited state
  • aftersun — a moisturizing lotion applied to the skin to soothe sunburn and avoid peeling
  • autofire — (video games) A feature on a joystick that permits automatic firing, as though the player were repeatedly pressing the fire button.
  • beaufort — Henry. ?1374–1447, English cardinal, half-brother of Henry IV; chancellor (1403–04, 1413–17, 1424–26)
  • crateful — (informal) As much as a crate would hold.

9 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • affixture — an affixing or being affixed
  • after-run — the continued running of an internal-combustion engine after the ignition is switched off: Heavy carbon buildup can cause annoying engine after-run.
  • autoflare — a computer-operated, automatic landing system in an aircraft
  • bifurcate — If something such as a line or path bifurcates or is bifurcated, it divides into two parts which go in different directions.
  • breathful — full of breath; living

10 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • afterguard — a sailor or group of sailors stationed on the poop to attend to the aft sails
  • afterhours — occurring, engaged in, or operating after the normal or legal closing time for business: an after-hours drinking club.
  • artfulness — slyly crafty or cunning; deceitful; tricky: artful schemes.
  • beautifier — A person who or a thing which beautifies or makes beautiful.
  • bifurcated — divided into two branches.

11 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • after-hours — You use after-hours to describe activities which happen after the end of the usual time for them.
  • after-lunch — occurring after a midday meal
  • afterburner — a device in the exhaust system of an internal-combustion engine for removing or rendering harmless potentially dangerous components in the exhaust gases
  • aftersupper — happening in the period of time between supper and bedtime
  • altoruffled — altogether ruffled

12 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • adventureful — an exciting or very unusual experience.
  • aforethought — premeditated (esp in the phrase malice aforethought)
  • afterburners — Plural form of afterburner.
  • afterburning — a process in which additional fuel is ignited in the exhaust gases of a jet engine to produce additional thrust
  • afterthought — If you do or say something as an afterthought, you do or say it after something else as an addition, perhaps without careful thought.

13 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • acetabuliform — saucer-shaped, as the fruiting bodies of certain lichens.
  • afterthoughts — Plural form of afterthought.
  • antenniferous — having antennae
  • anti-freudian — of or relating to Sigmund Freud or his doctrines, especially with respect to the causes and treatment of neurotic and psychopathic states, the interpretation of dreams, etc.
  • argentiferous — containing or bearing silver

14 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • air-to-surface — launched from an aircraft and directed at a land target
  • antifilibuster — a person or method in opposition to filibustering
  • antimoniferous — Containing or producing antimony.
  • burschenschaft — a students' fraternity, originally one concerned with Christian ideals, patriotism, etc
  • centrifugalize — to subject (something) to centrifugal motion

15 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

16 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • autofluorescence — (biology, microscopy) Self-induced fluorescence.
  • autotransformers — Plural form of autotransformer.
  • counterfactually — a conditional statement the first clause of which expresses something contrary to fact, as “If I had known.”.
  • cream-of-coconut — Also called cream of coconut. a creamy white liquid skimmed from the top of coconut milk that has been made by soaking grated coconut meat in water, used in East Indian cookery, mixed drinks, etc.
  • deboursification — (jargon)   Removal of irrelevant newsgroups from the Newsgroups header of a followup. The term applies particularly to the removal of frivolous groups added by one of the Kooks. See also: sneck.

17 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

18 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • cash-for-questions — of, involved in, or relating to a scandal in which some MPs were accused of accepting bribes to ask particular questions in Parliament
  • counterreformation — a reform movement to oppose a previous one
  • hydroflumethiazide — A diuretic drug.
  • self-instructional — pertaining to or constituting learning materials and conditions arranged so that students can proceed to learn on their own with little or no supervision.
  • self-preoccupation — the state of being preoccupied.

19 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • chlorofluoromethane — any of a series of gaseous or volatile methanes substituted with chlorine and fluorine and containing little or no hydrogen: used as refrigerants and, formerly, as aerosol propellants until scientists became concerned about depletion of the atmospheric ozone layer.
  • counter-reformation — the reform movement of the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th and early 17th centuries considered as a reaction to the Protestant Reformation
  • countertransference — in psychotherapy, transference in which the psychoanalyst or other psychotherapist substitutes the client for the original object of his or her own repressed impulses
  • february-revolution — Also called February Revolution. the uprising in Russia in March, 1917 (February Old Style), in which the Czarist government collapsed and a provisional government was established.
  • hexafluoroplatinate — (chemistry) The univalent anion PtF6- prepared by reacting platinum hexafluoride with certain metals or other elements.

20 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • counter-inflationary — designed to reduce inflation
  • counterproliferation — Action intended to prevent an increase or spread in the possession of nuclear weapons.
  • hexafluoroantimonate — (inorganic chemistry) The anion SbF6- or any salt containing this anion; it is used as an acidic catalyst in epoxide opening reactions.
  • hydrodesulfurization — desulfurization by catalytic agents of the sulfur-rich hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum or the like during cracking or hydrocracking.

21 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • comfortably-furnished — containing comfortable furniture
  • differential-quotient — something that has been derived.
  • lotus-of-the-true-law — a Mahayana sutra, forming with its references to Amida and the Bodhisattvas the basis for the doctrine that there is something of Buddha in everyone, so that salvation is universally available: a central text of Mahayana Buddhism.
  • saint-maur-des-fosses — a town in N central France, near Paris, on the Marne River.
  • surface-to-underwater — (of a missile, message, etc.) traveling from the surface of the earth to a target underwater.

22 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

23 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • dichlorodifluoromethane — a colourless nonflammable gas easily liquefied by pressure: used as a propellant in aerosols and fire extinguishers and as a refrigerant. Formula: CCl2F2
  • polytetrafluoroethylene — any polymer, plastic, or resin having the formula (C 2 F 4) n , prepared from tetrafluoroethylene, noted for its slippery, nonsticking properties, and used in the manufacture of gaskets, electrical insulation, tubing, candy molds, container linings, frying-pan coatings, etc.
  • stream-of-consciousness — of, relating to, or characterized by a manner of writing in which a character's thoughts or perceptions are presented as occurring in random form, without regard for logical sequences, syntactic structure, distinctions between various levels of reality, or the like: a stream-of-consciousness novel; a stream-of-consciousness technique.

26 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

27 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

32 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • democratic-republic-of-the-congo — People's Republic of the, a republic in central Africa, W of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: formerly an overseas territory in French Equatorial Africa; now an independent member of the French Community. 132,046 sq. mi. (341,999 sq. km). Capital: Brazzaville. Formerly French Congo, Middle Congo.

34 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

35 letter words containing f, e, a, t, u, r

  • trust-territory-the-pacific-islands — a U.S. trust territory in the Pacific Ocean, comprising the Mariana, Marshall, and Caroline Islands: approved by the United Nations 1947; since 1976 constituents of the trusteeship have established or moved toward self-government. 717 sq. mi. (1857 sq. km).

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