Words containing f, a, s, h, i

6 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • faiths — Plural form of faith.
  • famish — (obsolete, transitive) To starve (to death); to kill or destroy with hunger.
  • oafish — a clumsy, stupid person; lout.
  • shafii — one of the four schools of Islamic law, founded by al-Shafiʿi.
  • sharif — a male given name: from an Arabic word meaning “exalted.”.

7 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • barfish — A vern yellow bass, Morone mississippiensis.
  • batfish — any angler of the family Ogcocephalidae, having a flattened scaleless body and moving on the sea floor by means of fleshy pectoral and pelvic fins
  • catfish — Catfish are a type of fish that have long thin spines around their mouths.
  • deafish — rather hard of hearing
  • faddish — like a fad.

8 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • afghanis — Plural form of afghani.
  • airshaft — (architecture) A vertical opening running from a courtyard to the sky, thus allowing air to circulate to high-rise apartments or offices.
  • baitfish — any small fish used as bait for larger fish
  • bandfish — a Mediterranean fish with an elongated body
  • beakfish — Any of certain fishes of the family Oplegnathidae.

9 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • amberfish — amberjack.
  • angelfish — any of various small tropical marine percoid fishes of the genus Pomacanthus and related genera, which have a deep flattened brightly coloured body and brushlike teeth: family Chaetodontidae
  • backfisch — a teenage girl; a girl who has not yet reached maturity
  • backshift — The changing of a present tense in direct speech to a past tense in reported speech (or a past tense to pluperfect).
  • beardfish — any of several fishes of the family Polymyxiidae, found in the deeper waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, having a pair of long barbels under the chin.

10 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • anglerfish — a bony fish with a growth on its head which can be wiggled to attract prey
  • archerfish — any freshwater percoid fish of the family Toxotidae of S and SE Asia and Australia, esp Toxotes jaculatrix, that catch insects by spitting water at them
  • archfiends — Plural form of archfiend.
  • banffshire — (until 1975) a county of NE Scotland: formerly (1975–96) part of Grampian region, now part of Aberdeenshire
  • barrelfish — a blackish stromateid fish, Hyperoglyphe perciformis, inhabiting New England coastal waters.

11 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • affranchise — to release from servitude or an obligation
  • afghanistan — a republic in central Asia: became independent in 1919; occupied by Soviet troops, 1979–89; controlled by mujaheddin forces from 1992 until 1996 when Taliban forces seized power; in the US-led 'war on terror' (2001) the Taliban were overthrown although their insurgency continues; generally arid and mountainous, with the Hindu Kush range rising over 7500 m (25 000 ft) and fertile valleys of the Amu Darya, Helmand, and Kabul Rivers. Official languages: Pashto and Dari (Persian), Tajik also widely spoken. Religion: Muslim. Currency: afghani. Capital: Kabul. Pop: 31 108 077 (2013 est). Area: 657 500 sq km (250 000 sq miles)
  • anemonefish — Any of the clownfish, principally in the Amphiprion genus.
  • antifashion — opposing mainstream fashion
  • bailiffship — the office of a bailiff

12 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • affamishment — (obsolete) starvation.
  • affranchised — Simple past tense and past participle of affranchise.
  • afro-british — of or relating to British people of African descent
  • archerfishes — Plural form of archerfish.
  • bairnsfather — Bruce. 1888–1959, British cartoonist, born in India: best known for his cartoons of the war in the trenches during World War I

13 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • affenpinscher — a small wire-haired breed of dog of European origin, having tufts of hair on the muzzle
  • alligatorfish — a slender marine fish, Aspidophoroides monopterygius, of Atlantic seas, having overlapping plates covering the body.
  • chieftainship — the chief of a clan or a tribe.
  • craftsmanship — Craftsmanship is the skill that someone uses when they make beautiful things with their hands.
  • disfranchised — Simple past tense and past participle of disfranchise.

14 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • africanthropus — a genus of hominids of eastern Africa, assumed from a number of now lost skull fragments to have been a form of archaic Homo : no longer in technical use.
  • disenfranchise — to disfranchise.
  • disfranchising — Present participle of disfranchise.
  • farsightedness — seeing objects at a distance more clearly than those near at hand; hyperopic.
  • farthingsworth — the amount that can be bought with a farthing; a small amount

15 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

16 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • chevaux-de-frise — plural of cheval-de-frise.
  • clay-with-flints — a deposit of stiff clay containing unworn whole flints in the S England
  • craftspersonship — The body of activities, skills, techniques, knowledge, and expertise pertinent to (a) particular craft(s).
  • disenfranchising — Present participle of disenfranchise.
  • disfranchisement — to deprive (a person) of a right of citizenship, as of the right to vote.

17 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

18 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • bats-in-the-belfry — a hairy Eurasian campanulaceous plant, Campanula trachelium, with bell-shaped blue-purple flowers
  • california-fuchsia — a plant belonging to the genus Fuchsia, of the evening primrose family, including many varieties cultivated for their handsome drooping flowers.
  • cash-for-questions — of, involved in, or relating to a scandal in which some MPs were accused of accepting bribes to ask particular questions in Parliament
  • disenfranchisement — to disfranchise.
  • king-of-the-salmon — a ribbonfish, Trachypterus altivelis, of northern parts of the Pacific Ocean.

19 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • disenfranchisements — Plural form of disenfranchisement.
  • first-past-the-post — A first-past-the-post system for choosing members of parliament or other representatives is one in which the candidate who gets most votes wins.
  • harbinger-of-spring — a North American umbelliferous herb, Erigenia bulbosa, having white flowers that bloom early in the spring.
  • ladies-of-the-night — plural of lady-of-the-night.
  • nordrhein-westfalen — German name of North Rhine-Westphalia.

20 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • hydrodesulfurization — desulfurization by catalytic agents of the sulfur-rich hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum or the like during cracking or hydrocracking.

21 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

22 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • phenolsulfonephthalein — a bright to dark red crystalline compound, C 1 9 H 1 4 O 5 S, slightly soluble in water, alcohol, and acetone: used as an acid-base indicator and as a diagnostic reagent in medicine.

25 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • homothetic-transformation — Also called homothetic transformation. a mapping of a set by which each element in the set is mapped into a positive constant multiple of itself, the same constant being used for all elements.

26 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

34 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

35 letter words containing f, a, s, h, i

  • trust-territory-the-pacific-islands — a U.S. trust territory in the Pacific Ocean, comprising the Mariana, Marshall, and Caroline Islands: approved by the United Nations 1947; since 1976 constituents of the trusteeship have established or moved toward self-government. 717 sq. mi. (1857 sq. km).

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