17-letter words containing c, h, o, r, a

  • a change of heart — If someone has a change of heart, their attitude towards something changes.
  • a charter for sth — If you describe a decision or policy as a charter for someone or something you disapprove of, you mean that it is likely to help or encourage them.
  • a christmas carol — a story (1843) by Dickens.
  • a sporting chance — If you have a sporting chance of doing something, it is quite likely that you will do that thing.
  • absolute monarchy — a monarchy without constitutional limits
  • abstinence theory — the theory that interest is payment for conserving current income.
  • acanthopterygians — Plural form of acanthopterygian.
  • achromatic colour — colour, such as white, black, and grey, that is devoid of hue
  • aerothermodynamic — Of or pertaining to aerothermodynamics.
  • agricultural show — a display of agricultural equipment and livestock, often including competitions, entertainment, and a trade fair
  • algorithmic model — (programming)   A method of estimating software cost using mathematical algorithms based on the parameters which are considered to be the major cost drivers. These estimate of effort or cost are based primarily on the size of the software or Delivered Source Instructions (DSI)s, and other productivity factors known as Cost Driver Attributes. See also Parametric Model.
  • all over the occy — in every direction
  • all-weather court — a tennis court suitable to be used in all kinds of weather
  • alphaphotographic — Of or pertaining to alphaphotographics.
  • aluminum chloride — a yellow-white, crystalline, water-soluble solid that in its white hydrated form, AlCl 3 ⋅6H 2 O, is used chiefly as a wood preservative and in its yellow-white anhydrous form, AlCl 3 , chiefly as a catalyst.
  • american foxhound — one of an American breed of medium-sized dogs having a smooth, glossy coat usually black, tan, and white in color, a square-cut muzzle, hanging ears, and a moderately high-set tail, used for hunting both in packs or individually, tailing the game by scent.
  • american hornbeam — any North American shrub or tree belonging to the genus Carpinus, of the birch family, yielding a hard, heavy wood, as C. caroliniana (American hornbeam)
  • ammonium chloride — a white soluble crystalline solid used chiefly as an electrolyte in dry batteries and as a mordant and soldering flux. Formula: NH4Cl
  • amphidromic point — a point of almost zero tidal fluctuation on the ocean surface, represented on a chart of cotidal lines by a point from which these lines radiate.
  • anachronistically — In an anachronistic manner; in the manner of an anachronism.
  • anchor escapement — an escapement in which wedge-shaped pallets engage with an escape wheel having pointed teeth, usually facing in the direction of revolution, so that the escape wheel recoils slightly at every release.
  • angiocardiography — the making of X-ray pictures of the heart and its blood vessels after injecting a radiopaque substance
  • anthracosilicosis — a form of pneumoconiosis occurring in miners, caused by the inhalation of coal and siliceous particles.
  • anthropogenically — In an anthropogenic way.
  • anthropologically — the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind.
  • anthroposemiotics — The study of human communication.
  • apostolic fathers — the Fathers of the early Church who immediately followed the Apostles
  • archconfraternity — a confraternity having the right to associate itself with confraternities that are similar to it, and to impart to them its privileges and indulgences.
  • archconservatives — Plural form of archconservative.
  • architectonically — In terms of architectonics.
  • aristolochiaceous — belonging to the Aristolochiaceae, the birthwort family of plants.
  • armchair shopping — buying goods using a computer, telephone, or television in the home or via the postal system
  • around the corner — If you say that something is around the corner, you mean that it will happen very soon. In British English, you can also say that something is round the corner.
  • as the crow flies — If you say that a place is a particular distance away as the crow flies, you mean that it is that distance away measured in a straight line.
  • ascend the throne — to become king or queen
  • ask for the check — If you ask for the check, you ask the waitperson in a restaurant to bring you a piece of paper on which the price of your meal is written.
  • at the service of — To be at the service of a person or organization means to be available to help or be used by that person or organization.
  • attachment theory — a set of concepts that explain the emergence of an emotional bond between an infant and primary caregiver and the way in which this bond affects the child’s behavioral and emotional development into adulthood. See also attachment (def 3a).
  • attraction sphere — centrosphere (sense 1)
  • australopithecine — any of various extinct apelike primates of the genus Australopithecus and related genera, remains of which have been discovered in southern and E Africa. Some species are estimated to be over 4.5 million years old
  • authority control — the establishment and maintainance of consistent forms of terms, as of names, subjects, and titles, to be used as headings in bibliographic records.
  • bachelor's button — any of several plants of a genus (Centaurea) of the composite family, that have scaly, vase-shaped bracts below the white, pink, or blue flowers; esp., the cornflower and knapweed
  • bachelor's degree — A bachelor's degree is a first degree awarded by universities.
  • bachelor's-button — any of various plants with round flower heads, especially the cornflower.
  • back on the rails — If something is back on the rails, it is beginning to be successful again after a period when it almost failed.
  • bacteriorhodopsin — a purple protein containing retinal and found in the plasma membrane of certain bacteria (genus Halobacterium): it directly supplies electrochemical energy from sunlight
  • baggage checkroom — a left luggage office; a place at, for example, a railway station where baggage can be left
  • bald-faced hornet — any large, stinging paper wasp of the family Vespidae, as Vespa crabro (giant hornet) introduced into the U.S. from Europe, or Vespula maculata (bald-faced hornet or white-faced hornet) of North America.
  • barchester towers — a novel (1857) by Anthony Trollope.
  • biological father — the man whose semen fertilized the ovum from which a child was born

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