11-letter words containing c, h, o, l, i

  • acidophilic — easily stained with acid dyes
  • acidophilus — a lactic-acid-producing bacterium primarily found in live yoghurt, useful in restoring bacterial balance in the intestine
  • aeneolithic — Chalcolithic.
  • ahistorical — not related to history; not historical
  • alcoholized — Simple past tense and past participle of alcoholize.
  • alcoholysis — chemical decomposition resulting from the interaction of a compound and an alcohol.
  • algorithmic — a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps, as for finding the greatest common divisor.
  • allocheiria — a medical condition in which sensation is felt at a different point on the body from that stimulated
  • allochronic — (biology, of taxa) occurring in different geologic time.
  • allographic — Relating to allographs or allography.
  • allomorphic — any of two or more different forms of the same chemical compound.
  • amphicelous — concave on both sides, as the bodies of the vertebrae of fishes.
  • amphilochus — a seer, the son of Amphiaraus and Eriphyle, and the brother of Alcmaeon.
  • amphophilic — (cytology) That can be stained with either an acidic or basic dye.
  • anacoluthia — lack of grammatical sequence, esp within a single sentence
  • anacoluthic — Of, pertaining to, being, or resembling an anacoluthon.
  • anaphorical — of or relating to an anaphora
  • ancho chili — a dried poblano pepper, reddish-brown in color, used esp. in Mexican cooking
  • androphilic — Sexually attracted to men.
  • anglophilic — Alternative capitalization of Anglophilic.
  • anglophonic — of or relating to English speakers
  • anthropical — relating to human nature
  • antialcohol — relating to an opposition to alcoholic drink
  • aphidicolin — A tetracyclic diterpene antibiotic with antiviral and antimitotical properties.
  • aphlogistic — (archaic) flameless.
  • arachis oil — peanut oil.
  • arachnoidal — relating to the arachnoid
  • archegonial — relating to an archegonium
  • archeologic — (American spelling) alternative spelling of archaeologic.
  • archilochus — 7th century bc, Greek poet of Paros, notable for using his own experience as subject matter
  • archipelago — An archipelago is a group of islands, especially small islands.
  • arctophilia — the practice of collecting teddy bears
  • bachelorism — bachelorhood
  • baldacchino — baldachin
  • batholithic — Containing or relating to batholith.
  • bedclothing — bedclothes; bedding.
  • bibliotheca — a library or collection of books
  • bicephalous — having two heads
  • biochemical — Biochemical changes, reactions, and mechanisms relate to the chemical processes that happen in living things.
  • biophysical — the branch of biology that applies the methods of physics to the study of biological structures and processes.
  • bright coal — coal consisting of alternating layers of clarain and vitrain.
  • calathiform — cup-shaped; concave.
  • calico bush — mountain laurel
  • camphor oil — a colorless liquid obtained from the wood of the camphor tree by distillation and separation from the solid camphor, used in varnish, soaps, and shoe polish, and in medicine chiefly as a rubefacient.
  • canophilist — a person who loves dogs
  • cartophilic — relating to cartophily
  • catholicate — the legal power of the leader of an Armenian church
  • catholicism — Catholicism is the traditions, the behaviour, and the set of Christian beliefs that are held by Catholics.
  • catholicity — a wide range of interests, tastes, etc; liberality
  • catholicize — to make or become catholic

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