23-letter words containing c, h, i, s, o, l

  • atmospheric electricity — static electricity produced by charged particles in the atmosphere.
  • australopithecus boisei — an extinct species of very rugged, large-toothed bipedal hominid, formerly known as Zinjanthropus boisei, that lived in eastern Africa one to two million years ago.
  • battered child syndrome — the array of physical injuries exhibited by young children who have been beaten repeatedly or otherwise abused by their parents or guardians.
  • capitalize on something — to use something to one's own advantage or profit
  • casemaking clothes moth — any of several small moths of the family Tineidae, the larvae of which feed on wool, fur, etc., especially Tinea pellionella (casemaking clothes moth)
  • characteristic velocity — a measure of the effectiveness with which the combustion in a rocket engine produces high temperature and pressure, equal to the exhaust velocity divided by the thrust coefficient.
  • classification schedule — the printed scheme of a system of classification
  • combinatorial chemistry — the use of chemical methods to generate all possible combinations of chemicals
  • commonwealth of nations — a voluntary association of independent nations and dependent territories linked by historical ties (as parts of the former British Empire) and cooperating on matters of mutual concern, especially regarding economics and trade.
  • connection machine lisp — (language)   Lisp with a parallel data structure, the 'xapping', an array of values assigned to an array of sites.
  • constitutional monarchy — a monarchy governed according to a constitution that limits and defines the powers of the sovereign
  • consultant psychiatrist — a psychiatrist who has attained the rank of consultant
  • convergent technologies — (company)   A company formed by a small group of people who left Intel Corporation in 1979. Convergent Technologies' first product was the IWS (Integrated Workstation) based on the Intel 8086, which ran Convergent Technologies Operating System - their first operating system. Unisys bought Convergent Technologies in 1988.
  • cyclohexylsulfamic acid — cyclamic acid.
  • dichlorodiethyl sulfide — mustard gas.
  • differential psychology — the branch of psychology dealing with the study of characteristic differences or variations of groups or individuals, especially through the use of analytic techniques and statistical methods.
  • dishonourable discharge — dismissal from the US armed forces by a court martial as a result of serious misconduct
  • electrostatic discharge — (hardware, testing)   (ESD) One kind of test that hardware usually has to pass to prove it is suitable for sale and use. The hardware must still work after is has been subjected to some level of electrostatic discharge. Some organisations have their own ESD requirements which hardware must meet before it will be considered for purchase. Different countries have different legal regulations about levels of ESD. See also Radio Frequency Interference, Electromagnetic Compatibility.
  • experimental psychology — the scientific study of the individual behaviour of man and other animals, esp of perception, learning, memory, motor skills, and thinking
  • fendalton shopping cart — a four-wheel drive recreational vehicle
  • fully associative cache — (memory management)   A type of cache in which data from any address can be stored in any cache location. The whole address must be used as the tag (the value that identifies a block of data in the cache). All tags must be compared simultaneously (associatively) with the requested address and if one matches then its associated data is accessed. This requires an associative memory to hold the tags which makes this form of cache more expensive. It does however solve the problem of contention for cache locations (cache conflict) since a block need only be flushed when the whole cache is full and then the block to flush can be selected in a more efficient way. The alternatives are direct mapped cache or set associative cache.
  • grant-maintained school — a school funded directly by central government
  • have tickets on oneself — to be conceited
  • heterogeneous catalysis — Heterogeneous catalysis is catalysis in which the catalyst does not take part in the reaction that it increases.
  • hexagonal cross-section — If a kelly has a hexagonal cross-section, it has a surface area with six equal sides, when looked at as if has been sliced through.
  • hold sb/sth in contempt — If you hold someone or something in contempt, you feel contempt for them.
  • in sack cloth and ashes — sacking.
  • industrial psychologist — a person who studies human behaviour and cognitive processes in relation to the working environment
  • laughlin air force base — U.S. Air Force installation in SW Texas, SE of Del Rio.
  • lymphoblastic leukaemia — a severe blood disorder in which abnormal leukocytes are identified as immature forms of lymphocytes
  • micropachycephalosaurus — A very small pachycephalosaurid, ornithischian dinosaur of the genus Micropachycephalosaurus.
  • mild mercurous chloride — calomel.
  • mips technologies, inc. — (company)   A company which designs, develops, and licenses reduced instruction set computer (RISC) microprocessors and compilers. MIPS Technologies, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Silicon Graphics, Inc. and operates as an independent unit. MIPS is the successor to the processor business of MIPS Computer Systems which was founded in 1984 and merged with Silicon Graphics on 29 June 1992. MIPS Technologies developed the world's first RISC VLSI microprocessors (1985) (or was it the ARM?), the first commercial 64-bit microprocessor (MIPS R4000, 1992), announced MIPS R4300i - the first 64-bit RISC processor designed for interactive consumer applications (April 1995). They announced the MIPS R10000 - the next generation general-purpose MIPS microprocessor and the most powerful processor in the world (October 1994). MIPS' semiconductor company partners participate in the design and development of MIPS processors and software and then produce, market, and support the processors. MIPS itself does not fabricate or sell products. MIPS' semiconductor partners are: Integrated Device Technology, LSI Logic Corporation, NEC Corporation, NKK Corporation, Philips Semiconductors, Siemens AG, and Toshiba Corporation. MIPS' products include: R4000 - 100 MHz; 1.35M transistors, primary i/d cache 8KB/8KB, SPECint92 58.3/ SPECfp92 61.4. R4300i - 133 MHZ, 1.35M transistors; primary i/d cache, 16KB/8KB, SPECint92 80, SPECfp92 60. R4400 - 250 MHz, 2.3M transistors, primary i/d cache 16KB/16KB, SPECint92 175.8, SPECfp92 164.4. R4600 - 133 MHz, 1.9M transistors, primary i/d cache 16KB/16KB, SPECint92 85, SPECfp92 75. R8000/R8010 - 90 MHz, 2.6M, .83M transistors, primary i/d cache, 16KB/16KB, SPECint92 132, SPECfp92 396. R10000 - 200 MHz, 6.7M transistors, primary i/d cache 32KB/32KB, SPECint92 >300, SPECfp92 >600. MIPS' processor chips were used in the DEC 3100 series of workstations.
  • national health service — In Britain, the National Health Service is the state system for providing medical care. It is paid for by taxes.
  • north east lincolnshire — a unitary authority in E England, in Lincolnshire: formerly (1974–96) part of the county of Humberside. Pop: 157 400 (2003 est). Area: 192 sq km (74 sq miles)
  • north ossetian republic — a constituent republic of S Russia, on the N slopes of the central Caucasus Mountains. Capital: Vladikavkaz. Pop: 709 900 (2002). Area: about 8000 sq km (3088 sq miles)
  • object relations theory — a form of psychoanalytic theory postulating that people relate to others in order to develop themselves
  • occupational psychology — the study of human behaviour at work, including ergonomics, selection procedures, and the effects of stress
  • parametric polymorphism — Polymorphism was first identified by Christopher Strachey in 1967 and developed by Hindley and Milner. For example we could specify that the argument of the "head" function was a list without specifying a type for the elements of the list. In Haskell we would write: head :: [a] -> a meaning head has type function from "list of a" to "a" where "a" is a type variable). This is known as parametric polymorphism. Polymorphic typing allows strong type checking as well as generic functions. ML in 1976 was the first language with polymorphic typing. See also generic type variable.
  • pharmaceuticals company — a company specialising in developing and marketing pharmaceuticals
  • photoelectric threshold — the minimum frequency or maximum wavelength of incident radiation necessary to release photons from a given surface.
  • phyletic classification — classification of organisms based on their assumed evolutionary histories and relationships.
  • physical memory address — physical address
  • physiological phonetics — the branch of phonetics that deals with the motive processes, anatomical measurements, spirometric properties, muscle and membrane tone, and kinetic aspects of the production of speech and with related aspects of the reception of speech.
  • process hazard analysis — Process hazard analysis is calculating what might be a hazard in a process, how likely it is to happen, and what should be done if someone or something is exposed to this hazard.
  • queen charlotte islands — a group of about 150 islands off the W coast of Canada: part of British Columbia. Pop: about 6000 (latest est). Area: 9596 sq km (3705 sq miles)
  • saddle block anesthesia — a form of spinal anesthesia that produces loss of sensation in the buttocks, perineum, and inner thighs.
  • schizotypal personality — a personality disorder characterized by a group of symptoms similar to but less severe than schizophrenia, as odd behavior, peculiar thinking, and social isolation.
  • school (crossing) guard — a person, either an adult or an older student, whose duty it is to help children cross streets near schools safely
  • scottish national party — a political party advocating the independence of Scotland, founded in 1934

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