Words containing c, h, e, k

4 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • chek — Altname Hong Kong foot.
  • heck — a comblike attachment on a loom, for guiding the warp threads as they are dressed for the warp beam.

5 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • check — Check is also a noun.
  • cheek — Your cheeks are the sides of your face below your eyes.
  • cheka — the secret police set up in 1917 by the Bolshevik government: reorganized in the Soviet Union in Dec 1922 as the GPU
  • cheks — Plural form of chek.
  • choke — When you choke or when something chokes you, you cannot breathe properly or get enough air into your lungs.

6 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • checks — Plural form of check.
  • checky — having squares of alternating tinctures or furs; checked
  • cheeks — either side of the face below the eye and above the jaw.
  • cheeky — If you describe a person or their behaviour as cheeky, you think that they are slightly rude or disrespectful but in a charming or amusing way.
  • chikee — chickee (def 1).

7 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • ashcake — a cake or bread that contains cornmeal and is cooked in the embers of a fire
  • backhoe — A backhoe is a large vehicle which is used for moving large amounts of earth.
  • bechalk — to mark with chalk
  • beckham — David. born 1975, English footballer; played for Manchester United (1993–2003), Real Madrid (2003–07), Los Angeles Galaxy (2007–12), and England (1996–2009) for whom he won 115 caps
  • chacked — Simple past tense and past participle of chack.

8 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • -cheeked — with cheeks of the kind specified
  • aircheck — a recording made from a radio or television broadcast, often used for demonstration or quality control purposes
  • alchevsk — a city in E Ukraine. Pop: 117 000 (2005 est)
  • archduke — a chief duke, esp (since 1453) a prince of the Austrian imperial dynasty
  • asscheek — (vulgar slang) A buttock.

9 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • archdukes — Plural form of archduke.
  • artichoke — Artichokes or globe artichokes are round green vegetables that have fleshy leaves arranged like the petals of a flower.
  • back-ache — a pain, especially in the lumbar region of the back, usually caused by the strain of a muscle or ligament.
  • back-heel — to strike the ball with one's heel and make it go behind one
  • backaches — Plural form of backache.

10 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • ad-hockery — reliance on temporary solutions rather than on consistent, long-term plans.
  • aftershock — Aftershocks are smaller earthquakes which occur after a large earthquake.
  • ahorseback — on horseback
  • alkahestic — of or relating to the alkahest
  • archipenko — Aleksandr Porfiryevich (alɪkˈsandr parˈfirjɪvitʃ). 1887– 1964, Russian sculptor and painter, in the US after 1923, whose work is characterized by economy of form

11 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • aftershocks — Plural form of aftershock.
  • archdukedom — the territory ruled by an archduke or archduchess
  • backbencher — A backbencher is a Member of Parliament who is not a minister and who does not hold an official position in their political party.
  • backbenches — The backbenches are the seats in the British House of Commons where backbenchers sit. The Members of Parliament who sit on the backbenches are also referred to as the backbenches.
  • backchannel — an unofficial or covert means of conveying information, originally or esp in political or diplomatic circles

12 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • back-kitchen — a room off a main kitchen, usually further towards the back of the house where washing-up or preparatory cooking work might be done; a scullery
  • backbenchers — Plural form of backbencher.
  • backhandedly — In a backhanded manner.
  • backsplashes — Plural form of backsplash.
  • backstitches — Plural form of backstitch.

13 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • alpha-blocker — any of a class of drugs that prevent the stimulation of alpha adrenoceptors, a type of receptor in the sympathetic nervous system, by adrenaline and noradrenaline and that therefore cause widening of blood vessels: used in the treatment of high blood pressure and prostatic hyperplasia
  • apple-cheeked — having rosy cheeks; ruddy
  • backscratcher — an implement with a long handle, used for scratching one's back
  • black-hearted — evil, malicious, or wicked
  • chameleonlike — any of numerous Old World lizards of the family Chamaeleontidae, characterized by the ability to change the color of their skin, very slow locomotion, and a projectile tongue.

14 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • backhandedness — The quality of being backhanded; the use of indirect tactics.
  • blanket-stitch — a basic sewing stitch in which widely spaced, interlocking loops, or purls, are formed, used for cutwork, as a decorative finish for edges, etc.
  • brecknockshire — a historic county in S Wales, now part of Powys, Gwent, and Mid Glamorgan.
  • checkerberries — Plural form of checkerberry.
  • cherry-picking — to select with great care: You can cherry-pick your own stereo components.

15 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • black-and-white — displaying only black and white tones; without color, as a picture or chart: a black-and-white photograph.
  • blagoveshchensk — a city and port in E Russia, in Siberia on the Amur River. Pop: 222 000 (2005 est)
  • buckinghamshire — a county in SE central England, containing the Vale of Aylesbury and parts of the Chiltern Hills: the geographic and ceremonial county includes Milton Keynes, which became an independent unitary authority in 1997. Administrative centre: Aylesbury. Pop (excluding Milton Keynes): 478 000 (2003 est). Area (excluding Milton Keynes): 1568 sq km (605 sq miles)
  • bullock's-heart — the large, edible fruit of a tropical American tree, Annona reticulata.
  • characteristick — Obsolete form of characteristic.

16 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • adiadochokinesia — the inability to perform rapidly alternating muscular movements, as flexion and extension.
  • adiadochokinesis — the inability to perform rapidly alternating muscular movements, as flexion and extension.
  • around-the-clock — all day and all night
  • carpatho-ukraine — a region in W Ukraine: ceded by Czechoslovakia in 1945.
  • clackmannanshire — a council area and historical county of central Scotland; became part of the Central region in 1975 but reinstated as an independent unitary authority in 1996; mainly agricultural. Administrative centre: Alloa. Pop: 47 680 (2003 est). Area: 142 sq km (55 sq miles)

17 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • buttock-clenching — making one tighten the buttocks through extreme fear or embarrassment
  • jack-in-the-green — (in England, formerly) a man who wore or supported a leaf-covered wooden framework while dancing in May-Day celebrations

18 letter words containing c, h, e, k

19 letter words containing c, h, e, k

20 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • back-of-the-envelope — (of a plan, calculation, etc) composed or performed quickly and without detailed analysis or research
  • mecklenburg-schwerin — a former state in NE Germany, formed in 1934 from two states (Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz)

21 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • aleksandr-nikolaevichAlexander (Aleksandr Nikolaevich) 1899–1977, Russian pianist and composer, in the U.S.

22 letter words containing c, h, e, k

24 letter words containing c, h, e, k

  • black-english-vernacular — Also called African American Vernacular English, African American English, Afro-American English, Black English Vernacular, Black Vernacular English.a dialect of American English characterized by pronunciations, syntactic structures, and vocabulary associated with and used by some North American black people and exhibiting a wide variety and range of forms varying in the extent to which they differ from standard English.

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