12-letter words containing b, u, d, g, e

  • above ground — not underground
  • adverb group — An adverb group or adverbial group is a group of words based on an adverb, such as 'very slowly' or 'fortunately for us'. An adverb group can also consist simply of an adverb.
  • backgrounded — Simple past tense and past participle of background.
  • backgrounder — A backgrounder is a short article in a newspaper or magazine that provides background information about a particular subject.
  • badger skunk — hog-nosed skunk (def 1).
  • badger-skunk — Also called badger skunk, rooter skunk. a large, naked-muzzled skunk, Conepatus mesoleucus, common in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, having a black coat with one broad white stripe down the back and tail.
  • battleground — A battleground is the same as a battlefield.
  • beardtongues — Plural form of beardtongue.
  • bed moulding — a moulding in an entablature between the corona and the frieze
  • begrudgingly — If you do something begrudgingly, you do it unwillingly.
  • beijing duck — a roasted duck prized for its crisp skin, prepared by forcing air between skin and meat, brushing with sugar water, and hanging up to dry before final cooking.
  • below ground — If something is below ground or below the ground, it is in the ground.
  • bermuda high — a subtropical high centered near Bermuda.
  • blue dogwood — a shrub or small tree, Cornus alternifolia, of eastern North America, having clusters of white flowers and bluish fruit.
  • border guard — a guard stationed on a border between countries
  • bottle gourd — an Old World cucurbitaceous climbing plant, Lagenaria siceraria, having large hard-shelled gourds as fruits
  • bound charge — any electric charge that is bound to an atom or molecule (opposed to free charge).
  • break ground — to do something that has not been done before
  • bridge house — a deckhouse including a bridge or bridges for navigation.
  • bumper guard — either of two vertical crosspieces attached to a bumper of a motor vehicle to prevent it from locking bumpers with another vehicle.
  • bundle buggy — a shopping cart, usually one owned by the shopper rather than one provided by the store.
  • buying order — an order to buy a certain security
  • debut single — the first single produced by a particular singer or band
  • dialogue box — a window that may appear on a VDU display to prompt the user to enter further information or select an option
  • disambiguate — to remove the ambiguity from; make unambiguous: In order to disambiguate the sentence “She lectured on the famous passenger ship,” you'll have to write either “lectured on board” or “lectured about.”.
  • disburdening — Present participle of disburden.
  • dole bludger — a person who collects unemployment benefits but makes no serious effort to get work.
  • donald budge — (John) Donald, 1915–2000, U.S. tennis player.
  • double agent — a person who spies on a country while pretending to spy for it.
  • double bogey — a score of two strokes over par on a hole.
  • double eagle — a gold coin of the U.S., issued from 1849 to 1933, equal to 2 eagles or 20 dollars.
  • double fugue — a fugue with two subjects developed simultaneously.
  • double sugar — disaccharide.
  • double-digit — of or denoting a percentage greater than ten.
  • double-edged — having two cutting edges, as a razor blade.
  • double-glaze — If someone double-glazes a house or its windows, they fit windows that have two layers of glass which keeps the inside of the house warmer and quieter.
  • doubleganger — doppelgänger.
  • draught beer — beer which is stored in bulk, esp in a cask, as opposed to being bottled
  • dunny budgie — a blowfly
  • egads button — a switch that triggers the destruction in flight of a malfunctioning missile.
  • feeding tube — nasogastric tubing
  • figured bass — a bass part in which the notes have numbers under them indicating the chords to be played.
  • forebuilding — (architecture,historical) An outer defense work of a castle used to protect the entrance to the keep.
  • garbage dump — rubbish tip, place where refuse is disposed of
  • gluten bread — bread made from gluten flour.
  • glyndebourne — an estate in SE England, in East Sussex: site of a famous annual festival of opera founded in 1934 by John Christie
  • golden bough — a branch of mistletoe, sacred to Proserpina, that served Aeneas as a pass to the underworld.
  • ground cable — a heavy chain for securing permanent floating moorings, as a number of mooring buoys.
  • homebuilding — the designing or constructing of houses.
  • jitterbugged — Simple past tense and past participle of jitterbug.

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