11-letter words containing b, u, d, g, e

  • aboveground — occurring, situated, etc. above or on the surface of the earth
  • beardtongue — a plant of the genus Penstemon
  • bedding out — the process of planting out young flowering plants in beds
  • bedside rug — a rug beside a bed
  • beleaguered — A beleaguered person, organization, or project is experiencing a lot of difficulties, opposition, or criticism.
  • belowground — underground
  • bergschrund — a crevasse at the head of a glacier
  • bermuda bag — an oval-shaped handbag with wooden handles and changeable decorative cloth covers.
  • bermuda rig — a fore-and-aft sailing boat rig characterized by a tall mainsail (Bermudian mainsail) that tapers to a point
  • blood purge — the mass execution, especially by a government, of persons considered guilty of treason or sedition.
  • bludgeoning — a short, heavy club with one end weighted, or thicker and heavier than the other.
  • brandenburg — a state in NE Germany, part of East Germany until 1990. A former electorate, it expanded under the Hohenzollerns to become the kingdom of Prussia (1701). The district east of the Oder River became Polish in 1945. Capital: Potsdam. Pop: 2 575 000 (2003 est). Area: 29 481 sq km (11 219 sq miles)
  • broad gauge — a railway track with a greater distance between the lines than the standard gauge of 561⁄2 inches (about 1.44 metres) used now by most mainline railway systems
  • broad-gauge — Railroads. of or relating to equipment designed for a railroad having track of a broad gauge: broad-gauge rolling stock.
  • budget plan — the planning of one's spending
  • bulkheading — the construction of bulkheads; bulkheads in general.
  • bungee cord — a type of stretchy rope consisting of elastic strands often in a fabric casing. Bungee cords may be used in parachuting, bungee jumping or to secure loads. Ones used for securing loads often have hooks on either end.
  • dear-bought — having been purchased at great expense
  • disguisable — to change the appearance or guise of so as to conceal identity or mislead, as by means of deceptive garb: The king was disguised as a peasant.
  • double-hung — (of a window) having two vertically sliding sashes, each closing a different part of the opening.
  • double-ring — being or pertaining to a marriage ceremony in which the partners give rings to one another.
  • doubled sig — A sig block that has been included twice in a Usenet article or, less commonly, in an electronic mail message. An article or message with a doubled sig can be caused by improperly configured software. More often, however, it reveals the author's lack of experience in electronic communication. See BIFF, pseudo.
  • drumbeating — That to beat on drums.
  • dung beetle — any of various scarab beetles that feed on or breed in dung.
  • fur brigade — (formerly) a convoy of canoes, horses, or dog sleighs that transported furs and other goods between trading posts and towns or factories
  • fussbudgets — Plural form of fussbudget.
  • fussbudgety — in the manner of a fussbudget; fussy
  • golden buck — a dish consisting of Welsh rabbit topped with a poached egg.
  • golden bull — an edict of Charles IV, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, issued in 1356 and in force until the extinction of the empire in 1806, in which the selection of the emperor was entrusted to seven Electors.
  • golden club — an aquatic plant, Orontium aquaticum, of the arum family, native to the eastern U.S., having blue-green leaves and a clublike spadix covered with tiny yellow flowers.
  • ground beam — a reinforced concrete beam for supporting walls, joists, etc., at or near ground level, itself either resting directly upon the ground or supported at both ends by piers.
  • ground beef — meat: minced beef
  • guttae band — regula.
  • gutterblood — a low person of inferior breeding
  • headborough — the official in charge of a tithing
  • headbutting — Present participle of headbutt.
  • hedge about — If you say that something such as an offer is hedged about or is hedged around with rules or conditions, you mean that there are a lot of rules or conditions.
  • indigo blue — indigo (def 4).
  • keyed bugle — a bugle that has keys to make it possible to play a chromatic scale
  • mumbledypeg — a children's game played with a pocketknife, the object being to cause the blade to stick in the ground or a wooden surface by flipping the knife in a number of prescribed ways or from a number of prescribed positions.
  • outbreeding — to breed selected individuals outside the limits of the breed or variety.
  • over-budget — costing or being more than the amount alloted or budgeted: The building is half-finished and it's already overbudget.
  • overdubbing — Present participle of overdub.
  • southbridge — a town in S Massachusetts.
  • stourbridge — an industrial town in W central England, in Dudley unitary authority, West Midlands. Pop: 55 480 (2001)
  • sub-heading — a title or heading of a subdivision, as in a chapter, essay, or newspaper article.
  • un-budgeted — an estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expense for a given period in the future.
  • unabrogated — not abrogated, revoked, or annulled
  • unbenighted — not overtaken by darkness or night
  • unbudgeable — incapable of being budged or changed; inflexible: an unbudgeable opinion.

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